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Gerard has been in love with Danger ever since she was little.But there is one flaw.Gerard is a vampire.

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So I have this story and then I have my other story. But I thought of this story line and I had to follow it. I will be updating both stories. So enjoy! :)


After a few hours of doctors shouting orders and pain, the woman look at the newly born baby girl being cleaned. She wasn’t suppose to have children, especially in this world. This world was nothing but mythical creatures with rarely any humans. They were being drained of their blood. She smiled at her husband.

“You did it!” He exclaimed happily, taking his wife’s hand. “She is so beautiful and healthy. You did so great, Annie.” She smiled at her husband’s sweet words. It had been years of making there way to the underground safe house to have a child. They couldn’t risk it on the surface. The doctor, who was with her the whole time, walked into the room, baby in her arms.

“Well look here, mommy!” The doctor placed the baby in Annie’s arms and beamed proudly. “A December baby. Another baby was born a few months ago, a boy.” The husband glared at the doctor. Annie giggled softly.

“Clark, we don’t have to give her up for a while.” She looked at the baby’s tiny features. Bringing her hand down the silk of the baby’s face, it cooed lightly, closing its tiny eyes.“She is so perfect.” Clark nodded in agreement.

“Now it’s time to name her.” The doctor leaned in quietly. Annie thought looking at the baby. Her rosy cheeks, soft skin, cute little nose, and big round eyes that were now staring at her.

“Danger Marie. Day for short.” She nuzzled her head to the baby, who laughed in delight. Her husband got to his feet and sat on the edge of the bed next to his wife.

“Amazing, sweetheart.” He kissed her forehead. The young woman’s head fell back with her eyes closed, causing the baby to scream and cry. The old heart monitor the kept a steady beat now when blank in a high shrill screech.

“Get the child out of here!” The doctor yelled. Clark went to protest but she looked and glared. “Now, damn it!” He quickly grabbed the child from Annie’s limp arms. Proceeding into the hall he hummed the baby, calming her down. The baby soon fell asleep as he looked through clear glass. The doctor worked fast to try and get the heart rate back up but it was in vain. Clark looked away as she pulled the white sheet over to the love of his life. He couldn’t think straight. Annie, his beloved, the only thing that didn’t make him give his blood to the vampires, who gave him this wonderful child, is dead. He quickly returned to the room that him and Annie had been renting. He set the baby softly down into the pin that has eagerly been waiting for a baby’s warm body. Then he cried.

“She’s dead. Gone forever.” He whispered as the tears uncontrollably poured down his cheeks. He couldn’t even catch breaths in between sobs. His heart ached pleading for him to rip it out of his chest to end the suffering.

That night when he went to sleep in the double bed. It felt foreign without the extra heat radiating from her body. He turned to his side facing where she should be.

“Annie.” He whispered and sighed lightly. He grabbed her pillow, taking in her scent, of apples with a mixture of light perfume. He allowed this time for the tears to slowly fall down his cheek. “We are only in our 20s and you take her away.” Then he remembered the gun that was hidden in the mahogany dresser. He slowly opened up the drawer and felt the sleek cold metal of the barrel. A little cry startled Clark out of his thoughts. He quickly went over to the pin and looked at the small baby. She kept licking her lips. He chuckled.

“You’re hungry, aren’t you baby girl?” He took a small formula and scooped the baby into his arms. Humming lightly he took the bottle and put it in the baby’s mouth. “What was I thinking?! I can’t believe I almost left you.” He frowned deeply at himself. He had almost made the worst decision in his life causing Danger to loose both of her parents. Clark set the child back into the pin. He grabbed a big duffle bag from inside the small corner closet.

One of the night watchers slowly came by and looked into the young couples room. He nodded to the young man; sorrow clearly etched on his face. Clark just nodded to the old man. Is that what he’ll become if he stays? The night watcher slowly walked off. He stuffed clothes, a few of Annie’s things, and baby supplies into the bag.

The young man made his way, baby in his arms with a duffle bag thrown over his shoulder. Danger had been wrapped in many layers of small blankets to fight against the cold. He couldn’t stay any longer. Everything reminded him of the life he was suppose to share with Annie. He came to the round vault door. Pushing against the cool metal and heavily packed snow, he opened it until he could easily slip past. He placed one foot out and looked back to the dark dirt tunnel. He gripped Danger close. “Goodbye.” He whispered softly, slipping the rest of him out into the cold night air of December.


A few days after being up on the surface a snowstorm hit. Clark took himself and Danger into the safety of a nearby cave. It was empty since all the animals stay in the forest. He slumped against the wall. He uncovered the child’s eyes and she laughed at the man in front of her. Danger loved her father as much as she could. He smiled at the child but it was soon replaced with thick fear. He heard people talking and walking to the entrance of the family’s safe haven. The sound of crunching of snow soon came in contact with the dirt of the cave floor. Six silhouettes came into view as Clark fumbled for the gun. The baby let out a little coo in his arms as he felt the sleek of the barrel. He pointed it in the direction of the six figures.

“That won’t be necessary.” The man’s voice was deep calm. He raised a hand causing Clark to unlock the safety.

“You’re a vampire!” Clark growled. He hugged Danger closer. The vampire was very taken care of. He was plump, with no facial hair but a gray mess of hair on the top of his head. He seemed nice but then again vampires are very tricky. The vampires spread out as a sign of weakness and saw the man relax his face but keep the baby clutched close.

“My name is Donald Way and this is my family. Please we do not wish to harm you or your child. We want to help the few remaining humans. What are your names?” Donald spoke quickly. A flicker of confusion and worry passed the man’s deep tired brown eyes. He flicked the safety back on. Setting the gun down, the vampires approached him and sat on the ground.

“My name is Clark and this is my daughter Danger. I had to leave Unit 62 after my wife died.” He settled himself down, cradling the child in his arms. The woman vampire starred at the child.

“Can I hold her?” The human tensed. “I promise I won’t hurt her. She is the future and no one should take that away. I’m Donna Way.” Clark relaxed and handed Danger to Donna. She smiled as the small tender child was placed in her arms. Donald smiled at his wife. She missed being human. Feeling warmth and the heartbeat of the child made memories rush back to her. One of the younger vampires scoffed.

“Do you have a problem?” Clark turned to the young vampire. He smirked. His black hair was covering part of his pale face. He walked to where his mother was holding the child.

“If I had a problem you would be dead.” His eyes narrowed.

“Gerard!” His dad growled at him. Gerard didn’t mean it like that but it had slipped.

“I remember when you and your brother were this young.” The baby cooed and she cracked a smile. Clark looked up at the vampires in confusion.

“Are you all a family?”

“Basically. Gerard and Mikey are my sons. Donna is my wife. But the boys, Ray and Bob, are not ours. They were lost vampires in need of help.” Donald spoke. The vampire with the fro nodded along with the blonde smiling in agreement, Clark guessed they were Ray and Bob. The other boy with brown hair and rectangle glasses might be Mikey. He knew who Gerard was and didn’t like him one bit.

“Do you wanna hold her, Gerard?” Clark snapped to the vampire. Gerard rolled his eyes at his mom’s question but mumble a ‘whatever’. The adults started talking while Bob, Ray, and Mikey went to the entrance to watch for threats. Gerard lowered his eyes to the child. He gasped. She is gorgeous even for a young baby. Her eyes are a natural dark blue that are breathtaking.

“Why do you have to be human?” He whispered into her ear. Gerard heard his father stutter and his friends at the entrance snicker. He didn’t care though. He placed a small kiss on the little girls cheek. She giggled and moved her hands quickly.

“So will you take the job making a safe haven for humans? It will be all vampires that I have trained to be around humans. I think there will be a few humans we’ve rescued. Your daughter, at the right age of course, could be happily married with her own kind.” Gerard bit his bottom lip. He walked over and handed the child to his mother.

“Um, sure. But I don’t want Danger to know about vampires. Try to keep it a secret as long as you can, please?” The vampires all nodded in agreement. Gerard scoffed again. Clark narrowed his eyes at Gerard. “I don’t want you anywhere near my daughter.”

“You have no say in what I do. I can destroy you!” Donald sighed at his son. Nothing could bring that boy’s spirit down. Clark walked up to Gerard, his fist balled up.

“If you do that, wouldn’t that destroy Danger’s life?” Gerard groaned in frustration. He stomped over to the entrance of the cave, throwing his hands up in the air then placing them on his hips. “What is wrong with that boy?” Donald laughed lightly.

“He’s not shy, I know that much. But he is a good boy. He was the last of the boys to get control over his need for human blood.” Clark tossed a worried glance towards Gerard. He was talking to his brother while his friends were snickering behind him. Donna gave a light giggle and repositioned Danger in her arms. “He hates being around humans because he fears losing control.”

“Well…” Clark met eyes with Gerard. He shook his head and went back to yelling at his friends. “He is not that bad of a kid.” Clark gave a sort of smile when Gerard tensed at his words. Bob and Ray laughed even harder; they didn’t even hold it back.

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Gerard growled loudly. Danger laughed and Clark smiled at the cheesing baby. Everyone noticed Gerard relaxed, trying to hide his face. “Can we just get the hell out of here? It’s taking forever.” With that the young vampire walked out into the snow along with his brother and his still snickering friends. Donna looked at Donald.

“It is time to go Clark. We have a car outside.” Clark nodded. Donna wrapped young Danger back into the layer of blankets. The baby just smiled at her. Then she made her way out of the cave and into the warmth of the car. “After you.” Donald smiled as the other man got his bag and slung it going over his shoulder. They made their way to the sleek black car heading to a safer place.

Well? Whatcha think? Thank you for reading and I do hope you continue. Okay!? ^.^
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