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Chapter Two: Stalker

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Chapter Two: Stalker

Mark blanched at the sight of the aliens or what had his companion called them again? He had forgotten so quickly too. He looked over to his savior and was surprised to see her appearing calm, though all of them looked so much alike, he was glad that she was at least she was differently colored.

She was furious at the intrusion of her brethren. When she had followed the human trying to see how he would react when cornered by the other Zen. She was surprised by what he did. He had hidden in the skin of a dead body. To make matters more interesting her brothers and sisters in name only (she detested all the senseless killing to unarmed humans. At least fight something that has a chance at fighting back) believed his little disguise.

She should have let them inspect him, but she couldn't for some unknown reason deep in her hearts (Zen have multiple hearts so to speak) that said that this human was different from all the others. So she made her decision and killed her brothers. She was surely labeled a traitor to her kind but she didn't care. This human was resourceful when so many of his kind would have begged or pleaded to be spared.

Stalker hand over the human and MOTHER will forgive the unforgiveable sin of killing your family.

Go suck it you motherfucker,

If that is how you feel then you will die along with your friend. We were ordered to bring ALL survivors for the cocooning and yet you let him live, WHY

Yes why had she saved him when she should have cared more for her species revival? She had the unexplainable urge to save him when he used the environment around him instead of whimpering like a motherless hatchling.

She couldn't quite put claw on it but there was something endearing about him that caused her to abandon everything that she knew to try to protect him. Hoping he would understand before she 'blocked him' she sent this. I can handle them but I need your cooperation on this and that means making it look like I am going to give you to them. I won't though. Now play along. Mark was thankful that she told him or he would freak out.

Ok you win; I surely can't fight against all 5 of you. While this was going on her tail which now that Mark got a good look at was long even for a Zen started twitching violently. He found himself using the term for them even without knowing it. He still had on the skin and had to itch at a spot really badly. Even though Stalker as he had picked up 'blocked' him, he could still hear what she was saying and he dared not think her thoughts. They were garbled but he could pick up traces. She was curious at something he was able to do.

He couldn't' 'hear' exactly what it was but it was still nerve wracking to have to hear what she was thinking.

Better yet how about you kill it right in front of us to prove your loyalty to MOTHER.

Now is when Mark freaked. Was she going to kill him? Alien emotions were hard to read ordinarily but for some reason hers were easy. Mark again wondered why he was able to read her after first meeting her.

I guess that is no problem. Can I face him please?

Going for the instant kill huh, you may. But do it quickly

She faced him and he could have sworn she gave a devilish grin and seemed to wink. He didn't know how he knew that is what it was but he did and accepted it with little questioning. Without any warning her tail shot out and before the Zen had time to think, her exceedingly sharp tail decapitated him. Acid Blood sprayed everywhere making Mark thankful he had the skin on. The other aliens just started at their fallen friend and they were quickly dwelt with.

She turned around and shuddered a little. I hate killing senselessly but….. She stopped her eyes made contact with Mark. Now before I take you to a safe place will you tell me your name? Mark stared at her and for some reason he felt himself blushing and he prayed that he would remember the correct name. Mark. I have no last name as I never really fit in with the families I was with. I won't bore you with the details. Yours?

My real name is impossible for humans to pronounce but please call me Stalker as I stalk the corridors. I know what you're thinking and the answer is I didn't kill the people here. I am only here because... (Should I tell him the reason?) Well never mind. I am sure that there will be more of them. Mother* will be pissed that I killed her loyal subjects.

Okay but you owe me a lot of explanation about all of this. Why besides harvesting humans to… well I don't know why you do it.

His telepathy was getting better almost like he was born with it, she thought. Not here ok I promise I will answer your questions just not here.

They began to walk and Mark had to jog to keep up. Noticing this she slowed considerably but was still going at a brisk pace. Sorry but we need to find a safe place. Zen can be really quick if they want to be. Since I killed a lot of them to save you…. Well I am not mad it was worth it to see some excitement in my life.

Mark sensed some history but decided to keep the question to himself for the time being. For a long while they walked on in comfortable (both of them were thinking about what just transpired) silence Stalker eventually led them to a surprisingly comfortable looking area the middle of what seemed to a normal corridor. As if guessing his thoughts she nudged him into it and thought. This is where I go to escape the toils of trying to be 'proper.' Again Mark could tell a story when he heard it but decided to wait.

He didn't want to piss off his rescuer and obviously a different one then the others. This one seemed to be a foul mouth but there was nothing in the world of bad words that could upset him. The room that he found himself (he started dozing) in was big and spacious. Empty and big but that did not take away from the general sense of peace that radiated from the walls. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but something was in the air that calmed him down.

Ok Mark, what I have to tell you only I know. I don't know why I am telling you this except for the fact of nothing better to talk about.

I am a rare breed of Zen with the ability to turn invisible for short periods of time. Usually about 1 earth hour. Or hour is easier. Most of the elders of this particular hive don't know that I can do this because of the way I am colored. I am also small I am told but DON'T say that again or I will rip your fucken head off.

We are currently at a war with the Yaun a vicious breed of predator capable of going invisible but there equipment is inferior to mine (A.N. I don't know how to say it that hers is better. If I said it in a way that means that theirs is better than PM me.)

As for your ability to understand my thoughts. No human that I know of is capable of doing it. Only other Zen can do it and I heard rumors that the Yaun can do it too but in a more primal way.

Mark realized that she was hiding something for deep in her mind he caught, (I can't tell him the other reason because I can't believe it myself) He decided to ignore it deciding that he can't know everything.

If you don't mind can I hear about you? Why were you running besides the obvious? I find humans so fascinating and I would like to know more about the person I saved. Oh and I am sure it is safe for you to take off the skin. The Zen you met will believe anything in front of them even if it is ridiculous.

Mark was relieved to get the skin off as it was rather hot in there. After removing the skin both parties did their versions of a blush. Under the skin, mark couldn't get a good look at her. He hated the turn his thoughts went but he couldn't help himself. The red and purple blended well together making her unlike any other Zen that he had seen. Almost attractive. Any other thoughts would get him into trouble.

Stalker on the other hand was far less easily able to hold onto her attraction. With him under the skin it was easy to pretend (futility) that he was another Zen. She hated that the person she would fall for would be short for their species as well. Her sex tingled and she fought violently to keep it hidden. Her blush rose and consisted of her turning a maroon color and noticing this both parties pretended not to notice that they were turned on.

As they fought to keep from ravaging each other Stalker got a good look at the person of interest that she was trying hard not to ravage. (A.N. sorry for the repeated word. It's my favorite and I like using it. Also get ready for a bad description.)

His hair was red which hung down giving him a Goth appearance. (A.N. Think over the eyes) His eyes were kind and also when she looked closer noticed a hidden pain in them. As if something bad happened in his past that he was trying hard not to remember. Being incredibly nosy had its downfalls. She controlled herself though. Anything else would be too much. She liked his appearance but knew that it wouldn't work. First she wasn't human and she knew the stance on 'bestiality' that his kind were so open about opposing.

Mark sighed when he managed to get himself under control. You want to know how I came to be here. It involves my past (should I tell her THAT incident) and I don't like to share what happened to me but there is something about you that won't judge me for what happened even though now I know there is nothing I did wrong. If you are positive that you care enough to hear my boring life then I guess I can tell you.

With that Mark began his story

Words and phrases of interest:

Yuan: Predator in Zen

Stalker: Her Zen name is impossible to say in our tongue. So she insists on Stalker

MOTHER (capitalized): The queen! Mentioned as an honor or god

Mother (normal): sarcasm but still honorary
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