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First Impression

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They meet. (still not a romance, sorry :-/)

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She’s a kid, was the first thing that entered his mind. She could be your kid. The “Kid” in question was a girl named Vera, Vera Prince and she was an author for teenagers. The circumstances under which they met were entirely and completely his fault, both times. The first time was in a radio building where he was running into a studio for an interview with Eddie Trunk. She was in a different studio but stopped in because she was such a huge fan of Eddie she mustered up enough courage to come up and say hello. As she was on her way out he ran her over, not noticing the little girl spinning around to regain her balance.
“Oh fuck,” she called out as she regains her footing. “Jesus Christ you seriously couldn’t-“ she stopped midsentence recognizing him. Her brow furrowed and he could have sworn he heard her mumble something between ‘ohmygod’ and ‘holyshit’. Then she did something that stuck with him, she fixed her shirt and said; “see me now dude?” and then stormed off. He smirked, he only had a second to look at her, but when he did it felt like he had swallowed an ice cube. She could be your kid. It wasn't entirely true, she had long, black hair and ivory skin, when her eyes widened he saw that they were brown. Although the Thin Lizzy t-shirt, black jeans and combat boots struck a chord to the point where he almost laughed. He was expecting her to grovel like every other person that insulted him behind his back, only to turn to face him and switch to What can I get for you sir? But she didn't. She got out of his way and walked on. She looked about sixteen he didn't know if he should buy her a drink or ask if her parents knew where she was.
“Hold it,” he said. She kept going, probably going to her car or something.
“You’re late!” she called over her shoulder.
“How do you know?” he called back.
“You’re you!” he laughed she had a point.
He wound up going in the studio to talk to Eddie for two and a half hours, and asked him about her as he was getting his coat.
“Hey who was that girl that just went in and said hi to you a little while ago?” he asks casually. Eddie scratched the back of his head in thought trying to recall the smiling girl that had shook his hand nearly three hours ago.
“That was um, Vera Prince I think her name was,” he said. “Apparently she’s a big That Metal Show fan.”
“Cool,” was all he said and left it at that. He thanked Eddie and left with the rest of the entourage.
See me now dude?
You’re late! You’re you!
Don’t be the creepy old man, guy, just don’t do it.
He strolled carefully into the Barnes and Noble and walked up the girl at the desk. She looked him up and down and probably thought it was a look alike or she just didn’t recognize him. With a fast smile he kept his sunglasses on keeping his gaze on the floor.
“Do you have anything by Vera Prince?” he asks hoping he got her name right.
“Sure,” she responds. “right this way.”
She hands him a book with a skinny girl who had her back gashed and scarred with the word Monster carved in. At first glance it clearly didn’t feel like a fairy tale or anything from the “chick lit” variety. He opened it to a random page and that’s where he saw it, it drove his mood over the edge.
It’s just- Kayla tried to find the right words. He’s just so fucking difficult, I don’t care if they don’t get back together I don’t want them to, I just want Axl to grow the hell up already and take at least a little responsibility. He always has to be the victim. Always dodging the blame, where does he get off?
Where do I get off? Now he was livid, he snapped the book shut, threw it on the shelves knocking down several other copies storming out of the store. She has the right to criticize me?! Who the fuck is she? I’m not going to let a kid say this shit about me. That little bitch isn’t going to know what the fuck hit her.
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