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Chapter 10- The End

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Hello guys. Sorry for having no chapter up yesterday or the day before. I've been kinda busy and dead tired everyday. I don't rally like this chapter. It's a little boring for an ending. Hope you enjoy this one. I'm not sure if it's gonna end here or the next chapter or whatever but lets live in the moment, shall we?

Chapter 10

Waking up to the most innocent and adorable face in the world was the best feeling I had in a long time. My arms wrapped securely around his skinny waist and his face nestled into my chest. I just layed there and thought about how things were going to hopefully be. Mikey had more trust in Gerard and I. He has more confidence now that someone loves him. Some people may say its all about him but in my mind it really is just him who matters along with Gerard of course. But both of them helped me too. Helped me find someone to live for. Find friends and find faith in the world again that left me the day I saw Mikey in the bathroom. But now, as I see the Very slight grin on his face in his sleep, it really makes me feel like I have saved him along with Gerard who probably saved me. What with him being the only one not staring at me or laughing or picking on me the first day, which feels like years of ago but was only a week or two ago. 
I notice Gerard was gone from his pile of blankets. Probably getting coffee. 

Mikey begins to stir and I watch as his eyes flutter open, trying to adjust to the light. His lips form a relaxed smile when he sees me and I kiss his forehead. 
"Very cosy, you too." A low voice unmistakingly Gerards, interrupts and both of our heads turn straight towards his. I try to take in and understand the emotion on his face. I can't tell if he's happy or disgusted with us. I'm a little worried. Mikey wiggles, obviously uncomfortable from Gerard's intense stare. 
His stare soon breaks out into a grin, confusing us greatly.
"I'm happy for you too. Don't worry, I'm not mad at all Mikey." Gerard says pleased it all worked out. 
"Not just Mikey though, you had me there too for a minute, Gerard!" I said as I honestly was scared if he Wasn't okay with it. 
Gerard chuckles a bit and falls down into his pit of pillows and blankets.
Yet his face resides into an emotionless stare. 
"You sure you're okay Gee?" Mikey spool up a little, very worried with what ever Gerard was thinking about. 
"Yeah. Mikey I'm fine. It's just we don't have anywhere to go and I'm sure as hell not taking you back..." He swallows, not finishing the obvious last word. 

I feel a depression instantly hitting us and I notice Mikey's grin has disappeared. I had to offer. I couldn't leave them make the choice to go back to their house or on the streets, neither of them being particularly safe. 
"You can stay here?" it come out of my mouth without thinking but I'm sure that they will be allowed. 
"No Frankie. That would just be too much" He immediately retaliates to refuse the offer. 
But in the end he agrees that they should stay. 
"Thank you Frankie." Mikey mumbled. I gently kiss his face. 

Suddenly the horrible shrill of my alarm clock frightens us. At least we were up before it, is all I can say. I stretch and Mikey sits up slowly. We all get into our clothes and head downstairs for breakfast. This should be interesting. 

Mikey first looks reluctant to eat anything but when we sat down, I passed him some toast that he buttered while Gerard and I stared expectantly at him, waiting for his next actions. 
He looks at the toast for a few seconds and then he slowly brings the toast up to mouth and then he takes a bite, oblivious to our staring. He takes another bite an Gerard and I sigh in relief. 
After breakfast, we get our bags and head out the door, making our way to school. When we make it to school, Gerard and I plan to stay with him as much as possible. Meet him outside each lesson, find him at lunch.  You might say its too much but nothing is ever enough for Mikey. The relentless beatings showed that, each morning Mikey woke up brave enough to face school. 
When we walk to his locker, Mikey begins to get slower and slower and says "You can go to class if you want" making me very suspicious. 
"No! We're taking you to class." 

I see a big heavy built jock that I remember from yesterday that beat Mikey. Aaron walks around to face Mikey who is at his locker. We stand up behind Mikey to show Aaron who exactly will be dealing with. As soon as he sees Gerard's threatening eyes and he just walks on. Mikey is fiddling in his locker just waiting for the situation to pass. 
"Alright Mikey so where is your next class?" Gears asks. 
"Room 26". We trudged along the corridor reaching Mikeys room. 
We decided to wait outside the door just in case Mikey came running out crying. Mikey walked anxiously into the grabbing all the stares. Gerard and I waited to see what would happen until we heard...
"Hey faggot! Why don't you go off with your emo friends and cut yourselves?" Some jock shouted at Mikey.  Then I recognised it to be Aaron again. 
Gerard burst through the door walking right up to Him. They stared at each other intensely for a few moments. Then I saw Gerard's eyes move to Mikey who was watching the whole thing with wide eyes. Gerard realised that he shouldn't beat him up infront of Mikey. So instead, Gerard just dragged him out the door. 
"Thought you learned your lesson yesterday". I said as Gerard held him up with his shirt. 
"I'm not afraid of either of you." He snarled back. 
"Well you should be. See if you hurt my brother by so much as making a nasty comment, then you might as well say it to my face. You'll pay either way." Gerard finished with an unexpecting punch in Aaron's face, smashing his nose. 
We made a run for it to our class. 

As class rolled on slowly, I couldn't help but think if Mikey would be okay and I knew by Gerard's look on his face, he was worried sick too! When class finished we made our way down to Mikeys room without any conversation. Mikey stepped out of the room and the first thing he noticed was Aarons blood on the floor. He shuddered when he saw it and then his eyes dashed to Gerard. 
"Is that Aarons blood?" Mikey asked. 
 Gerard just nodded slowly, both of us terrified of what Mikeys reaction could be. But to our surprise, he actually smirked a little a the sight of it. 
Gerard and I were now confused but went along with him. As we walke off to our next subjects, Mikey and I walked hand in hand down the corridor. Gerard went to art and so Mikey and I were left. 
"I hope you're okay so far. I mean like with Aaron and everything." I wanted to find out what he was thinking. 
"I am Frank. And I'm sort of glad you punched Aaron." His almost bubbly tone coming out in his voice. 

"Thank you" He whispers to me and I rest my forehead on his forehaed, thinking of how lucky I was to meet The Way Brothers. 


Hey. So I have decided that this is the end of the story  because I have got I a few other ideas bouncing around my head for new stories/One shots  I hope you liked it. Please leave a review on what you think of it. 
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