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I could see pain and tears overflowing franks deep brown eyes. His tears were black from his eyeliner and they were streaming by the gallon. "Gee...

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Franks P.O.V.

i sat facing the french windows in the living room watching the sun rise. I hadn't been able to sleep at all so I came in here with some coffee to prepare me for my first day back at school in weeks. "Frank! Time to get up for school!" I heard auntie sylvia call upstairs. I heard footsteps in my room.
"Frank?" I continued to stare at the rising sun, with my coffee scalding my hands. But I didn't feel it. Its almost as if I had gone numb.
"There you are. What are you doing down here you have to get ready for school."
"Auntie sylvia, I don't want to go." I told her.
"Why honey?"
"I...just can't." I felt tears well up in my eyes and auntie sylvia sat on the couch next to me.
"Honey, its hard for all of us, but you have to go back to school at some point. Come here." She pulled me into a hug, but that just made me cry more. Her frilly white blouse started to soak through with my salty tears as she rocked me back and forth.
"Go 'n' get yourself cleaned up love, and I will drive you into school." She said as she pulled out of the hug. Well I guess there is no arguing now. I am going to school.

Gerards P.O.V.

"FUCK!!! I'm ten minutes late already." I jumped out of bed (literally) and searched my floors for something half decent to wear. I settled on a plain black t-shirt, some faded red skinnies and one of my many iron maiden hoodies. I chucked them on as fast as possible and ran upstairs to grab a piece of toast before I left. I sat down on the worktop whilst the bread toasted. Wait, that doesn't feel right. I fell something digging right into the small of my back. I took off my jeans to see what it was.
"Oh, my jeans are on backwards..." I whispered to myself.
"Gerard!!! You have visitors!!!"
"Just a minute!!!" I yelled, trying to put my skinny jeans on without falling over. I heard a shuffle of footsteps on the carpet and I looked up. It was frank.

Franks P.O.V.

What the fuck??? I entered gerards kitchen after his mum showed me through.
"Wha...?" Was all I managed to get out. I was mesmerised by the fact that gerard wasn't wearing any jeans.
"Frank? Hang on a sec..." He waddled down to his bedroom with his jeans round his ankles. I couldn't help but laugh at this sight. He gave me the finger.
"Well that was rude." I yelled after him.
"Is he up yet? I swear sometimes he could be nocturnal." Gerards mum walked in with aunt sylvia at her heels.
"Yeah. He has...a bit of an issue with his outfit..."
"Typical gerard. One time he changed his clothes three times before going to school."
"Ugh, frank is just as bad. He was looking for something to wear for thirty minutes this morning."
"Mornin' mum!" Gerard made his presence known as he entered the room.
"Morning sweetheart. Don't worry about your outfit it looks fine." Auntie sylvia and donna walked into the living room talking about unimportant gossip and shit like that.
"What does she mean? Now I'm worried about my outfit!" I chuckled at his cute panicking. Its like when I'm with him I forget what happened...
"I think it looks GREAT." I put an emphasis on the great which made gee look even more confused.
"Okay...let's make like hockey players and get the 'puck' out of here." Hehe, he never fails to make me smile. I pushed open the rusty gate outside gerards house and I jumped in aunt Sylvias car. Gerard continued to walk in the direction of school.
"Yo gee, I came to give you a lift into school. It took me long enough to convince aunt sylvia to let me drive her car." Gerard turned around and ran back to the silver car. Haha silver, sylvia. I felt the car tip a little as gerard hopped in the passenger seat.
" ya been. Missed you at school." He smiled seductively
"I don't really want to talk about it right now gee...I just want to forget for a little while...please." "Okay." He whispered with a hint of sympathy lingering in his voice.
We stayed silent for the whole drive to school.

Gerards P.O.V.

I checked my timetable before we got out of the car. Math. I seem to have a lot of math lessons lately, but I get to sit next to frank so its okay.
"Ugh, we have math." I said to frank as he closed the car door.
"Great start to my day huh." He said sarcastically
"Uh, I feel offended. You sit next to me." I pretended to be offended.
"Frank...I was only joking."
"Oh...okay." He grinned sillyly, scrunching up his eyes and showing as many of his perfect teeth as possible.

We walked into math class and people stared as we walked in together. And bert. He was sat in franks seat like he had been since frank was away. I sat in my usual seat and frank sat on the desk in front.
"Soo...are you gonna introduce us?" Bert asked causing frank to turn around.
"Oh sure, bert frank, frank bert." They shook hands but I could see franks hesitation and fake smile. And that was the last time I spoke to frank until math class ended.

"I have english with miss atchinson you???" Bert asked.
"I have english with miss polet, with frank." I said gesturing to frank who was waiting for me to stop talking to bert.
"Okay then. See you guise later."
"Bye." I waved.
"You okay?" I asked frank, genuinely concerned.
"I'm fine." He answered staring at the ground.
"You sure?"
"Yeah." I pulled him into a hug. To my surprise he clung to me tightly.
"You don't have to talk about it right now if you don't want to. Just keep smiling frankie." I felt him snuggle into me, moving his head until he was in a comfortable position. I reluctantly pulled out of the hug and took his hand.
"Cumon frankie let's go to english."

We walked through the red double doors to english still holding hands. I pulled mine away as people started to stare.
"Mr iero, mr way, you are both five minutes late." We walked to the back of the class and ignored her.
"I said you are five minutes late. Aren't you going to apologise?"
"No." I answered. Plain and simple. Mrs polet took a sharp intake of breath and carried on about shakespeare
"His most known play is romeo and juliet..." Really, like anyone in here gives a monkeys left nipple...or the right one for that matter.
" iero?"
"Tybalt is Juliets cousin."
"Well done mr iero." I leaned over toward him
"How did you know that?" I whispered loudly to him.
"I don't know, I just do."

a lesson later

"Class dismissed." Miss called, five whole minutes after the bell went. Apparently the class had been to loud for her liking, I think she just enjoys torturing us.
"So then shakespeare nerd, were do you wanna spend lunch?" Frank didn't answer me, he just walked.
"Frank?" He didn't even look up.
"Helloooooo? Frank? Are you going to talk to me today or not?" I waved my hand in his face as I spoke.
"I really want to be alone at the moment gee."
"Why? Have I done something?"
"No. Its not you." He sighed impatiently, as if I was wasting his time.
"Look frank, I don't know what has gotten into you but I am fed up with it. You have been back for a day and you have barely said a word to me!"
"I don't want to talk about it."
" I thought I was your best friend?" I could feel the anger bubbling up inside me.
"You are gee-"
"THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG!?!?!? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE SO FUCKING BAD THAT YOU COULDNT TELL ME!?!?!?" I could see pain and tears overflowing franks deep brown eyes. His tears were black from his eyeliner and they were streaming by the gallon.
"Gee..." He paused to wipe his eyes.
"My mum died..."
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