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Chapter Three: Camp Part 1

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This is before Mark meets the Zen so that is why there are normal names. Switches point of view just a warning so bear with me.

Chapter 3: Camp Part 1

Mark was excited for the first time in his life or as excited as you can be when you are forced to go somewhere you don't want to go when you have better things to do. He was going to camp like it or not. The only thing he was looking forward to was the domesticated aliens (yes sometimes earth personally would domesticate the aliens that were sometimes captured and there was nothing better to do with them)

He hated with a passion that they treated them like shit. Humiliating them in cages for stupid people to laugh and poke at them. Oh they got their exercise but only for small periods of time. He seemed to get along well with them able to sense their happiness, even the wild ones that snuck out from the crews' ship to prey on easy targets, and ones that didn't fight back with those horrible weapons.

He was disliked instantly for his Goth-like appearance and teased because of his liking of aliens. To the rest of the world they could rot in hell for all they could care. The way that freaky kid would always spend so much time in the 'alien pit' was just unnatural. Add to that and their assumptions that he would fuck the aliens because they were assholes who were jealous of not getting any themselves.

Mark was especially fond of one Alien and her name was Stride. She was 'wild' but seemed to sense he would not hurt her even though she did not know how she knew this. Like he would later he just knew her name was Stride. (The just knowing thing)

The two seemed to hit it off right away though at first glance she had to 'pretend' to hate everyone. This was his plea to her or at least his mind sent that plea with his mind. He didn't seem to know he could speak with his mind; she just picked up on it. He told her that no one must know that they were friendly in 'that' way. Everyone would skin them alive if they found out. This caused her to immediately scratch and claw and bite (though it pained her to watch as he was forced away from her. They were friendly but it never got beyond simple acts of kindness. She was a wild killing machine and yet when he was nearby, her heart fluttered.

She was a rare yellow breed only one other 'strange' breed existed and that was a purple and red color that was capable of turning invisible. She heard about it because the queen (to hell with respect she wasn't little anymore. She can make her own damn decisions ) of her hive told about the two breeds that would change the world for the better with the help of one who could communicate with his mind (oddly specific at this point in the conversation as to what the gender would be. ) It sounded like a prophesy of some kind. Her hive had the ability to predict the future but the downfall is no one knew what the hell they predicted meant at all. Oddly she never was able to predict anything and got the enigmatic response to wait for the male who was kind to all of her species, and then when the time came she will know what to do, when she asked the elder of her hive what that meant. She got a blank stare in return.

She had no idea what it meant but it sounded important so she remembered it but nothing ever happened to shed light on the situation. But she was known for her patience even when she wanted to jump him and fuck his brains to mush until he begged her. But that was just her. Or so she thought. She hated being crude but she needed him like a drug.

For some time Mark and Stride continued their forbidden friendship until one day that would change both of them forever. It began as any other day with Mark arriving so they bask in each other's company. With her it was like a drug that she needed to survive. He was scratching her head in just the right way. Her head ridge was extra sensitive which allowed her to feel every square inch of where his hands traveled.

Soon she began to crave more and that was when the life altering events occurred. Her slit began to reveal itself and she blushed frantically thinking unsexy thoughts. But it was no good; his fingers were just too good. As if the gods hated her he opened his eyes (both of them had them closed) and turned to look at her.

"What's wrong Stride?" Then he noticed her attraction and both parties blushed frantically. "Oh, that time of day is it." Though she couldn't actually hear his thoughts she just knew what he asked of her. It was part of the bond that they shared. Both of them knew what the other said or thought just on bond alone.

After five minutes of embarrassed torture he got up off his back and looked into her face. "I didn't know. I am sorry but if we were to engage in that, then there is a good chance we might be caught. I love you to pieces but I just can't risk capture for you. This camp/death camp if you ask me has a strict no fucking the alien rule that I don't want to risk breaking, then as if sensing her heart breaking leaned in and kissed her, not on the mouth but on her neck stroking her chest. She crooned in heartbroken pleasure before he broke apart.

What happened next was horrifying in its unexpected occurrence. "I thought you would be here and no doubt with one of those fucking creatures. Were you two together alone? Oh my fucking god, were you two doing it?" He knew that voice very well and it was the worst one to catch them here. Marvin.

He was always against what Mark did whether it was how he walked to how he talked, Marvin was always against what Mark did and the fact that he was here now proved that he was out to destroy him.

"No girl would ever want you so you head to another creature that is even uglier then you are. Well I am glad that I was able to stop this romance before it got out of hand. Now be a good boy and back the fuck away from this monstrosity." As this was going on Stride forgot about her attraction and because they were connected she heard what he said about her only human friend and she felt rage cloud her better judgment.

With blinding quickness that her kind was known for she was up and running towards Marvin. She was deaf to Mark's yells to stop. All she cared about was revenge for what this fuck of a waste of skin did to her beloved. Marvin grinned and reached into his pocket and took out what looked like a remote control. Holding it up he pointed it at an enraged Stride and pressed the switch. Instantly Stride fell to the ground, shrieking violently.

"You see this Mark; it is what all the staff gave us to prevent tragedies from occurring. I am so glad that I took mine with me when I followed you. When I saw you with this temperamental creature (here he kicked the still shrieking Stride violently in her stomach) I decided to see how it would turn out and when you were just lying together, I grew bored. But when you gave that fucker (another kick, this one worse than the other) a kiss I just had to stop you. We don't allow alien fuckers at this camp and since you are an alien fucker, you will be given to the proper authorities."

He went over to a trembling Mark and thinking of something kicked him violently in the face. Mark yelled as his nose broke blood spraying everywhere. "That is for every girl you can't have and this…." He kicked mark again in the crotch. Hard. "Is for being the dipshit that you are. Now come with me."

With that Mark was roughly dragged off leaving Stride alone in the mud.


Mark stared at his hands wishing he could go on but he couldn't. What happened next, he had told no one. It caused him pain to even remember. Stalker was stunned. Even then he was connected to her species and with a yellow. She heard about their psychic powers and their world renowned powers of predicting the future. But how did she fit in this?

So what happened, you can't leave it off like that Mark stared at his hands. I won't lie, I am not proud of what I did but I had to survive and that was the only way. Sensing that something hard to think and talk about was coming, she did something that she knew she would regret later. She wrapped her claws around him in a hug and this seemed to work for Mark calmed down and told the rest of his story.
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