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Auditions, mah lovely readers!

by thegirlwhowasonfire 16 Reviews

What le title says.

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  • Auditions, mah lovely readers!

    (#) TheLittleSinner 2012-04-10 10:22:28 PM

    *oh also, I have NOOO idea if you could consider this important but I'm usually... Er... Promiscuous, I guess? However I'm actually in my first SERIOUS relationship. (she makes me very very happy) xD Aight foo. I'll be reading this even if I dint get in!
  • Auditions, mah lovely readers!

    (#) Apocalyto 2012-04-11 03:31:54 AM

    Part: Any, I don’t mind :3

    Name: Chloe Lewis

    Age: 16 (Or whatever fits)

    Gender: Female

    appearance is split for detail
    Hair: Just below shoulder-length, layered, spiky light brown hair with side fringe always goes over left eye.

    Eyes: Blue eyes with brown tinges and they sometimes turn pale green.

    Height/weight/etc.: 5’5, pale with freckles and average weight.

    Tattoos and or piercings: Nose stud.

    Clothes: Mostly steampunk stuff, skinny jeans, combat boots, converse, tartan or Hell Bunny skirts, knee high socks, braces (not the teeth kind :P), ties and leather jackets.

    Anything else involving appearance: Nope.

    Hobbies: Reading a lot to escape reality, writing sometimes, drawing, sleeping, playing on the Xbox, watching horror movies although she gets nightmares afterwards, making stuff (textiles), writing on hands and arms and listening to music.

    Personality: Funny, cocky, hyper sometimes, sarcastic, shy around strangers, secretly depressed, can get depressed very easily at times, insecurity issues, talkative, but sometimes doesn't talk to anyone at all for ages, kind, motherly to kids, blushes really badly when embarrassed, smart and book worm.

    Any other info: Nope
  • Auditions, mah lovely readers!

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-04-11 04:57:23 AM

    Part: Frank's sister please :3 Or anywhere else yew decide :)
    Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham/Iero
    Age: (14-18 unless you're auditioning for the teacher.) - 15
    Gender: Female
    appearance is split for detail
    Hair: Bright cherry red with a full-fringe, shoulder-length and completely straight.
    Eyes: Blue
    Height/weight/etc.: Small for age, skinny.
    Tattoos and or piercings: Both ears and nose pierced
    Clothes: Band tee-shirts (Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Slipknot, Give Chase, Envy of the State, Evanescence) or David & Goliath tee-shirts, baggy jeans of any colour, sequin covered converse and odd socks.
    Anything else involving appearance: Pale white skin, blonde eye-brows.
    Hobbies: Singing, playing piano, reading, writing, playing Sims 2, shopping, playing Bench Ball, sleeping, watching Big Bang Theory.
    Personality: Shy around new people but will open up more with friends. Gullible. Giggles when nervous. Friendly. Will be friends with ANYBODY as long as they're friendly to her. Doesn't judge anybody. Hates offensive jokes.
    Any other info: Scared of the dark, knows sign language and how to speak Spanish.

    Love Hozzie :)
  • Auditions, mah lovely readers!

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-04-11 05:46:21 AM

    Part: not bothered

    Name: Blade Nickolson

    Age: (14-18 unless you're auditioning for the teacher.) 16

    Gender: male

    appearance is split for detail

    Hair: chin length, black with bangs covering left eye

    Eyes: ice blue

    Height/weight/etc.: skinny and about 5'11

    Tattoos and or piercings: a black lip ring

    Clothes: black veil brides, green day and fall out boy merch (tees, bracelets, hoodies etc.), skinny jeans, converses or vans or occasionally doc martens and studded belts

    Anything else involving appearance: nope

    Hobbies: singing, playing guitar or bass, drawing, reading (john green mainly) and writing music

    Personality: shy at first with new people but is very funny, witty, can be sarcastic, rebelious, a bit of an ass, vulnerable though, intelligent, creative, a bitch to authority and very loyal to some people

    Any other info: bi, has a band (Damnation) and is obsessed with morning glories (comic) and batman

    hope you like it :)
  • Auditions, mah lovely readers!

    (#) Bleeding_Angel_ 2012-04-11 06:46:06 AM

    Part: Franks sister, or whatever fits (:

    Name: Emma Iero

    Age: 15? I don't mind (:

    Gender: Female

    Appearance is split for detail

    Hair: bright red and layered down to just below her shoulders with a sidefringe covering her right eye

    Eyes: a weird violety-blue colour or hazel, it doesn't matter ^.^

    Height/weight/etc.: 5'4 and around 100lbs. She doesn't like weighing herself because she think's she's fat, but shes actually really slim.

    Tattoos and or piercings: she has silver snakebite hoops and each ear is pierced twice with a tunnel in her left.

    Clothes: Band tees, brightly coloured skinnies, knee-high converse and odd socks :')

    Anything else involving appearance: She's really damn pale and her makeup is generally black / deep purple eyeliner, black eyeshadow and a deep-ish matte red lipstick c:

    Hobbies: Drawing, singing, playing the drums/guitar, playing video games (she's considered a massive nerd) and writing stories c:

    Personality: She's very shy at first, but once you get to know her she's really funny, open and trustworthy. She's almost always honest and she'll keep any secret she's told. She doesn't often break promises and she's an overall dependable person.

    Any other info: She's a coffee and skittles addict, and she hates smoking/drugs etc. She's quite adventurous and always has a sketchbook at hand.

    I hope that's alright! Happy writing ^.^ xo
  • Auditions, mah lovely readers!

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-04-29 08:44:16 PM

    Just give me this info:
    Part: Alicia's Girlfriend bro
    Name: Sam Alexx
    Age: (14-18 unless you're auditioning for the teacher.): 17
    Gender:hm GIRLfriend, but yeah so a guy (but seriously, female)
    appearance is split for detail
    Hair: (worn the same)
    Eyes: Bright green, specks of grey
    Height/weight/etc.: Slim-ish (not skin and bones), 5"6 long arms and fingers
    Tattoos and or piercings: Left lip ring, tounge peirced, has 'Vices and Virtues' on the inside of her left wrist, has the lyrics 'Why Give Up? Why Give In?" along her lower back
    Clothes: (something alone those lines)
    Anything else involving appearance: Not really, has scars from her past
    Hobbies: Playing bass, listening to music, hanging out, drawing, sleeping, eating, rocking out
    Personality: Punk, obsessed with music, isn't afraid to fight for what she thinks is right, hates drama, depressed but doesn't let anyone see, can act like a total retard at times
    Any other info: She used to cut (and still does when she is really fucking sad), keeps alot of her emotions inside, until she can't handle it anymore, puts on a fake smile to show the world that she is 'okay', Bi and amazingly fucking proud of it, hates homophobes and isn't afraid to punch you in the face if she thinks you deserve to be punched in the face

    That's all, I will read no matter what :)

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