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Chapter twenty six- Run away with me

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Frodo's POV

"Steph, what happened to you last night?" I saw her clench her jaw tight as her father spoke to her, I squeezed her hand softly and she looked up and me with sad eyes, she sighs
"W-What d-do you me-mean?"
"Why did you sleep on the sofa? What's wrong with your bed?"
"The-there was a c-co-cockroach crawling a-around in i-i-it" she says.
He laughs.
She eyes me wearily, I know how she felt- if I told anyone my fear of the dark they'd laugh but i never joked about it- he laughed at her because she was afraid of a cockroach.
People have stupid fears, I bet he's scared of something- fucking up this family like he did the last? Karma, or maybe he's afraid of Steph and Jake- his past.

She watched him laugh a second before she took a small step closer, I should've stopped her but I didn't react. I felt her hand shaking uncontrollably, worse than ever before and by the time I looked down she punched him in the jaw, I watched a tear escape her eye and roll down her rosy cheek but it wasn't a sad tear, it was angry.

She stalked upstairs and I went after her, I grabbed her by the waist as she was walking upstairs and she turned around quickly,
"Oh" she whispered
"You thought I was him?"
She nodded.
I followed her into her room and locked the door behind me, we lay on the bed for hours, talking, whispering, I watched her pack her bags too.
She didn't have much to pack because she hardly unpacked anything since she got here.
She threw a few shirts and pairs of jeans plus about five or six different coloured docs into the bag and zipped it up, she sat on it and crossed her legs then looked up at me.
"Hm?" I asked looking up from the text Frank just sent me,
"Run a-away with me"
"Anytime you want" I said winking, I stood up slowly and went across the room. I kissed her and it was a kiss we both wanted to last longer, we broke apart at the sound of "Summertime" chorus playing out of my phone

"Where are you?"
"I'm with Steph"
I frowned,
"I'm sitting on the floor in Stephanie Parker's bedroom, good enough explanation?"
"Are you okay?" he asked wearily
I sighed, "We're fine"
"Good, good. Could you guys please come to Gerard and Lindseys?" I wondered why...
"See you" he said, and I could hear a smile in his childlike voice,

Steph decided she couldn't go downstairs with all these bags because he'd see and force her to stay so then there'd be no point in running away.
I climbed out the window and landed on the grass below in a heap, when I gathered myself she threw down bag by bag telling me which ones to be really careful with, then she jumped and landed smoothly on her feet much like a cat.
I stared at her with one eyebrow up (^_• that face) and she just stared down at her pink docs.
We put all the bags in the back of Jinx's car that I was still in possession of and I took her to Gerard and Lindsey's (and Bandits).
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