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Chapter 1

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18 years later

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Yep here's chapter 1. Hope you enjoy.

Danger’s P.O.V

~18 years later~

“Day, wait up!” I turned to see my best friend, Frank Iero, running towards me. I gave him a small smile. He was breathing hard and had sweat starting on his forehead. “Do, um, you want to go on a walk with me?” I blinked a couple times. Was he blushing? He hid his face with his bangs.

“Uh, sure why not.” He looked up face still beaming red and grinned.

“Cool! See you after I’m done working! Bye Day.” I waved my hand a little. If you were new to this little village you would think it was a mining village like in the old day. We had buildings that were being made and carts full of wood and rocks slung around. From what Bob, my teacher, tells me; it’s not a normal village. He never explains why, though.

My dad being one of the head elders of this village doesn’t help either. I always have Ray and this mysterious man watch over me all the time. I had only met the man once but I was so young my vision was blurry. He is always in my head.

“I don’t even know how that is fucking possible!” I mumbled quietly. As if on queue, Ray showed up behind me and shot a worried glance. I rolled my eyes. The only time I have privacy is with Frank or when that voice is in my head. I grabbed my head and shook it. I plopped on the ground.

“Hey, are you okay?” I looked up to see Bob towering over me. I nodded. He made a hand signal to Ray then stuck it out for me to get up. I rolled my eyes again. The weird thing was Ray didn’t follow me. It made me feel relieved and finally free. Even though my biggest wish is to go outside them village, but as long as my dad is alive; never going to happen. “So what’s wrong kiddo?”

“Nothing really. I mean besides the fact my dad has people following me, this voice inside my head, and not being able to go outside the village even though I’m 18. Otherwise I’m just dandy.” I sighed.

“You’re as spirited as your mother, from the stories I heard.” He added the last part quick. I don’t have memories of my mom cause she died within the hour of having me. “Your dad is trying to keep you safe. You know that right?” I scoffed.

“Its like I’m a prisoner! Locked inside and I have no key to break out! It pisses me off. I just wanna know what’s behind the fences.” I looked at the long electric chain length fence that wraps around for miles. Bob’s face turned grim. I had to hold back a laugh. His blue eyes were scrunched on his pale white face, making him look old.

“It’s forbidden. And you never know. Frank could be your key.” His eyes became playful and a grin slowly spread across his face. He elbowed me.

“What do I have that other girls don’t have double? I mean Frank is a good friend and everything, but going out with him…I don’t know.” I stopped, poking my feet in the loose dirt. I saw Bob bite his lip, but decide it was better to ignore it. He was looking oddly at something or, possibly, someone. I felt eyes on me. I slowly looked up.

“A pulse. A beating heart. Warm skin that is kissed by the sun lightly.” I gasped. It was the voice again. It was answering my question but I didn’t know the meaning. I continue to look up at the eyes that still were on me. They didn’t make me uncomfortable and when I saw them it sort of made me flattered.

The man had beautiful hazel eyes that were oddly calm and mysterious. He had shoulder length hair that covered most of his pale face and the smirk that was planted on his lips. He was dressed in black skintight skinnys with a black formal shirt, a red tie dangling from his neck.

“Day! Snap out of it!” I broke eye contact with the stranger to see Bob nowhere in sight. It was Frank with a grin dancing on his face. I smirked and grabbed his lip ring lightly.

“Who’s the stranger, Frankie?” I pulled till our lips were barely apart making him flustered. He shrugged. I removed my grip from his piercing and backed away. I earned a sigh of defeat.

“Why don’t you ask Bob or Ray? They seem to know the mystery boys.” I looked back. There were two men AND Ray and Bob were talking to talking to them.

The other man had brown straightened hair with rectangle glasses. His jeans were skinnys too but instead they were blue. His was also wearing a black shirt but I think his was a normal tee. He seemed sort of plain than the guy next to him.

“Frank, has he ever been to this village before?”

“I don’t think so. Why?” Frank was looking at the man now. He wasn’t paying attention to us and I sighed in relief.

“I think I know him somehow.” The man turned his eyes back to meet mine. He had a sly grin. I heard Frank shift uncomfortably. He grabbed my hand and the man’s eyes went down to our hands clasped together. His smile disappeared.

“Come on! Let’s go for our walk.” Frank spoke cheerfully. I mumbled an ‘okay’ as he dragged me to the fences line. The man returned to the conversation and I allowed Frank to hold my hand as we started to walk. Why does he seem so familiar?

I spaced out of the chat we, well I should really say he since Frank was doing all the talking, were having. Not many people paid attention or cared when I space because I remember what they say. And I kind of do it all the time. I was soon pulled by Frank’s hand and hidden behind his back.

“What the hell Frank?” His eyes were wide with fear. He pointed towards the fence just in time for me to see a red blur dash across the outside. I giggled. “Frankie, its just a person trying to get in.” I put a hand to the middle of his chest. His heartbeat is slowly going back to normal.

“I’m sorry if I seemed frightened. I’m not use to seeing things outside the village. Forgive me?” I smiled and pulled him into a hug. Even though he wasn’t that much taller than me, I lifted my head to look into his eyes. He smirked.

“Of course I can!” He leaned in to kiss me. I backed away quickly and stumbled on the fence. I shook my head. “I’m…ss…sorry…ee. I can’t Frank.” I stuttered.

“It’s okay, promise.” He gave a reassuring smile. His eyes betrayed him. Before I could say anything he mumbled something about the village and started to walk that way. I started to follow but soon felt hungry eyes on me. I turned half expecting it to be the mysterious man in the village. Frank was already at the gate of the village, so I smiled in triumph that I was free, well for a while. The flash of red crossed my vision and I approached the fence, wrapping my fingers through the spaces tightly.

“Hello? I can see you out there!” I whispered loudly. I looked into the dark cramped little forest that surrounds my only home. The flash of red came again, brushing lightly against my fingers. I pulled my hands away.

Then the red came towards me. It was a girl but she wasn’t normal. Her eyes were solid white, blood dripping from her neck and mouth, and the worst part rotten flesh hanging off her body. She rammed into the fence, electricity pulsing in her body. I screamed. She ripped halfway through and started running back to once again ram into our safe barrier.
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