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Chapter Five

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Sophie's Date.

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Yanking my front door open, I plastered a smile on my face, earning an even bigger one from Jason in return. My eyes traveled down his body slowly, the smile remaining. I had to admit, Jason was an attractive guy. He was about six feet tall with light brown hair that complemented his hazel eyes nicely. He could be a keeper, he was handsome and a doctor; not to sound like a gold digger or anything… Then it occurred to me; he’s a doctor. That means he must be older than me to have completed that much medical school. Before he even had a chance to greet me I opened my fat mouth, embarrassing the hell out of myself.

“How old are you?” I blurted.

Jason gave me an odd look before bursting into laughter, most likely at the deep blush that had appeared on my face rather than the question itself.

“Umm… well I mean… y-you said you were a doctor and-“ I stuttered out, but he cut me off before I could make an even bigger fool of myself.

“It’s alright, we never really talked did we?” He said pointedly, obviously referring to the short conversation we had when he asked me out. Naturally, this made me blush an even darker shade of crimson while letting out a nervous laugh. I looked up at him expectantly.

“Ahh, yes. I’m thirty-one.” Whoa. Damn. Well, he sure as hell didn’t look thirty-one. I did the mental math. That was a seven year age difference. Not that bad I guess, just different. “And you are…?” He asked, smirking at the shocked look that had found my face.

“I’m twenty-four. I’ll be twenty-five in July.” The smirk slipped off of his face as he looked me up and down.

“Well, I can honestly say I don’t mind the age difference one bit.” What an ass. I rolled my eyes. “Let’s just go alright.”

“Alright Sophie.”

We walked to the parking lot in complete silence… and that silence continued through the car all the way to.. well I’m not quite sure since he is ‘surprising’ me. Finally, after an agonizing twenty minute car ride, we pulled up to TGI Fridays. And we stopped. At TGI Fridays. To eat. This was the ‘surprise’. A freaking chain restaurant. I sighed knowing this was going to be a long night.

I turned to him and smiled, “Well I’m ready if you are.” He nodded and got out of the car as did I. After being seated, I tried desperately to start a conversation… about absolutely anything.

“So why did you choose the medical field?” I inquired as our waiter walked up to take our orders. He finally spoke up after placing them. As he began speaking, I noticed a leggy blonde watching us closely, well mostly Jason. She was gorgeous and seemed to be alone. I looked away quickly, focusing my attention back on my date.

“My mother was a doctor and I come from a very influential family so there wasn’t much choice in the matter. It was either med school or the family business.” He replied, somewhat solemnly.

This confused me. I most definitely hadn’t been raised with money, so maybe there was no way for me to empathize with Jason. I thought for a moment before continuing.

“Well, what would you have done had you been given the choice?” He grinned at this.

“I would’ve been a pilot. My family had a private jet that we used to take around the globe and I loved flying in it.” This made me choke on the water I had been sipping. Private jet? Shit. He wasn’t kidding when he said influential. He began laughing at my look of embarrassment. If you had just nearly spat out your drink on your date, you would be embarrassed as well.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to assume you have no idea who I am?” I shook my head. What was he talking about? I mean, I didn’t know he was wealthy but this is New York, Manhattan to be specific; there are tons of wealthy families.

“My father is Royce Kingsworth, the president of-“

“Kingsworth Jewelers.” I finished for him. Now I understood. The Kingsworth’s had a precious reputation in Manhattan. Jason wasn’t just wealthy, he was filthy rich. Kingsworth Jewelers was a multi-billion dollar company; in the same caliber as Tiffany & Co.

He smiled tentatively, obviously expecting me to treat him differently now that I knew who he was. I silently cursed myself for not paying more attention to him at Black Ink. If only I had looked at the schedule…

“That sucks.” I said with a shrug. He looked at me like I had grown a separate head. “You know, not being able to be a pilot.”

“Oh, right.” He smiled. “Yeah I suppose so. No one has ever said ‘that sucks’ when they realize who I am.” I laughed but wasn’t sure what to reply with. Luckily he beat me to the punch. Unfortunately, he asked the one question I would have killed in order to avoid.

“Enough about my family, what is yours like?” I froze, unsure of what to say.

“My parents are dead and I was an only child, as were they. So it’s just me.” What a lie that was. Yes my mother was dead but in an effort to leave the subject, I’d lied about the rest. In reality, my father had left my mom as soon as she told him she was pregnant. He had a large family but never told them about us so I’d never met any of them. My mom was an only child but her parents disowned her when they found out she was pregnant with me… at 16.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-“

“It’s quite alright, just a sore subject.” I assured him. After that, conversation came to an abrupt halt. It stayed that way while we ate as well. Neither of us knew what to say and it made me nervous as hell. I hated being nervous. I had to stop this.

“Look, Jason-“

“Hey, Sophie-“ We said simultaneously. I smiled and motioned for him to go first.

“Sophie, you’re incredibly attractive and sweet but..”

“There’s nothing there. Don’t worry, that’s exactly what I was going to tell you.” He let out a breath of relief, rubbing his eyes.

“Thank god. I’m not usually this awkward but I honestly don’t know what to say to you.” I smiled and glanced to my left where the blonde was sitting. She was still there, glancing at Jason every few seconds.

“Neither do I but I think I see someone who might.” I said as I got up and walked over to the blonde.

“Hi, I’m Sophie. I noticed you perving on my date.” I said with a smirk.

She gasped. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to intrude, he’s just really attractive and I couldn’t help it.” She exclaimed, looking down in what seemed to be shame. This made me laugh.

“I was only kidding. What’s your name?”

“S-Samantha. My name’s Samantha.”

“Well Samantha, this is my first date with Jason,” I said motioning to him. He had a look of shock on his face. “but there’s no way we could be more than friends. Since you seem to have such an interest in him, why don’t you keep him company for the remainder of the night?” Her jaw dropped and she began stuttering. I rolled my eyes, smiling before grabbing her arm and hauling her over to Jason.

“Samantha, this is Jason. Jason, this is Samantha. She is going to take my place for tonight.” I said winking at him. He smiled from ear to ear, standing up.

I placed Samantha’s hand in his and wished her good luck. As I turned to leave, a hand latched onto my wrist. “Wait Sophie. I drove you here, how will you get home?” Jason asked seriously.

“I’ll catch a cab, enjoy your night.” I replied with a smile. He nodded but not before placing a small wad of cash in the hand that was attached to my wrist still enclosed by his own hand. “For the cab.”

“Thank you Jason. Goodnight kiddies! Be safe!” I said, blowing them both a kiss and waving dramatically. They both laughed and thanked me, sitting down for what I hoped to be the first of many dates. They made a cute couple. Let’s hope the skinny blonde isn’t a gold digger.

Deciding I would rather walk some to enjoy the fresh air, I shoved the cash Jason had given me for a cab and started off in the direction of my apartment.

Kay was going to be pissed. I finally went on a date and I literally handed him off to another woman. I smiled wryly. She was going to give me a long ass lecture about ending up alone because I can’t get a date (due to my “standoffish-ness”) and when I do manage, I give him up. Then, she’ll inform me of my impending doom of becoming the crazy old cat lady that does nothing but stalk the neighbors while drinking prune juice in my ugly robe. What a lovely picture. I didn’t even like cats… at all. My thoughts were abruptly cut off by a quick pain in my arm.

“Oof” I muttered as I was shoved into, roughly. I turned to see a couple, the man staggering slightly, obviously wasted. He turned to me, looked me over, and laughed as if he didn’t just nearly rip my arm off. The blonde bimbo clinging to his arm giggled and began to suck his face off just as I was about to tell him off. Realizing the disgusting couple was a lost cause; I just rolled my eyes and continued to the corner of the street to hail a cab.

I asked the driver to take me to the Manhattan Mall after checking my phone to find it was only about eight o’clock. I might as well shop for my dress for Sarah’s wedding while I’m out.

I entered the mall, immediately zeroing in on Victoria’s Secret. Yes, they were known for their lingerie but their dresses were beautiful. After about twenty minutes of searching with the sales assistant, I pulled out a light blue knee length spring dress. It was strapless, hugging my chest in a classy manner, then flowing out to my knees. It was perfect. While I was there, I also bought what they were famous for… how could I not? From there, I picked up a pair of five-inch bright yellow patent leather peep toe heels and some jewelry. An hour and a half later and satisfied with my choice, I decided to head home and pack for the trip I was to take with Kay the following week.
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