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Auditions for my Skins crossover fic.

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  • Auditions!

    (#) aMoronGoneViral 2012-04-16 03:12:38 PM

    Name: Kathryn(Kat) Lynn Weatherspoon.

    Age: 13

    Nationality: American.

    Siblings: Nineteen year old brother in the Military.

    Appearance- Tall, very skinny(80 pounds), very shy and fragile looking.

    Hair: Dark red, shoulder length, just barely curls at the end, layers.

    Eyes: 13

    Height: 5'7

    Skin: Pale


    Facial Features: Bright turquoise eyes, arrow-shaped nose, crescent shaped lips.

    Piercings/Tattoos?: Ears gauged, right side of nose pierced with a stud, left lip ring.

    Personality: Random, bubbly, hyper, creative, very mature, very shy, quiet.

    Habits: Very fidgity, often shakes leg up and down. Usually just has to keep moving; can't sit still.

    Likes: Duct-tape, drawing, writing, painting, singing, playing guitar, photography, rain, climbing on things and/or people.

    Dislikes: Loud thunder and bright lightening, beeping, silence.

    Hobbies: Drawing, writing, painting, photography, singing, playing guitar, reading.

    Greatest Fear: Being raped.

    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual.

    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: Smokes.

    Back Story(try and be original and
    fairly detailed): Kathryn grew up with her parents in North Carolina and then moved To Washington DC when Kathryn was 2. When she was 5, her father started abusing her and her mother. It was then a year later that her mother killed herself. Kathryn lived through the abuse until she was 12 and reported her father for abuse and rape. Kathryn's father was taken to prison and Kathryn was taken to a foster home and then soon adopted by the Way family..

    Anything Else: Her birthday is November 18th, and she's a vegetarian.
  • Auditions!

    (#) xx_eddi_xx 2012-04-16 03:45:36 PM

    Name: Eddi Loraine Hollilore
    Age: 17
    Nationality: American
    Siblings: 3—Amanda, 13; Lizzie, 7; Emmitt, 6
    Hair: Very lesbian Tegan and Sara cut. Brunette.
    Eyes: Very blue, long eyelashes.
    Height: 5’4”
    Skin: Like, not pasty pale, but almost.
    Clothes: Often just a tank top and jeans with chucks, big black hoodie on over that.
    Facial Features: round-ish face. Not very prominent cheek bones. I don’t have great bone structure.
    Piercings/Tattoos?: It’s a black pick on my upper spine (about 3x4 inches) with a rainbow tree made of swirls
    Personality: Very sarcastic, bro-like around guys and gay friends, very awkward and stuff around potential mates (and my girlfriend…). I can be, like, the world’s biggest asshole one minute and the most awkward-kneed Mikey Way the next.
    Habits: Nail-chewing. Lip-biting. Overanalyzing everything. Breaks things and can be violent when pissed.
    Likes: Alcohol. Playing piano. Carving things out of wood and plaster and clay. Lighting fires.
    Dislikes: Child abuse. Yelling (in general, not just when I yell). Science classes. Rejection.
    Hobbies: Making art out of, like, anything. I make the coolest fucking pantyhose sculptures, no joke.
    Greatest Fear: Any sort of physical contact with men. Legitness.
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: Have done the basics, but I stick to drinking.
    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): When I was little, it was just me and my mom. Then she got married and had my sister. Then a few years later we adopted my youngest two siblings. I have a sort of obsession with my mother (not trying to creep anybody out here) and I love her more than necessary (I wouldn’t fuck my mom, that’s just weird). But you could work that into the story line? I dunno. I also have an asshole dad who does crack and holds it to be more important than me. My mom and dad were never married. My mom’s currently married to a pillhead unemployed bastard, and she’s very ill (PKD) and can’t work herself. We get money from the government (disability for her and my sisters, unemployment for my stepdad, adoption money from the state for the two little ones, and child support from my father) to get by. My youngest sister was a victim of MSBP and displays blatant signs of autism and shit. She steals food. It pisses my mom off (one could say my mother doesn’t know how to handle Liz, which is true). Uhhhhmmmm, what else……oh, I’ve been institutionalized 4 times (in the span of 6 months; this was like two years ago when I was uber depressed. For more on that, email me at the address below). That original enough?
    Anything Else: I’m actually really fucking smart. I’m in all AP and honors classes (minus gym and science). I’ve got a big vocabulary that I can implement if I want to, but I usually stick to swearing. It can make me sound ignorant, but once you get me talking serious, I go into crazy intellectual mode.
    Email me at if you need to chat me up to get to know me better or you wanna know something I haven’t stated enough about.

    Also, Skins = Love. And not the shitty American version either. British originals FTW!

  • Auditions!

    (#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-04-16 03:47:12 PM

    Name: Anna McLeod 
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Irish :3 Light accent, also
    Siblings: None

    Hair: Little past shoulders, wavy, dark brown with turquoise roots
    Eyes: Grey/Blue
    Height: 5'3
    Skin: Pale as a motherfucker, haha. 

    Clothes: Oversized tee-shirts and Sweatshirts/hoodies with brightly colored leggings or fishnets. When it's cold, she'll wear tight fitted sweaters and/or skinny jeans. 

    Facial Features: Sort of heart shaped face, and big, bright eyes. Long eyelashes? Lol. 
    Piercings/Tattoos?: Twice in both ear, but doesn't like needles. 

    Personality: Generally soft spoken and polite to adults and strangers, but when she's with friends, she's loose and carefree. Has somewhat of a guy's sense of humor, (Pervy :D), but is still quite feminine. Gets along with most people, and if she doesn't like someone, she just acts like they don't exist. Like in the description, she's very comfortable in her own little group, and rarely dresses out of her jammys (XD). If she is in a big group, she's quiet and a little antisocial. 

    Habits: Bites lip and picks at fingernail polish.
    Likes: Harry Potter,reading, COFFEE, animals, YouTube, Art, Her stereo, jokes and comebacks, comics, drawing, makeup, My Little Pony, Hot Topic, writing, Messing with people in public, trolling, jumping in ball pits :3
    Dislikes: Math, roaches, people who repeat themselves WAY to many times, and Hairy people :P
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, filming and making videos for YouTube. 
    Greatest Fear: COCKROACHES. 
    Sexuality: mostly straight, but gets a bit out of control when drinking.
    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: Alcohol :P

    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): Uh, not much. She wasn't exactly bullied in school, she just kinda passed as another ignored underachiever. Her parents thought she wouldn't ever amount to anything- and she wanted to prove them wrong. She also went through a period of depression when her dad cut all contact with her when she was 12.

    Anything Else: Nahhh. 
  • Auditions!

    (#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-04-16 05:08:58 PM

    Name: Dana Zvarkova

    Age: 19

    Nationality: Russian

    Siblings: Gisselle, she's 15

    Hair: Red (kinda like Gerard red)

    Eyes: Emerald green

    Height: 5'8''

    Skin: Ivory pale flawless skin

    Clothes: Kinda dark gothic style. Black skinny jeans, fishnet stockings, Dock Martins, converse, high heels, short black dresses, fingerless gloves, over sized band tees, lots of leather jackets, skirts and jeans, big sweaters, etc.

    Facial Features: She's got a thin heart shapped face. She has full lips, a very defined nose and long eyelashes, her eyebrows are always perfectly plucked. She has a birthmark in the shape of a heart (kind of like Marilyn Monroe's)She always wears dark makeup and wine coloured lips.

    Piercings/Tattoos?: "Whatever" tattooed on her knuckles, spiderweb tattoo on the right side of her neck, and sleve tattoos on both arms. A septum and lip ring on the left side of her bottom lip.

    Personality: Very rebelious. She's got the "don't give a fuck about anything" personality going on. Very protective over those she cares about. She's very acid, ironic, fierce, powerful, and sarcastic. Tends to get herself in trouble a lot. Isn't afraid to get in a fist fight. Has trouble showing affection. Never shows vulnerability. Loves pissing people off. Specially her enemies.

    Habits: She tends to bite her lip in a seducive way, but it's a natural thing of hers. When she's nervous she bites her lip to the point where she sometimes draws blood. She fiddles her thumbs a lot when she's bored and tends to mess people's hair a lot just to piss them off.

    Likes: All kinds of rock, metal, hardcore, screamo music. Her favourite kind is punk. She likes reading, writting, playing bass and guitar, painting, Hot Topic and dancing. She is fascinated with gore and homicide. Vampires. Suicide

    Dislikes: School, people, stupidity, prep kids such as jocks and cheerleaders.

    Hobbies: Singing, playing bass and guitar, sometimes drums too. Listening to music. Writting lyrics.

    Greatest Fear: The dark, clowns and cows.

    Sexuality: Bisexual. Likes girls more than guys though.

    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: Alcohol and cigarettes. Sometimes LSD.

    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): She grew up as the cute, innocent, girly girl. But when she became a teenager she rebelled out and showed her true colours. She wasn't bullied in her school cause everyone was scared of her. She didn't have much friends in her old school, due to the way she looked and her bad grades. And basically because she hated everyone, reason why she got kicked out of her last school. The captain of the cheerleader squad went missing and they blamed her for murder. She used to live with her mom when this happened but she was forced to move with her sister, dad, and her dad's girlfriend. oesn't really get along with them.

    Anything Else: She's an atheist/satanic.

    Hope that works. Good luck with your story :)
  • Auditions!

    (#) detonationmouse 2012-04-16 05:12:45 PM

    Name: Allie Way 
    Age: I'm fifteen, but you can change if needed.  
    Nationality: Amurrican. :)
    Siblings: Gerard and Mikey (I'm auditioning for the part of their younger sibling) 
    Hair: dark red, with Taylor Swift-esque messy curls
    Eyes: big, navy blue, lined by eyeliner
    Height: 5"3
    Skin: relatively clear, pale
    Clothes: emerald-green converse with yellow laces, black ripped skinnies, a Misfits tee, green fingerless gloves, a grey beanie,
    Facial Features: heart shaped lips, oval face 
    Piercings/Tattoos?: Just snakebites.
    Personality: I act kinda like Mikey, shy when I want to be, in a good mood I'm bubbly and talkative. Loyal, I mumble a lot, don't show extreme emotions, creative, thoughtful, observant and very gullible, yet I think up good ideas.
    Habits: I mumble, bite my lips, and over-apologize.
    Likes: the colour yellow, rock/alternative music, sushi (I take after Mikey), skipping school, skateboarding, bats, playing with my pet snake, Maiden. (After Iron Maiden)
    Dislikes: fire, homophobes, heat, math class, the ocean, pop music.
    Hobbies: Running in track, playing the drums, writing poetry, hanging with my brothers, watching old horror movies, doing crazy stunts with or without my trusty skateboard, eating tons of candy, listening to music, drawing, messing around with the jocks and preps.
    Greatest Fear: Burning alive. Either that or drowning.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: I sneak wine in my room or with friends. I'm addicted to cigs.
    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): Okay, since I'm auditioning for a character's sister, I'll try and make this up. We (le Way family) moved to Jersey when I was 3, I grew up really close with my brothers, I don't exactly fit in my school (let's just say I usually come home with a bloody nose and toilet water- covered hair. :/ ) I'washed two girlfriends but the second one (her name was Brianna) was very abusive so I ended it. I suffer from extreme anxiety and mild OCD. My family doesn't know I drink, but my brothers know I smoke. Right now, our family isn't very well off, the house is small and we live in a dangerous neighborhood. When I was younger Gerard took me to a comic store where we worked and he got held up. I was pretty traumatized after that. That's about it.
    Anything Else:
    Hope ya liked my audition, thanks for reading and I hope I get a part as Gerard and Mikey's younger sibling. :3
  • Auditions!

    (#) VelocityBandit 2012-04-16 06:06:25 PM

    Name: Mia Sime

    Age: 15 but can change c:

    Nationality: English

    Siblings: None

    Hair: Shaggy layered dark brown hair, with the odd dreadlock (nice ones not the manky ones) about mid back length I guess.

    Eyes: Blue, very blue, annoyingly blue. Pretty much surrounded by eyeliner 24/7

    Height: 5"3

    Skin: Good skin, pale but tans easily ><

    Clothes: Standard black or grey skinnies, converse or creepers, knit jumpers or massive hoodies, t shirts, wears "quirky" socks and boxers :P

    Facial Features: Big blue eyes, naturally shaped eybrows, well shaped mouth, the nose is your standard nose i guess and and a heart shaped face.

    Piercings/Tattoos?: 10mm plug in left ear, two cartialige piercings as well. paperclip used as earing in the right ear. snakebites, and a dermal piercing on the chest.

    Personality: Not really personaility but I'm a veggie bordering on vegan however i really don't care that people eat meat it's just a personal choice really. Pretty shy on first impressions, but i get these spells of complete hyperactivity. i'm loyal, i keep secrets well and i'm ultra defensive pver my friends. when somebody pushes me, they push me and i will go absolutely bonkers. i like doing stuff for others and i'm a pretty determined fucker. i got a really good sense of humour though and will happily rip the piss out of myself and everyone around me. However sometimes large crowds of unfamiliar people are too much and i'll get a pretty bad panic attack. i'd say i'm pretty humble too however i'm really way too fucking stubborn and i'm very defensive over myself, not great at letting people properly in. i also find it hard to believe in falling in love, i don't think it's possible til you've given up on it.

    Habits: Really bad with the nailbiting i have to admit. i also have this really retarded habit of trying to make myself sneeze and i have a really foul mouth. tripping over my own feet and making squeaky noises if someone pinches me or making retarded noises when people hug me really tight xD

    Likes: Music (like pretty much everything), writing, drawing, playing her bass, singing, skating, moshing, going to concerts, being with her friends, palying with people's hair, cuddles. lots and lots of cuddles. Weed. animals, really big animal lover, the sort of person who cries at animals dying in movies rather than humans.

    Dislikes: Racist, homophobes, the lot. basically ignorant people and oh god i cannot fucking stand contrascending people one bit. Judgemental people and preachy people.

    Hobbies: Playing bass, songwriting, writing in general, doodles, singing, reading, rollerblading, skating, concert going, pot smoking.

    Greatest Fear: Love

    Sexuality: Bi, completely and utterly bi. I like people for who they are rather than what's between their legs.

    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: doesn't drink, only weed and hashish and shisha.
    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): when i was a kid my parents were at eachother's throats, i witnessed my dad trying to kill my mum and they were constantly beating eachother up. my mum took me away and i was kidnapped by my dad briefly for a little while when i was about 5. my parents seperated when i was around 2 but they only stopped all the violent shit when i was six. as a result of the early life shit, from the age of four i've had three voices in my head; two guy voices and one female one that is like the darker side of me. growing up i got bullied alot but now i just think "fuck em". I try and get on with pretty much everyone but i'm not afraid of being different. i've had counselling for anxiety, anger issues and disagreements with my mum in the the past four years or so. My mum chucked me out last year so I've been living with my dad, who's an alcoholic (hence why i don't crink) Me and the Way brothers are great friends and we sit in Gerard's basement listneing to music while getting high on weed.

    Anything Else:
    Good luck with the story, hope my audition wasn't too shit. I'm tired right now so the grammar and spelling is appalling. Sorry about that. :) x
  • Auditions!

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-04-16 06:54:11 PM

    Name: Sam Alexis Way (or if I dont get thee part) Connor
    Age: 15.5 (change if you need)
    Nationality: American I guess
    Siblings: (If I dont get the little sister) an older brother Ben
    Hair: (worn the same way)
    Eyes: Hazel with a tint of green
    Height: 5"5
    Skin: Pale, a natural redness in her cheeks
    Clothes: above
    Facial Features: High cheek bones, long fingers and legs
    Piercings/Tattoos?: Left lip ring, a tattoo on spiraling on her wrist that says "Why give up? Why Give in?"
    Personality: Outogoing once you get to know her, comes off as shy at first, isn't afraid to stand up, cares about everyone but takes no shit
    Habits: Swears..alot. Always scratching her wrist (like with one nail almost seems to inflict pain)
    Likes: Music, books, drawing, bass, drums
    Dislikes: homophobia, big ass bugs, the colour purple
    Hobbies: Plays drums and bass, draws, twitter and tumblr
    Greatest Fear: Being masacared in a slow painful death (she has a creepy mind)
    Sexuality: Bi and proud
    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: Drinking, smoking
    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): Had always been diffrent, people always compared her to her brother(s). She had been treated like shit for so long she had gotten into self harm, drinking and smoking. She attempted sudicide twice (both times her friend Tom had stopped her). Now she watches out for everyone she loves and hopes like hell they dont go down the same path
    Anything Else: Not really, her sibiling(s) hate her drinking and smoking
  • Auditions!

    (#) ZombieSlayer13x 2012-04-16 07:14:27 PM

    Name: Alexandria Lin

    Age: Whatever fits ; )

    Nationality: Chinese

    Siblings: None


    Hair: Jet black, long, layered, silky texture, has a side bang over her right eye. She gets dark red highlights weaved into the underneath of her hair in the summertime.

    Eyes: Almond shaped and a deep brown

    Height: 5' 2"

    Skin: Light tan with a clear complexion

    Clothes: oh goodness! Dark denim skinny jeans or neon pants in the winter/fall, pleated or straight skirts with cool patterns in the summer/spring. She wears band tee's and hoodies, sometimes switching it up with stylish shirts and off the shoulder shirts. She likes shirts with distracting patterns or cool words/phrases. She's not a dress fan, but when she does wear them she likes poof and patterns lol. She does have traditional Chinese ones too. She also enjoys wearing flip flops, flats, black lace up ankle boots, or converse.

    Facial Features: Lol a round heart shaped face, a normal nose-but it is on the smaller side-she has well shaped lips and one of those contagious smile

    Piercings/Tattoos?: She has two piercings in each ear and a belly button piercing her parents don't know about.

    Personality: She's sweet, loyal, confident, outgoing, hyper, optimistic, charismatic, artistic, musical, a bit rebellious but mostly a goody-two shoes, quirky, weird, random, reserved around strangers, likes being a loner sometimes, stands up for what she believes in, nature and animal lover

    Habits: biting her lip when nervous/thoughtful, daydreaming, getting off track when explaining things to people

    Likes: Animals, nature, books, manga, anime, art, music (rock and pop), sweet foods/candy, languages, learning new things, exploring, writing, drawing

    Dislikes: Homophobes, racists, animal abusers, people that aren't open minded, pessimists (but she'll bear with them), drugs and alcohol, self harm

    Hobbies: Writing, drawing, playing violin and/or piano, exploring, photographing herself or nature

    Greatest Fear: Being caged up, being alone/abandoned

    Sexuality: straight

    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: Neither

    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): Alexandria lived in China with her parents the first 5 years of her life, she later moved to France for her fathers business (he's a connoisseur if you will). They bounce around a lot, it's really hard for Alex to keep friends when she's always on the move. Since she was an only child she often found herself living in her head. They finally settled in [insert story place here] after she turned 15 and they lived there since. Freshman year of high school was hard for Alex, she was always labeled weird for her tastes and hobbies, but people liked her since she was kind to all. She has a close group of friends that she adores, but she still gets called racist names for time to time. She lets them roll off her back and moves on.

    Anything Else: Fluent in Chinese, English, French, and studying Latin

    Thanks so much!!!! :3
  • Auditions!

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-04-17 07:04:28 AM

    Name: Jack "Jaxx" Toro (if i don't get the part) Nickolson

    Age: whatever fits

    Nationality: American

    Siblings: ray (if i do get it but if not a older brother called Nikki)


    Hair: black, spiked at back, red bangs, short

    Eyes: hazel

    Height: 5'3

    Skin: pale-ish

    Clothes: green day or black veil brides merch (ttes, bracelets, hoodies etc.), skinny jeans, leather jackets on occasion, vans or converses and studded belts

    Facial Features: oval shaped face, small nose and thin pale lips

    Piercings/Tattoos?: black lip ring

    Personality: rebelious, sarcastic, witty, funny, intelligent, short temper, creative, quirky, random, hyper, shy around new people, loyal, bi-polar and a bit of a badass

    Habits: drawing on everything and everyone, getting distracted and procrastinating (a HELL load)

    Likes: having fun, drawing, playing guitar and drums, singing, writing lyric, writing stories, music (rock/punk) and batman

    Dislikes: assholes, his family, authority, life itself and people who pretend to care

    Hobbies: writing lyrics/stories, drawing, singing, playing guitar and drums

    Greatest Fear: being abandoned and dying alone

    Sexuality: bi-sexual

    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: all three but mainly cigerettes and only has weed, xanax and meth (on occasion)

    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): he grew up in the place where the story is set all his life, no-one cared about him not even his own parents they focused more on his brother because he apparently had mor potential than him, so he just became more secluded and let no-one talk to him, he hated his brother everything he did his brother could do better, except for singing and drums, so he thrived (sp?) in that and was determined to be the best, school he hated aswell because he had a friend (andy) but no-one else but it was better than home when he would just argue with his parents. One day he came out as bi and the bullying got worse, then it got even more worse when his boyfriend (Damian aka Blade) commited suicide and everyone blamed him, he started cutting 5 years ago and has attempted suicide many times but he either ended up in hospital or he got caught by Andy or his family. So then he started smoking, drinking and doing drugs but still cuts.

    Anything Else: very talented at drums and singing

    hope you like it :)
  • Auditions!

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-04-17 10:11:21 AM

    Name: Aura 'Way' (If I dont get the part then Davenport)
    Age: Whatever fits but I was thinking about 18-19?
    Nationality: American/english
    Siblings: Well if i get the oart then Gee and Mikes obviously if not then none!
    Eyes: Emerald green
    Height: 5'1
    Skin: pale
    Facial Features:
    Piercings/Tattoos?: Well she has a tattoo of Cartoon stars on her right side over her ribs, Both ears twice.
    Personality: Bubbly, quirky, talkitave, creative, exitable, funny, lively, finds it hard to consentrate.
    Habits:fiddles with her musical note necklace if nervous.
    Likes: Cookies, coffee, ice cream, Rock music, playing guitar and piano.
    Dislikes: homophobia (is gay!), R&R crap, people who scream at every thing, spiders, lifts and cheese.
    Hobbies: Playing guitar and piano.
    Greatest Fear: Spiders
    Sexuality: straight
    Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: smokes occasianly
    Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): She lived in england up untill she was 6 then she moved to America (Where ever the story is set). Not long after the move her mom and dad split and she went to live with her mom. Her mom found a new boyfriend who hated Aura and Aura hated him. One day after she came from school she found her mom dead and her mom's boyfriend missing. Her dad didn't want anything to do with her so she was put into care when she was adopted by the Way's.
    Anything Else: in a band called Bad Influence with friends from school, dosn't ever talk about her past unless she REALY trusts you.

    Hope that was ok good luck with the story =)

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