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Chapter One: An Unexpected Ally

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A little while later you will meet a character or characters I haven't decided which, from the fanfic Guardian by IluthraDanar one of the characters shows up to help Stalker with her "feelings" for Mark. I will say this now I DO NOT OWN THEM. I wish I did but I can't come up with that good a story with characters that good. Many of you might notice slight similarities between this and that one. I had this idea long before I read it; it was only afterward that I realized that it will be alike. Please know that I asked permission to use them and added a unique twist that references my all-time favorite book series to get the two characters to meet each other. This, when the time comes will have spoilers for that fanfic. Now with this long ass introduction out of the way, let us journey to the world of love in an unexpected place. Bold lettering is telepathy. Though Mark doesn't know that yet.

Chapter One: An Unexpected Ally

Mark ran. He ran very quickly hoping to lose the tail that he knew was close behind him. He dreaded what they would do to him if they caught up to him but refrained from thinking of those thoughts. Still he couldn't help looking over his shoulder as if the thought alone would summon them. He hated being this jumpy but he couldn't help it. He knew without a doubt that he was the lone survivor, the one that got away so to speak.

He could hear the distant noise of claws clicking and his paranoia was confirmed. He hated being right. Soon he came to a fork in the road and he hesitated only briefly before going down the right path. He had no idea where this path would take him but there was only one way to find out and that was to see where it would take him. He only hoped that the aliens wouldn't be smart and lie in wait for him.

Soon the worst possible thing could happen and that was a dead end. In this case it was true. He was dead and there was nothing he could do to stop it. But as he frantically tried to look for anything he realized that there was a body of a dead alien lying stomach split open vertically from crotch to face. It looked like the alien had shed its skin and wondered off.

The sound of claws soon drew nearer and panicking slightly he looked at the remains. It went against everything he was told not to do with a dead body but this was an emergency and sometimes things had to be done to survive. He tentatively walked over to the body which surprisingly didn't smell bad which was good and picking it up began to put it on much like you would put on a jacket.

It surprisingly fit very well and he wondered if it would work. No he had to stop thinking so negatively and for once in his life think positive. But things had always been so hard and now with the recent alien population he had to think of a way to get off this damn ship but one thing at a time. He again hoped to god that he would pass for one of them. He didn't think that with a gaping slit in the creatures stomach would pass but he hoped that these creatures were stupid.

They took their time maybe hoping to torture the prey that they thought they had cornered. God they were sick creatures to do this to him. A sense of calm came over him as if resigned to what was surely going to happen to him and finally the sound grew closer and closer until finally they arrived. They seemed to be confused that one of their own was here and not the human prey. But they accepted that fact with resignation. Mother had ordered them to find and take any human or other survivors for the cleansing ritual. (A.N. I couldn't resist this XD)

But here was another Zen staring back at them. He looked to be hurt though. What the hell? Where the hell did you come from? We were chasing some human and now you show up. Did you see where he happened to go? Unfortunately for Mark there was nothing for him to do except wait for them to either take him or kill him, whichever one they wanted to do.

Mark also had the nagging sensation that he could understand them. This was based on the fact that he heard something in his head but he had no idea why or how. They were starting to get impatient perhaps thinking that this Zen was slow or confused. They stepped closer and Mark fought to keep from running. He damn near did.

When they were a couple of inches away something happened that had even the aliens were confused. A gaping slit appeared on one of their chest spraying acid blood (Mark was wearing skin of theirs so all it did was hiss but did not burn) everywhere. The alien looked down and even Mark could see the surprise on its face. It hissed in pain as its life slipped out. Suddenly its neck spilt open and more blood sprayed out. Mark was confused and that was saying something.

Bodies don't just slash themselves to pieces unless they were committing suicide or something similar. Something strange was going on. After some more slashing and killing the two aliens lay dead but now Mark could see another Alien in front of him. Was it his imagination or was this one smaller. It was also purple with some red mixed in. Don't you dare fucken ask anyway there should be more coming. I can't believe I did this.

There was that voice again in his head. This one can turn invisible and had just saved his life and somehow seemed to know that he was not an alien. It turned towards him and he gasped. He couldn't tell if it was male or female but the alien in front of him was different somehow from the others. It hissed in annoyance but raised its claws in an unmistakable sign of peace/surrender. Look I am not going to hurt you. I just saved you and for your information I am a female but you probably can't hear me.

Hissing in disappointment, she waited to see what the human she had saved was going to do. She could understand a little of human speech and what he said next stunned her. "Are you talking to me in my head? I don't see anyone else around here but I know without a doubt that I heard someone just now." Mark realized that the voice in his head sounded like a teenage girl but that couldn't be right. Aliens don't sound like anything, do they?

Oh my fucken god, he heard me? Oh this is bad. Whoever you are, if you can hear this, we have to get out of here. We can talk later. Deciding that he was not going crazy he ran up to her. Then wanting to try something he thought can you hear my thoughts.

Oh this is really bad. He can hear and send thoughts just like one of the Zen. Yes I can hear your thoughts but only if you think them at me. But it is really bad that you can at all.

Now Mark was confused. Deciding that the question could wait till later, he thought again. You better not be leading me on. You have a lot of explaining to do. How can you turn invisible and…. Before Mark could finish that last question something terrible occurred, five aliens or Zen appeared seemingly from nowhere and surrounded the pair. They were trapped with nowhere to go.

Ohh cliffhanger and at such a bad time too. I tried to make this as original as possible. Everything will be explained (or will it?) next chapter. Sorry for ending it here but I want/need reviews. I want at least one review before I update. Thanks for reading and have a nice day. There is a reason he doesn't take the skin off revealed next chapter.

Words of interest: (one)

Zen: What the "aliens" call each other
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