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Bright Eyes

by DisenchatedDestroya 5 Reviews

"I’ll mend him, one tear at a time." Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2012/04/16 - Updated: 2012/04/17 - 3858 words - Complete


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    (#) youcanstakemyheart 2012-04-16 03:00:52 PM

    This was impossibly adorable! It made me all smiley and bubbly after one of the worst days of my life! I thought it was just so fucking cute when Pete just crawled into the bed with him and held Mikey's hand while he cried. But why Mikey was crying? That was so sad, but so fitting with this story. REALLY hope that you update soon!

    Author's response

    Thanks! I'm glad that it made you smiley, but I'm really sorry to hear about your today. I hope that things get better for you. I'm pleased the cute got across, that's what I was aiming for with this chapter.
    The next chapter will be up tonight if all goes according to plan.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :D
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    (#) LatherTheBlood 2012-04-16 03:20:24 PM

    Awwwwww :') This was adorable.

    Update soon?

    LatherTheBlood xo

    Author's response

    The next chapter will (hopefully) be up tonight. :D
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    (#) KobraBlaze 2012-04-16 03:27:50 PM

    I really cannot get enough of this pure adorableness and greatness. It's just so... Uh I don't know how to describe it but its just complete brilliance. I can really tell Pete wants to take care of Mikey and I was beginning to think Mikey wanted him to aswell. But when Gerard came back, it just changed it all. I really enjoyed it. I loved how open Mikey became just talking to Pete. I think it shows how easy Mikey used to be able to trust someone until he got his heart shattered by that same person who probably made a fool out of him. I hope Gerard won't be mad at Pete for talking to him and stuff. I can see how much Gerard cares for him and doesn't want anything happening to him. And I respect him for that. Pete better not go too far with it, if he just goes slowly with Mikey. I thought it was sooooo sweet of him when he offered to let him play his bass and let him in his room anytime he wants. I really hope that Mikey does take the opportunities to do so. It was just a fucking mind blower! I really really need some more. It's like an addiction!!! Please update soon. In the mean time I'm gonna read back over all of your stories again from the beginning! I love it. :)

    Author's response

    Thank you very much! Pete really does just want to take care of Mikey and I think that Mikey sort of wants him to, he's just got a few trust issues that are stopping him from believing that Pete won't hurt him or be mean to him.
    I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!
    Gerard truly does care about him and I'm pleased that that came through as that's a key part to the story. And Pete does need to slow it down a little with Mikey, definitely.
    Thank you very, very much for taking the time to leave such a kind and detailed review! :D
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    (#) tortillachip 2012-04-16 07:47:26 PM

    Amazing! Pete's voice is written so well. From what he seems like in this chapter, he puts so much emotion into one thing. He sometimes thinks with his heart, not his head. He believes in true love and love at first sight and gets one glance at Mikey and decides that he is in love. It could be because Mikey is cute and different than what he's used to, but he knows it's because of the feeling he got from just being around him, even in his unconscious state. He can sense that Mikey is something special. He loves so easily that maybe it isn't hard for him to distinguish between what real love is and what he had before. He's experienced the same thing so many times that the one time he feels something different, it's so strong that he knows it has to be true love. He doesn't even really know anything for sure about Mikey besides what Mikey told him. He guessed about the other things like the bullying. I loved Pete's observations about Mikey, like the bruise on his collarbone and how shy he seems. How amazing he could be if he could learn to trust again. I loved how Pete is determined to make Mikey his and make him happy. I thought it was really interesting to see because it doesn't really seem as if the story is moving too quickly and it really makes sense. It doesn't seem as if Pete just saw Mikey and fell in love with him. It seems like so much more. Also, I really loved when Gerard came back and Pete figured Mikey's smiles were just fakes. It seems like it'll make him want to work much harder to get Mikey to smile a real smile. Well, this was amazing. I really loved it and thought it was well written. I hope this review made sense and I can't wait for more!!!

    Author's response

    Thanks! I'm glad you think that I wrote Pete's voice well, he does definitely put of a lot of emotion into things. In this it is certainly a case of him using his heart to think instead of his head, hence him believing in true love/love at first sight. He could just be basing it on looks alone, but he isn't; it's kinda like something else is there, telling him that Mikey's a very special person. Perhaps he does love a little too easily, something that may or may not be a bad thing. I'm glad you liked his little observations; he just wants to learn enough to be able to teach Mikey how to trust and love. He will want to be working a lot harder now to get a genuine smile, that's for sure!
    Thank you very, very much for taking the time to leave such a helpful and detailed review! Thanks! :D
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    (#) CatscanFlyy 2012-04-17 11:20:39 AM

    So I like actually reviewed this earlier but my internet was all nuha and so it didn't post
    I can't remember exactly what I said but it was probably along the lines of 'omg squee Pete is the best ever' and 'update like this second' so I'll just put that for now and actually give a hopefully useful review next chapter xD

    Author's response

    Yes, Pete is the best ever. :D
    The next chapter will definitely be up tonight.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to review! :D

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