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You Don't Know How You've Betrayed Me

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Frank wants 'revenge' on Gerard. and on Mikey's 17th Birthday Franks Ex come crashing back into his life at the worst possible time.

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Franks POV

After I finally put a shirt on I went downstairs to see Mikey sitting on the end of the couch and Gerard on all fours looking at the DVDs, I sat at the opposite end to Mikey on the couch “What are we watching then?” I asked, Mikey shrugged and Gerard turned his head to look at me “I was thinking Alien…” I nodded in agreement and Mikey Beamed at his brother, Gerard put the DVD in, stood up and turned off the lights and gave Mikey the remote control and sat between Mikey and I. “Erm guys, I can’t see the play button, it’s too dark.” Gerard was about to stand up when I leant across him and over to Mikey I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and used it as a torch so Mikey could see, he pressed play and I lay there for a few extra seconds, my chest across Gerard’s lap, and then I sat back up my hand ‘accidentally’ brushing Gerard’s stomach as I pushed myself up straight. “Thanks Frank.” I heard Mikey mutter I smiled “It’s Okay Mikey.” Gerard sat in silence staring at the TV. I was going to milk this as much as possible, I’m going to get him back for earlier, we weren’t at school anymore and this is unknown territory for Gerard, he made the first move, now I think it’s my turn to play the game.

About a quarter of the way through the movie I got up and went into the kitchen to grab some coke “Do you guys want a drink or something?” Mikey shook his head and Gerard nodded “I’ll have whatever you have.” I nodded and came back out with 2 cans of coke and the bag of food Gerard had bought from the store earlier, I dumped the bag on the table and gave Gerard a can, when I sat down I made sure my thigh brushed against his, I knew I was messing with his head because he let out a small gasp that I pretended not to hear. The film had finished and Gerard had turned the lights back on getting ready to put in the next movie when Mikey actually said something “So Frank, when are you going to get back with Hayley?” I started to choked on my drink slightly and Gerard glanced at me “Who’s Hayley?” he said curiously, after Mikey had tapped my back enough and I’d stopped choking, I sat up straight and took another sip “She’s just an ex.” I shrugged Gerard sat back between Mikey and I “Pfft, Ex, ‘Oh Mikey, I Don’t Think I could live without her, I think I love her!’” he said mimicking my voice poorly, Gerard looked at me “You loved her?” I nodded whilst taking a sip of my drink “I loved her yeah, but I wasn’t in love with her.” Gerard nodded Mikey smiled at me and I just gave him the finger making Gerard laugh “Soo Mikes, when are you gonna fuck Alicia?” I asked casually smirking to myself Gerard’s eyes widened and he stared at his brother who was now bright red and staring at the ground “Who’s Alicia?” Gerard asked shocked “You didn’t tell your own brother about your Girlfriend?” I cocked an eyebrow Mikey shuffled awkwardly where he stood and shrugged “I’ll be right back” he said, me and Gerard looked at each other and erupted in laughter then the laughter faded leaving me and Gerard in the room alone “Don’t think I haven’t noticed what you’re doing Iero. You’re not very subtle with it all.” He did make eye contact but I smiled at him “You weren’t exactly subtle either.” He chuckled and looked at me “You fucking loved it.” I smirked “I’m glad you’re aware of that” I moved closer bringing my lips to his ear “Your move.” I whispered running my fingers up the inside of his left thigh; I stood up and walked into the kitchen to grab another coke.

Gerard’s POV

Did Frank just tell me he liked that kiss? Did he really just admit to that? And did he just touch my thigh? Even though I knew that Frank was trying to get into my head as ‘revenge’ for me kissing him, it was still working, everything he said, when he was talking about his ex I could feel myself get jealous and all those small gestures, when he leant over me and when he brushed our thighs together, they were small gestures but they were making a big imprint on my mind, he was good at this.
I was soon taken from my thoughts when Mikey came back into the room smiling with a video tape in his hand I rolled my eyes because I knew exactly what movie it was “Is it Return Of The Jedi or A New Hope?” as I asked Frank came into the room and laughed “Return Of the Jedi.” Mikey said still beaming; he ran over to the video player and put it in Frank sat down next to me and whispered “I got him the DVDs for his Birthday.” I smiled knowing how happy that’d make Mikey tomorrow morning opening it I looked at Frank and replied in the same hushed tone “Isn’t that like $50?” he nodded and I smiled we looked back to Mikey who was still fiddling with the video player, but he soon got it working and took his place on the end of the couch, still smiling.

About half way through the film I felt a weight on my shoulder I turned slightly to see Frank had fallen asleep, I looked at the clock on my phone to see it was 3:00am I don’t think I could stay up much longer, my eye lids were already feeling heavy, but somehow Mikey was still smiling like an idiot, his cheeks much really hurt! I softly leant my head on top of Franks and tried my best to stay awake and watch the rest of the movie.

Frank’s POV

I woke up to see Mikey’s face inches away from my own, I fucking shit myself and fell off the couch and onto the hard cold wooden floor I rolled onto my back and looked at Mikey “Happy Birthday Mikes”, I heard Gerard shuffle around on the couch “Frank…where’d you go?” he asked not opening his eyes. “I’m on the floor Gerard now wake the fuck up and wish your brother happy birthday.” Gerard shot up straight and smiled at Mikey “Happy Birthday.” He said standing up and giving his brother a hug, I smiled and Mikey held out a hand to help me up. Once I was off the floor I ran upstairs to get Mikey’s present and came back down into the main room where Gerard, Mikey and their Mom were sitting on the floor, Mikey now surrounded by Presents. “Hi Mrs Way.” I greeted her and smiled; she smiled back and waved “Hi Frankie, sorry I didn’t say Hello yesterday but I didn’t want to interrupt your Movie marathon.” I nodded in understanding and sat between Gerard and Mikey and pushed my present in front of them, Mikey smiled at me. “Mom is it okay if I open Franks first?” he glanced at me and smiled and then waited for his mom’s response “Of course it is sweetie, today’s your day, you can do what you like.” Mikey smiled and torn the paper from my badly wrapped present, he hadn’t completely unwrapped it but the minute he saw the words ‘star wars’ he almost leapt into my arms “Oh My God, you’re the bestest friend ever!” he finished unwrapping it and stared at it for a few minutes before continuing to the next present. Over all most of Mikey’s presents were star wars related, he had a few original movie posters from his cousins, a signed picture of Liam Neeson from his grandmother, a t-shirt from his mom and an exact replica of count dukoo’s lightsaber from Gerard he also got a lot of money. “This has been the best star wars haul for presents ever!” he beamed, after he’d finished pretending to kill Me and Gerard with his lightsaber he took his presents upstairs and got washed and dressed.

A few hours later after me and Gerard could be bothered to get up properly we all got showers and were all dressed. Mikey was wearing his new Star Wars T-shirt that had R2-D2 on the front with Black jeans and his Misfits shoes. One day I will steal those shoes. Gerard was still upstairs but me and Mikey were in the main room together talking “So Mikes what are we gonna do today?” I asked secretly praying he doesn’t make us watch the star wars movies back to back, but he shrugged “I don’t know, I don’t want to stay in the house all day that’s just boring” I nodded in agreement “how about we just go and chill at the mall, I mean you’ve just got $300 burning a hole in your pocket.” He nodded and stood up and walked to the bottom of the stairs “Gerard. We’re gonna go to the mall, now get your ass down here!” Mikey shouted up the stairs “Okay I’m coming! I’m sure those stiletto heels you want will still be on sale when we get there!” Gerard shouted back sarcastically, I started to laugh “what’s so funny?” Mikey asked I snorted a little bit “You in Stiletto heels.” I looked up to see Gerard walking down the stairs. His hair was messy but in a good way and he was wearing a tight fitting white t shirt with some tight ass black skinny jeans and black high top converse. He looked so hot. “Who are you trying to impress?” Mikey asked cocking an eyebrow “I’m not trying to impress anyone; I just didn’t want to look like an idiot if we’re going out.” Mikey nodded “Sure…”
Mikey turned and walked out the front door and waited by his mom’s car, before we left the house to join Mikey I turned to Gerard “You look nice.” I smiled and he giggled like a school girl. You look nice? Did I really just say that? I’m such an idiot. We all climbed into the car, Mikey called shot gun and me and Gerard were in the back together while their mom was driving.

When we got to the mall, Mrs Way told us to call her when we wanted picking up, we took this information and made it our mission to stay out as long as possible and to make sure Mikey had the best time. We’d been walking around the mall for about 15 minutes when I heard someone shout my name I turned around to see Hayley shouting me from Starbucks, I looked at Mikey and Gerard “I’ll be like two minutes.” I said, I saw Mikey roll his eyes and as I walked away I heard him say “yeah. Totally over her…” when I reached Hayley she wrapped her arms around me pulling me into a tight rather awkward hug. “Hi Frankie, How have you been?” she said smiling sitting down at a table with four other seats which all had bags on them “Um…I’m good thanks, what brings you here?” I smiled weakly at her “Oh Just here with the girls, you know Alicia, Amy, Taylor and Lindsey.” I turned around to see that Mikey and Gerard weren’t where I left them, and then I remembered I was in Starbucks and looked to the counter and saw Gerard ordering coffee. Then I was distracted by a tap on my shoulder I turned to see Alicia smiling at me “Hi Frank! What are you doing here?” I smiled at her and waved “Oh I’m just here with Mikey and Gerard.” She smiled when I mentioned Mikey’s name and then scanned to store looking for him, then when she spotted him she scurried off, I turned back to Hayley “So where are the others?” I asked curiously she sighed “they’re all in forever 21, they’ll be there for hours, you might as well sit down.” She said pointing to one of the chairs, I nodded and sat down and she smiled at me again “Look Frank, I’ve been thinking, I think we should talk, about us…” she said looking into her coffee, I sighed and placed my hand on hers “Hayley…I’m out with Mikey for his birthday, can we do this another time…Please?” she nodded and we both stood up at the same time we hugged each other and I kissed her on the cheek and walked away over to where Gerard and Mikey I walked passed Alicia on the way and waved her goodbye . I didn’t mean to kiss Hayley, it’s just instinctive, when we were together that’s what happened we’d hug and I’d kiss her cheek, I felt horrible about it, I’m worried I’ve given her false hope. “So, what was that about?” Mikey inquired sipping his coffee, I shook my head “Hayley wanted to talk about ‘us’” I said emphasising the ‘us’ Mikey put his coffee down “ooh, what did you say?” I shrugged “I said I was here for your birthday and asked if we could talk another time.” Mikey nodded “Good excuse, as long as you haven’t given her any false hope.” I laughed awkwardly and stared at the table Gerard looked at me “What did you do?” he asked “I may or may not have accidentally kissed her.” I replied Mikey almost spat out his coffee “You Kissed her?!” I shook my head “It was only on the cheek, we always used to do it when we were together…” Mikey cleared his throat “Look, go and sort it out now Frank, I don’t mind, me and Gerard will see you at home later.” I nodded and stood up “see you later guys.” I said waving and walking back toward Hayley’s table, where she was still sitting but with Alicia next to her, when I arrived next to her table he looked up and smiled at me “You ready to talk then?” I sighed and nodded Hayley turned to Alicia and smiled at her, Alicia took the hint and left, I sat down in front of Hayley “So what did you want to talk about?” I asked her smile dropped slightly “I told you, I want to talk about us, look Frankie, I know it’s been a few months now but, I still think about you a lot and I really do care about you…” please don’t say it. Please don’t say it
“I’m not over you Frankie.” Damn it! I took a deep sigh and looked her in the eye and she took my hand “Look Hayley, I care about you, I really do but…” she signed and looked at the table “there’s someone else?” I nodded slowly not actually realising what I was admitting to, she took her hand away from mine and I looked up at her “well as long as you’re happy Frank…” I nodded stood up and left without saying goodbye; I had a lot to think about.

I walked for about 2 Hours when I saw Gerard and Mikey waving at me, I smiled as I started to walk over to them, then I heard a familiar voice calling me from behind, again it was Hayley, this time surrounded by her friends, she ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her lips against mine, I stood frozen for a minute, but I missed this, feeling like someone loved me as more than a friend, so I kissed her back, she begged for me to let her tongue into my mouth, but I refused, forgetting that Mikey and Gerard were watching, my hands ran around her waist and she pulled me closer, I could hear the ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ of her friends from behind us and then I broke away. “What was that?” I asked she smiled at me and whispered in my ear “A taste of what you’re missing out on” she took a step backwards and then left me standing alone once again, I turned to look at Gerard and Mikey, but they were gone, I took my phone out of my pocket to check the time and saw I had a message from Mikey, I opened it and it read;
‘What the hell was that? –M’
I replied
‘apparently it’s ‘a taste of what I’m missing out on’ xo -F’
I then called Mikey and asked if his Mom would come and pick me up, but he said she’s gone on a late shift at work, so I had to walk back to his house, in the pouring rain. And then explain myself to Mikey and Gerard properly. Great.

When I finally reached Mikey’s house I was cold, completely drenched and felt like shit, Mikey opened the door to let me in and closed it behind me, he helped me get my jacket off and hung it on the coat hook. “What the hell happened?” he said quietly, I shook my head “I don’t know, when we were talking I told her I liked someone else, and then after she kissed me she said that it was a taste of what I’m missing out on. Technically I was mouth raped” I shook my head and closed my eyes wishing it had never happened, Mikey chuckled a little bit “Mouth raped, you fucking idiot…” I smiled but then went back to feeling horrible “wait, you like someone else? Who?” Mikey questioned, again I shook my head “Look I’m not even sure whether I do actually like this person or not yet, I just needed to give her a valid reason for not getting back with her.” Mikey nodded his head in understanding. “But hey dude, if this person is me. Never gonna happen.” He said jokingly, I smiled and then Mikey looked me in the eye “Hey, just as a warning, Gerard’s pissed at you.” I looked at him in confusion “Why?” Mikey shrugged “Fuck I don’t know, I suggest you go and talk to him and find out.”

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