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Chapter Seven Pt. One

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Super short but the second part will be up soon! Please comment!

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I was standing on the bed in out hotel room, in my underwear, with Miri running circles around the room, trying to fan the smoke out of it. You might ask ‘what smoke’? Ah yes, what smoke. Well, Kay decided it would be a great idea to stick a frozen can of red bull in the microwave to ‘melt it’. How the hell did that girl graduate high school? What would possess a person to stick an aluminum can in a microwave? Needless to say, the can didn’t make it and we almost perished as well. Okay, maybe that was a bit of a stretch but you get the point. While I was enjoying my hot shower, Kay barged into the room screaming about red bull while tearing the curtain open and shoving my bra and boy shorts into my chest. Remember when I said this was going to be an interesting trip? I wasn’t lying.

So now, here I am, with the window and door open, fanning smoke out while the alarm blares giving me a migraine. Kay is standing at the door biting her nails when I see a man walk up to her out of the corner of my eye. He begins talking to Kay but freezes when he looks into the room. Confused, I follow his line of vision… straight to my chest. I scowl at the middle aged man and jump off the bed to grab a giant hoodie that covered me. What a perv.

“Soph, this is Dan; he’s the motel’s manager.” Kay tells me looking slightly worried.

“I-er-well-smoke-and-umm…” He stutters, his eyes still roaming my body. Oh this was going to be so easy.

I adjusted the hoodie slightly so that I showed off more leg than necessary before giggling and plastering on a fake pout. I wanted to literally slap myself for acting like such a ditz just to get out of playing the bill for the room damage. But I really didn’t want to pay for it and the manager was a total prick, so he sort of deserved it. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to go with.

“Oh Dan, I don’t know what happened! One minute I was in the shower, enjoying the hot, steamy water,” I paused watching his disgusting reaction and bit at the tip of my index finger playfully “and them I smelled the smoke! It was so scary! Thank goodness you came when you did!” I over exaggerated while holding in the gag that was threatening to surface as I ran my hand down his chest. I could see Kay turn out of the corner of my eye, her hand covering her mouth, obviously trying not to laugh.

“Er-I’ll just-umm-don’t worry-“ He stuttered before regaining slight control. “That’s quite alright ma’am. Mistakes happen. I’ll have the maid come up right away to clean up. Unless you’d like me to help you-”

I squeaked “The maid would be great thank you so much Dan!” and with that, slammed the door in his face. Kay immediately burst into a fit of laughter and I couldn’t help the small smile that began to tug at my lips. She was rolling on the floor when I finally let a laugh out. It was disgusting and made me sick to my stomach but I could still see the humor in the situation; mostly because it was so out of character. I wasn’t a whore and had never thrown myself at any man, at least not in a serious manner.
“Oh my God Soph!” Kay gasped through bursts of laughter. “He had the biggest hard on I’ve ever seen! You acted like such a slut!” I rolled my eyes as her laughter died down.

“Go get in the damn shower so that we can go to the meet and greet before the show. And try not to break anything this time!” I had to add that in. I would’ve thought she knew better than to stick aluminum on the microwave but apparently I was dead wrong so I can’t take the chance of something happening again.

She sent me a pout before grinning and scampering off to the bathroom. I rolled my eyes yet again, discarding the hoodie only to replace it with yellow skinny jeans, a batman tank top, a checkered belt, and a pair of vans.

“Should I put my hair up or leave it down?” I asked Kay as she exited the bathroom.

“Pull it up for today, show off that tattoo for once.” She advised, referring to the black angel wings I had tattooed onto my shoulders and back. Between the wings is the name Lucille which was my mother’s name. She was one of those people who didn’t fear death, but aging instead. She said the title of “mom” made her feel old so I had grown up calling her either CeCe or, when I was older, Lucy. Beneath her name are her date of birth and date of death. It was my favorite tattoo but I was usually covering it up for my business.

Grinning, I pulled my long hair up into a high ponytail, French braiding the front towards the side and behind my ear. I turned slightly so that I could admire the stunning artwork on my back. The black ink made my pale skin glow and I loved it.

“It’s lovely.” Kay said happily. “You ready to go?”

“Yep, let’s go.” I replied before whistling to Miri to follow. They would allow her inside right?

“Holy Shit Kay.” I said referring to the line outside of the venue when we pulled up. “We are never going to get in there!”

“Of course we will Soph, I have a jump the line pass.” She replied shrugging. She acts nonchalant but I can see her hands shaking slightly from excitement. We had gone to thousands of concerts in the years I had known her but she rarely acted like this. I wasn’t sure why she was so happy but I was thankful. Sometimes I think my lack of excitement affects her, but I could be wrong.

“Excuse me…hey ow…pardon me..” Kay was desperately trying to squeeze her tiny body through the throng of people. From what I gathered, they didn’t know about this cutting pass that she had and were pissed. I latched onto the back of her shirt in a futile attempt at keeping up.
“Hey jackass! Back the fuck off, I have a pass!” She yelled at a man that she really shouldn’t have; he was at least six feet tall and looked like a body builder.

“Umm, Kay. Maybe we should just wait..” I trailed off after seeing the deadly look she shot me. Normally, I stuck up for myself but this guy could toss us both around like ragdolls and I didn’t want to land myself in jail today.

“Hey, yo! Let the girl through, she says she has a pass.” I heard a man say to the security guard nearest us. I couldn’t see him but his voice sounded slightly familiar but I couldn’t place it.

My death grip on Kay hadn’t softened when she stopped abruptly, causing me to slam into her back.

“Ow Kay, Jesus. A little warning next time.” I said rubbing my head which had hit her own. Kay didn’t seem to notice, her gaze was locked onto someone in the crowd. Suddenly a deep blush covered her face, followed closely by a shy smile.

“Kay? Everything okay? What are you looking-“ I abruptly stopped talking as my jaw dropped to floor. The man that had called to the guard was the same one that held Kay’s, and now my own, attention. He also happened to be the man I slept with last night. Oh joy.
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