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Nothing To Do Here...

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LynZ gets to take on The Used.

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FUCK YEAH. I GET TO WRITE A FIGHT SCENE. I LOVE MY JOB. P.S. Listen to Pretty Handsome Awkward as you read this for a visual aid.
LynZ shuffled to her feet and stumbled, suddenly dizzy and sore from the throw.
"NAH- FUCK YOU!", she shouted, running at Quinn with her fist raised, who in turn bashed the neck of his guitar into her forehead, slicing it and sending her bouncing backward. The music started up again.
Your dream vacation
LynZ lifted herself off the ground and cartwheeled into a flip kick that sent Quinn flying.
Smile hostage refuge
Dan threw his drumstick at her face, only for her to catch it, send it back and hit him in the eye.
A work in progress, you bleed just like you puke while running a mile
LynZ grabbed Quinn's guitar, slung it around, and took down the man behind the drum kit.
[I beg to differ, make me an offer]
Jeph tossed his bass off he shoulders, took the neck, and went to smash it into LynZ's side, only to be matched by Quinn's guitar. It looked something of a sword fight with them battling for dominance; or at least it did, until LynZ kicked him in the balls.
Warm summer rain, you bleed just like you puke while running a mile
LynZ punched Bert in the stomach, and hit him with his mic stand while he registered the blow.
"Do you feel OK?
You look pretty low.
Pretty low, pretty low,
Pretty handsome awkward", she sang sweetly.
Bert pulled one of her pigtails to face him and wrapped his hands around her throat and resuned.
Do you feel OK?
You look pretty low
Pretty low, pretty low
Pretty handsome awkward

LynZ shoved the sides of her hands into the insides Bert's elbows, fighting loose and kicking him in the stomach. She suddenly jumped behind the amp, picking it up and throwing it at Bert.
All of the band members spontaneously burst into coins, scattering the floor. The small audience began to collect them.
"Where's Gee?", she asked.
"He totally bailed."
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