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Chapter Six

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Road Trip!!

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“Oh for the love of all that’s holy Kay! If you’re not out this damn door in five minutes, I’m going home!” I screamed up the stairs. I was at her and Seth’s apartment to pick her up for the road trip we were taking. She was taking forever. I’m not even joking; I’ve been sitting in their living room with Seth and Joey for the past hour and a half. Even Seth was getting anxious and he has more patience than a water buffalo. At least I think that’s the animal… the ones that always have those annoying birds sitting on their backs. Yeah, them. That would annoy the hell out of me. Seth is more like a water buffalo.

Finally, I heard her running down the stairs, huffing the entire way. “Shut up Soph. You knew I wasn’t going to be ready on time.” She told me seriously. I just rolled my eyes and gave Seth a hug goodbye. “Later loser!” I called back to him, turning my head just in time to watch him flip me the bird.

Chuckling softly, I made my way out to my Jetta where Miri was waiting, allowing the happy couple the privacy for an appropriate goodbye.

Kay slumped into the passenger’s seat and sent me a playful glare. I laughed knowing exactly what I had done wrong. Kay had called me up as soon as the sun was up the morning following my “date” with Jason. Naturally I told her the truth and just as I’d suspected, she blew a gasket. I probably deserved it but in my own defense, the man wasn’t comfortable with me either. After an hour and a half of Kay scolding me over the line, calling me several choice words in the process, she broke down crying apologizing. She knew that she had no right interfering in my love life but since she only did it out of care and concern, I let her. Now a week later and she still won’t give it up.

“C’mon Kay! Lighten up. We’re finally taking the road trip and to a concert of your choosing. Stop it with the grumpy guts act and let’s have some fun.” She beamed at this, shoving some crap dance mix CD into my player, blasting it.

“To the gas station!” She all but screamed in excitement.

After purchasing our food and drinks for the trip, which totaled to be just under thirty dollars (don’t ask me, Kay went insane), we set off for Rhode Island, singing at the top of our lungs the entire way.

I didn’t realize until then how much I missed our road trips. We had done one a year since we were fifteen and Jeremy would escort us to wherever we chose. Granted, at the time he was getting a lot out of the deal considering our relationship, but I think he enjoyed them too. He would make Kay sit in the front so that he could watch me in the rearview mirror while we made goofy faces and teased each other. I smiled at the memories. Those two really had saved my life and I’m not sure where I’d be right now if it weren’t for them but I do know it wouldn’t be here. I glanced over at Kay and noticed she was deep in thought and knew she was reminiscing as well.

“I miss him too Kay.” I smiled at her. She surprised me by snorting.

“Like we need him. This is our girls only trip and I wouldn’t have allowed him to come even if he wanted to.” She said, turning up the volume to what I recognized as 3OH!3.

Grinning, I began to belt it. She soon joined in, laughing hysterically.


The strangers that drove passed us gave us strange looks but we really didn’t care; this was the most fun either of us had had in a very long time. I smiled as I accelerated down the highway. The remainder of the drive was spent singing, laughing, and cussing out idiots in traffic.

By the time we reached our hotel in Providence it was nearing six o’clock and we were both starving. After checking into the hotel and hauling our luggage into our room, we set out with Miri to find dinner.

“We’ll need to find a place with a porch or something for Miri.” Kay mentioned as we looked around downtown Providence. I nodded, searching for some kind of diner, Miri walking obediently at my heels. I never used a leash on her, it was pointless; she never left my side. But that’s how I liked it; I liked knowing that she wouldn’t leave me… even if she was only my dog.

“Oh! Let’s go over there!” Kay squealed while gripping my arm and dragging me over to a café on a corner. After being seated, Kay spoke up.

“Let’s go out tonight. I haven’t gotten completely hammered in so long and neither have you.” And with that, she pulled her phone out to find a club.

“I-I don’t have anything to wear Kay. I didn’t think-“

“I have several dresses that I brought along with the one I bought for myself. We were the same size before I got pregnant and you look the same to me.” She smiled. I agreed with her, the concert didn’t start until later tomorrow anyway. I could use a night out.

Once we got back to the hotel, Kay immediately rushed over to her suitcase. It popped open quickly, spewing out a few garments from being overstuffed. She dug out a lovely black dress that was short and covered in thin lace along with a killer pair of maroon heels that were embellished with rhinestones.

“Damn Kay, that is absolutely gorgeous.” I exclaimed while running my fingers over the material. She grinned. “I know! Come here, I brought two others for you.”

I glanced back over to the suitcase to see her pulling out a bright pink mini dress. Oh hell no.

“Why do you say that? Is it that bad?” She asked looking hurt. Shit. I must’ve said that out loud. “No, Kay. It just wouldn’t look good on me, that’s all.” That was true at least. She would kill it but I would look like a tramp.

“Fine, fine. How’s this then?” She said laughing softly as she pulled out a short, shimmery, strapless contraption. It was incredibly short and provocative but I loved it.

“I have the perfect shoes for that!” I ran over to my own suitcase and tore out my lime green patent platform pumps. Kay squealed and tossed me the dress before shoving me towards the bathroom. “Go shower and get ready!” Sophie's Club Outfit Kay's Club Outfit

Walking into the club, Kay and I were met with several wolf whistles. I smirked at her, noticing a wide grin on her face. She was ready to get smashed and so was I. We ignored the calls from random men in the club as we neared the bar. It was only then that I noticed nearly the entire club was lit up with black lights. What looked to be an assortment of neon colored paint was splashed on the walls and the floor was crystal clear, illuminating the club even more. Music was pounding through the speakers so loudly that I didn’t even hear Kay ask me what I wanted to drink the first time.

“Do you want to get hammered now or make it last all night?!” I screamed over the music.

“Let’s make it last but hit it hard at the end!” She called back, knowing exactly what we would then drink.

“Two vodka and red bulls please!” I called over to the bartender. He just nodded and turned to make our drinks.

“On three!” Kay shouted. I grinned back at her knowing what she meant.

“One…Two..-“ And with that we slammed the drinks back, emptying our glasses. However, me being the experienced drinker that I was, finished first. Kay scowled, obviously thinking that by cheating she could finish before I did.

Just then, Beautiful Monster began pumping through the speakers and I turned to see Kay smiling wide.

“Let’s dance!” She cried, grabbing my arm, hauling me off to the dancefloor.

We began dancing, well grinding, against each other and it didn’t take long for the boys to notice. Whoops and hollers surrounded us as a man came up behind Kay and began dancing with her. She smiled up at him seductively before slowly moving along with him to the beat. I felt happy knowing that she was finally having a night all to herself to enjoy to the max. I continued dancing, letting myself loosen up a bit, the music pulsing through my veins.
Suddenly, two hands secured themselves to my hips as someone began moving them to the rhythm his were at. He pressed his body firmly up against mine and lowered his face to my neck, breathing deeply. I smirked slightly, enjoying the feeling of the sparks that shot through my body. No other man had been graced with the balls tonight to touch me like this yet; instead they had kept a respectable distance while eye raping me. Kay would say it was because I was abrasive and guys sensed it; I’d say she’s full of shit.

As the next song began to play, he squeezed my hips and I pressed my back into his lean chest even harder. I didn’t bother turning around; I felt great with him touching me and I didn’t want the feeling to end if he turned out to be ugly. Soon, my skin was glistening from the heat of the club and I found myself wanting another drink.

As if reading my mind, seconds later, my mystery man pressed his lips to my ear so that I could hear him over the deafening music.

“Want to get something to drink, Angel?” Reluctantly, I nodded. Crap, here’s where I lose my dancing partner. The good ones were always ugly.

He moved one of his hands off of my hip to take my hand, spinning me around to face him. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only was he not hideous, he was actually incredibly attractive. As already guessed, he was quite a bit taller than me, even in my heels; which I loved. I had always hated being taller than a date or boyfriend. His lightly tanned skin covered the lean muscle that I had felt against my back while dancing. His features showed he was at least part Latino. Dark, messy hair and deep brown eyes complemented his strong jaw nicely but his smile was what made me stare; it was absolutely breathtaking. I looked him up and down once more before my eyes finally settled on his face; the cocky smirk on his lips making my breath catch in my throat.

He tugs at my hand gently, giving me more than enough room to pull away from him; but I don’t. He leads us over to the bar and places his drink order but I didn’t hear due to the raging music. I glance up at him and am met with an expectant look. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion but he just laughs and yet again, places his lips on my ear.

“I said, what would you like to drink, Angel?” He repeated before angling his head so that he could hear my response.

“Oh, right. Vodka and Red Bull please.” I reply with a smile. He snaps his head back and shoots me a grin. Yet again, I am left completely confused. But I smile and sit down beside him.

“Are you here alone?” He asks me with a genuine smile.

I shake my head. “No, I’m here with my friend.” That reminds me… I glanced around the room trying to find Kay and finally saw her drenched in sweat on the dance floor dancing around like a maniac. Apparently she had taken a few visits to the bar while I was occupied.
The bartender came back up to the counter and slid our drinks over revealing the mans’ next to me to be the same as mine. Now I understood the look he gave me.

“So, what’s your name Angel?” He asked casually but I wanted to stay anonymous for one night.

I shook my head, “No, I don’t want you knowing who I am and I don’t want to know who you are. Let’s just have some fun tonight alright?”

What seemed to be a look of disappointment crossed the man’s face but was quickly replaced with a jaw dropping smirk. He finished his drink while I did the same and led me back onto the dance floor.

We immediately began grinding against one another, the previously consumed alcohol running through our veins. I could feel his breath on the back my neck as he gently placed his lips on the skin. I snuck my arms behind me to lock around his neck, feeling him smile against my own. He began moving his hands up and down my sides, from my ribcage to my thighs, causing shocks of pleasure to warm my body. The alcohol was obviously blurring both of our conscious’s but neither of us cared. In fact, I didn’t care when he led me back to the bar where we each put back five shots of tequila. I didn’t care when we began making out intensely in the hallway near the bathroom. I didn’t even care when he hitched me up onto his waist before carrying me to his car. And I really didn’t care when he drove me to his loft, walked me into the bedroom, and began removing my clothes. No, I didn’t care at all. I actually enjoyed it more than I should have.


I woke up to a blinding light and the feeling of a tornado crashing around inside my skull. I groaned before rolling over in my bed only to bump into a warm wall. What the hell? I slowly opened my eyes to find that the warmth was not a wall but instead a man, face down, in my bed. Oh no, wait. This isn’t my bed. Oh shit. Everything from the previous night came rushing back in an instant. Kay and I had gone out clubbing and I took things way too far. Oh God, Kay!

“Shit, shit, shit.” I muttered as I stumbled out of the king sized bed desperately trying to find my clothes. I stayed as quiet as possible so as not to wake my mysterious one night stand. I grabbed my phone off of the floor to discover eighteen missed calls and forty-one text messages all from Kay. I dialed her number as I made my way out of the room but for some reason my cell wouldn’t dial. I held it in front of me only to be greeted by a black screen.

“Fan-freaking-tastic.” I grumbled, shoving the dead phone into my dress. I tip toed around the stunning hotel room searching for my shoes. The man must have had quite a bit of money to afford a hotel of this caliber. The bedroom was separated from a main living area, both furnished with a hefty flat screen TV. There was a kitchenette that looked like it hadn’t been touched and a balcony that stretched along two walls- a corner room apparently. I managed to exit the room silently and searched for the elevator. Once I made it outside I glanced back at the monstrous building. Mariott. That explains it.

I hailed a cab quickly and gave him the address to my hotel. I stood in front of my hotel room door for a minute, knowing exactly what would be waiting on the other side. Jeez, Sophie, grow a set. It’s just Kay. Ha! Just Kay…

I was just about to stick my key card in the slot when the door was flung open, revealing a disheveled Kay, Instead of getting yelled at like I had expected, she squealed and threw herself into my arms.

“Oh my God Sophie I’m so happy!” She practically screamed. To say I was dumbfounded would be a massive understatement.

“Is everything alright Kay?” I asked hesitantly. Was she still drunk?

“You finally got laid!” She cheered. I breathed out a breath of relief before smiling and making my way into the room, chucking my heels to the corner.

“I’m so sorry Kay. I didn’t mean to leave you there alone. I was so wasted and-“

“Shut up Sophie! I don’t care. I got a cab. I just want to know if he was worth it.” She raised an eyebrow. I sunk into the mattress ofmy bed and buried my face into the pillow.

“If vers fo verth if. Beth feck reber.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak ‘Embarrassed Sophie’. Could you please repeat?”

“I said ‘it was so worth it’!” I snapped before groaning into the same pillow.

“And the other part..?” She inquired grinning.

“Best sex ever.” I mumbled as quietly as possible, unfortunately it was too quiet.

“What Sophie?”

“BEST SEX EVER!” I yelled in a huff before stomping off towards the bathroom. It’s not that I hated talking to Kay about my sex life; it was that I had really enjoyed last night and almost wished it wasn’t just a one night stand. Almost.

“Oh fill me in! Tell me all the details! Please Sophie!” She exclaimed, practically jumping up and down. If you couldn’t tell, it’s been a while since she knew I had been laid. I decided to keep my hook ups with her brother to myself.

I rolled my eyes and waved her off, turning the shower on. I stepped in moments later, letting the scalding hot water run down the curves of my body, allowing the muscles in my back to fully relax. This was going to be an interesting trip.
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