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You Got Some Attitude

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Vera gets the news.

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Vera Lyn Prince was sitting in the hanging chair in her office, typing away in a live chat with her readers with Aerosmith playing in such a happy mood she barely heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door to see a guy in a white button down shirt holding a manila envelope. She smiled at him and asked how he was and he in the most blasé manner possible answered by giving her the manila envelope.
“Miss Prince?” he asked before handing it to her, she nodded afraid of what might be in there. “You’ve been served.” And with that he walked away. She shut the door and left it on the counter staring at it as if it were the black wasps she feared so much. She pushed it out of her mind as she set it behind the coffee maker and went back to her live chat. Her heart sank with each passing moments as she answered questions from intelligent teenagers which always seemed to lighten her mood.
Forty five minutes later when she was done, she closed her computer and opened the envelope. Zerner Law in Santa Monica. This won’t be good news. She thought, just knowing exactly how it would go. Sure enough she was one hundred percent right. Libel Charges. Apparently he was ticked about the time she called him “difficult” and said she was tired of him playing the victim. She was honest, she thought he would like that, she didn’t think he would read the book at all. A good guess was that he didn’t, most likely he only saw the two lines where she said the most honest thing about him, stuff that literally everyone has said about him. It’s a known fact he dodges blame for everything. That’s when she realized no one ever said that to his face. Libel is a branch of defamation or slander that is expressed through the written word.
She screamed and ranted and cursed him out while her friend Shawna who rushed right over to stop her from breaking shit, looked on offering helpful advice.
"Maybe he'll drop he charges," she suggested.
"He won't,"
"Doesn't sound like he has much of a case,"
"He doesn't!" she yelled. "If I play it right it won't go to trial. But still it hurts!" When her anger melted away she convinced Shawna she was okay, and the minute she shut the door behind her friend. Vera Prince, a twenty year old published author, sat down on her couch and sobbed for a half an hour. Significantly more devastated than she thought she would be.
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