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On tour!

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TWO PARTS. MCR go on tour with DEG but they don't exactly get along. Contains some lemons xD

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"Gerard!" Mikey whined. "What?" his brother snapped and looked down at the bassist who was sitting on a bench. They were waiting at the airport after just flying into Tokyo. "When're those retards getting here?" He asked, sighing as he checked his watch again. "Geez...just wait- they'll-" The red haired vocalist was cut off by his cell phone ringing. "Hello?" He answered. It was Die or the other one Kaoru or soemthing from Dir en grey. "Just to let you know, we'll all be here in 2O minutes to pick you up" Gerard couldn't really tell them apart as all of their accents were really thick. "Uhh...who is this?" Gerard asked as he heard an annoyed sound coming from Frank who was now laying across Mikey on the bench. "GET FUCK OFF ME!" The bassist exclaimed, pushing the smaller man off of him. "GERALD? ARE- ARE YOU THERE?" The Japanese man shouted on the other end of the phone. "IT'S GERARD YOU JERK!"hgot so annoyed. "Yeah,yeah whatever. Sayonara baka" and then he was gone. "God! I hate that guy!" Gerard whined in a pissed off voice. "Look, calm down everyone" Just like Rayo try and keep the mood happy. "I want coffee" Mikey pouted. "Ok, I'll go" Frank sighed and got up and flicked his long bangs to the side.

"KAORUUUUUU!" Toshiya let out an irritated noise. "Nani?" Kaoru looked at the bassist through the mirror. "How long now?" He asked, pouting. "15 minutes" Kaoru announced to the tired band. Kyo, who was asleep on the back seat let out a groan as the drummer elbowed him in the side. "SHINYA! FUCK OFF!" He hated it when the pretty boy interupted his sleep. "What? You're in the way, Warumono!" Shinya complained, letting out a noise of disgust as he noticed that the blonde had drooled all over his mini skirt. "KYOOOOO!" Shinya cried, burying his head in Die's shoulder. "What's wrong?" Die kissed the top of his lover's head. "Kyo drooled on me!" Shinya squealed. Die leant down to kiss the drummer on the lips softly. "It's okay, baby. You should fall asleep on me sometime" Shinya giggled and wrapped a long starnd of his blonde hair around his skinny finger. "KAOOOO! I'M BORED!" Toshiya whined. "TOTCHI! YOU'RE LIKE A CHILD!" Kaoru exclaimed.

1O minutes later and the DEG boys were at the airport. "Frank?" Gerard nudged the guitarist. "Mmmh?" He grunted, focusing entirely on the game of Angry Birds he was playing on his iPhone. "They're here" Gerard gazed over to the other side of the long room at the band. One of them was tall with long spiky red hair with a girl nestled into his chest with long, blonde hair. Another one was very short and angry-looking and there was another short-ish guy with spiky pink hair who looked like he was repremanding a goth with short black and blue streaked hair. "Fuck. They look like afamily" Mikey muttered under his breath. "Yeah," Frank agreed "A couple who are the parents with a lil' kid and a daughter and an uncle or some shit".

Kyo glared at the other band. There were 4 men- A tall one with an afro who looked happy. A midget who was probably taller than him who had skeleton gloves. A guy with hair the same colour as Die. And a skinny guy- probably as skinny as Shinya with a long fringe. "Kyo, stop it!" Kaoru complained, tugging on the vocalist's arm. "Let's go meet them!" An eager Toshiya exclaimed. The five Japanese men walked over to the four Americans. "Hi! I'm Toshiya!" He stuck out a hand for Frank to shake. Frank didn't get the memo and the basist recoiled and pouted. "Be that way then!". "Totchi likes new people," Kaoru explained, "I'm Kaoru- leader of the band and lead guitarist. This is die," He pointed to the other guitarist who was kissing his boyfriend, "And his boyfriend is Shinya, the drummer". "WAIT! THAT CHICK'S A DUDE!" Frank exclaimed with wide eyes. Shinya looked over, slightly offended. "He'" Toshiya whispered. "SO ARE YOU!" Shinya pouted. "Yeah, yeah" Toshiya rolled his eyes. "Right...So that's Kyo, the vocalist. Do NOT make any comments about his height!" Kaoru continuted, looking over to Kyo who growled in response to his words. Mikey giggled. "And, last but not least," Kaoru pointed both his hands towards the Japanese bassist, "This is the biggest flirt in the band, Toshiya". "Y'know y'like it, Kao-Kao" Toshiya giggled. Gerard interupted with a "he-hem!". "I'm Gerard the vocalist. This is Frank," He pointed to the shorty who was re-doing his red eyeshadow, "This is Mikey," He pointed to the boy who was reading a book. "And this is Ray, lead guitarist", Gerard explained. "Shall we...go?" Shinya asked, blinking a few times.

1O minutes later and the two bands were all in Dir en grey's tour bus. "So..where are we going?" Frank asked, spinning around on this swivel chair in the middle of the room. "Osaka, then back to Tokyo, then Shibuya, Ishikawa, Fukushima, Kyoto, after that, Mie then we're going to Miyagi, Nagano, Okinawa, Yamagata and after that, we're going to China so Shanghai, Hong Kong- "OK! So a long tour!" Gerard stopped Kaoru. "Hai..a long tour in Japanese with a bunch of freaks who don't speak our language". Die snickered. "Die, honey?" Shinya asked, wrapping hisarms around his guitarist. "Mhm?" He moaned in response to the embrace. "When will we," He hushed his voice, "Get some..time alone?" Die flushed a bright red. "Now?" He asked, tugging on Shinya's arm. "Die! There's guests here" Shinya looked around at the other band who were socialising (finally!) with the others. "Please?" Die begged, looking down at his boner. Shinya sighed. He wasn't going to win this. "Ok" He sighed again in defeat and followed his lover to an unoccupied room. "So...Mikey..." Toshiya started, Mikey looked up at the blue haired boy. "Mhm..." "Do you use a plectrum or your fingers? For playing bass.." Toshiya asked looking down at his manicured nails. "On most songs, a plectrum but there's- Everyone went suddenly quiet when they heard screams of: "Die- Die ohhh" "Shin...please harder" and "D-Die....faster, faster" and moans and banging on the walls and the creaking of the springs on Die's bed. Kaoru swallowed. " that a lot...y'kind of get used to it after a while.." He voided eye contact with the singer of My Chemical Romance. "How often?" He winced. "...Almost...every day" He admitted. Toshiya laughed. "I'm getting earphones" Mikey announced. "Ok...who smokes?" Kyo asked the Americans. "We all do" Ray said, his fingers searching his pocket for his packet of cigarettes. "Good...I smoke a lot" Kyo grinned, lighting one.
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