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undercover lover

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Frank: "Maybe I am gay after all."

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Gerards P.O.V

" mum died."
Franks words rolled around in my mind, agitating the voices beyond believe.
"You'll never be good enough for him gerard, all he needed was a shoulder to cry on but you had to push it too far didn't you..."
The voices spoke as frank walked away from me with his head hung low.
"Frank..." I reached out to rest my hand on his shoulder but his pace quickened.
"Frank I'm sorry!" I raised my voice in both desperation and despair. As tears started rolling down my cheeks ice cold rain started pouring, and my hair was soon plastered to my face. People ran past me to get into the main building but I didn't move, something about the rain calmed me. I don't know if it was the rhythm of the tiny drops of water, or the feel of it dripping onto my snow white skin. Whatever it was, it felt like it was washing away my sins, although I know rain fall wasn't going to change what I did to frank.
"Nothing will change it gerard, you've dug yourself a hole big enough to fit every inch of new jersey in."
What was I going to do? I can't loose frank, I love him.
"Then that's what I have to do. I have to tell frank I love him." I muttered to myself. I don't care if it fails, I don't care if he doesn't love me back, he just has to know that I DO care. I peeled my drenched blazer off my skin and started wringing it out. I turned on my heel and looked up, as I squeezed the last of the water from the blue piece of fabric. Bert was stood in front of me in the rain, he had an angelic glow about him, he looked so beautiful in the rain.
"Hi bert! Do you want to go-"
"No." He cut me off. I couldn't tell if it was rain or if his eyes were full of tears.
"Bert what's wrong?"
"Nothing I'm fine."
"'re not fine." He hesitated before admitting he wasn't okay.
"Maybe I'm not. But you know the worst thing? You don't know why."
"Why should I?"
"Because you USED me. When frank was gone I was there for you, but now he's back you don't care about me. You love frank I heard you say it. what's frank ever done for you eh? Was frank there to stand up for you when some bimbo insulted you? Was frank there to wipe away the tears when your dad left you?." He stood right next to me and hissed in my ear.
"Was frank there when WE kissed for the first time?" He stormed past knocking my shoulder with his, and flicking his long soaked hair in my face. I stood outside, accompanied by the sound of the pouring rain and my racing heart beat, and I watched him as he walked away from me. I have ruined two friendships in less than 5 minutes...what's wrong with me?

Franks P.O.V.
I strolled through the hallway, kicking a balled up piece of paper as I went. I heard footsteps, and a very flustered looking bert pushed past me.
"Bert...are you okay?" I asked as I wiped away my own tears. He spun on his heel and walked back toward me.
"Hi no, I'm fine. You have eyeliner halfway down your face frank, what's up with you?"
"Just gerard..." I tried to blink away the tears as they built up again. To my surprise bert pulled me into a hug and rested his chin on my head (yes, I am that short)
"Me too frank." I hugged him tighter, just longing for someone's comfort. I could feel that he had a quite a muscular frame. Not big muscles but they were defiantly there. I have known bert for a day but I feel so comfortable around him, with him. And it seems that he is comfortable around me too. I felt bert duck his head, moving toward mine, and I was moving toward him too! I moved my hands up to wrap around berts neck and he moved his down to my waist. Our lips crashed together, His mouth tasted like strawberry lip balm and coffee. I moved in closer to bert and he pulled me in tighter. Maybe I am gay after all.
Sorrrrrryyyyyyy I know its short but I wanna leave the rest till the next chapter cuz so much has already happened. Wanna keep all yo guise reading. I didn't wanna do a lot of detail on the kiss because I don't like to do stuff like that. :D
mcrmysoldier xxx
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