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Chapter Three: Well...SOL

"They're awake," the girl said clutching the gun.

"Well...Shit. Now what?" asked the guy next to her. He was tall and had curly black hair.

"We could always knock them out with the sleeping gas," suggested the guy with short blonde hair.

"Whoa, whoa, you aren't gonna knock out anyone!" exclaimed Frank.

"Well, do we need them dead or alive?" the trio ignored Mikey and Frank.

"Frank, shut up!" exclaimed Mikey.

"Listen, I demand an explanation," began Frank.

"Well, dead would help us with this loud short guy," said the girl.

"Who are you calling short?" exclaimed Frank.

"Frank!" Mikey tried to pull Frank down but instead he heard the click of a gun and a small object being hurtled at them.

"Sleeping bomb!" shouted Frank.

Famous last words.

The duo got knocked out once again.

"Did you really have to do that Hannah?" asked the boy with the black hair.

"It was necessary Ricky. He wouldn't shut up," said Hannah.

"Now what?" asked blonde haired guy, Jesse.

"Why that's very easy, Jesse" Hannah smirked and held up the rope. "We tie them up!~"

Moments later...

Mikey groaned and woke up to pure darkness.

He was sure he had his eyes open, but he still saw pure darkness. It was like having your eyes close while they were open. He felt a pounding headache, similar to the headache he had in the van when he woke up from the knock out.

Speaking of the previous events before they were epically knocked out...

Mikey tried to move his hands. Nothing. He felt the rough material that was tied around both his wrists. With a quick jump through memory lane, he realized it was the same material he and Gerard used to play with when they were both kids... They would play tug-of-war with Frank and Ray, all laughing when one ended up in the mud. The one falling into the mud usually ended up being Frank, for he wasn't the tallest third grader around. They all laughed while Frank raged...And raged when Frank shoved them all into the mud. Yep, rope brought back memories.

Wait a sec...rope?


Tied around his wrist.

In a chair.

Hold up...

He was tied up in a chair.

"Well...shit," said Mikey monotonously.

"Mikey? Where are you at?" exclaimed Frank.

Mikey looked around in the darkness. He was sure he heard Frank not too far away from him. "Frank? Is that you?" he asked, hopefully to hear that his friend was with him.

"Naaah it's the drag fairy. Of course it's me you coffee whore! Who else would replace the sexy me?" asked Frank, slightly intrigued that his best friend didn't recognized his voice.

"Thank God it's you Frank. I thought I was alone for a moment...Wait, where are you?" asked Mikey, relief lacing his voice.

"Over here," said Frank.

"Where is over here?" asked Mikey.

"I have no idea. where are you at?" asked Frank.

"How should I know? It's dark!" exclaimed Mikey.

"Can you get over here?" asked Frank.

"Not really. I'm sort of tied up," replied Mikey.

"Same here! This rope is a pain in the ass!" Frank tried to make the chair jump but didn't work, only earning the horrible feeling of failure.

And the rope being a pain in the ass.

"Well...SOL," shrugged Mikey.

"What do you mean SOL? Mikey I didn't raise you to be like this!" exclaimed Frank.

Mikey cocked an eyebrow. "You didn't raise me at all," he replied monotonously. Honestly, his friend got stranger and stranger...

"Same thing. Okay, let's try this. I say Marco, you say Polo. I'm gonna try push myself according to the sound of your voice to where you are," said Frank.

"Will that work?" asked Mikey.

"I saw it on Scooby-Doo. Of course it'll work. Ready?" asked Frank.

"I guess..." mumbled Mikey.

"Okay. Marco!"

"Polo!" Mikey concentrated on the direction of Frank's voice.

"Marco!" A chair was being slowly pushed.


"Mar-HOLY SHIT!" the chair where Frank was tied to suddenly toppled over a item on the floor.

"Frank? Are you okay?" asked Mikey.

"I tripped on some kind of weird, round thing," said Frank.

"Can you slide over to where I am?" asked Mikey.

"What-You little coffee whore! I'm on the floor and all you can think of is me sliding myself while tied to a chair and on the floor to wherever the heck you are. I swear Mikey, you're turning into such a diva!" rambled Frank.

If Mikey would have done a face palm, he would have done one to what his friend just said. "Well, who's idea was that in the first place?" he asked.

"I don't care who's idea it was! Help me!" exclaimed Frank.

There was a loud slam and keys being jingled to where the boys were situated.

"Who's there?" asked Frank.

The dark room was suddenly dimly illuminated to a single light bulb above where Mikey sat. Frank has tripped over a blue rolled up mat on the floor.

"Ah. You're awake."

Now, normally Mikey would have just zoned off into his own little world when it cames to these situations, but now, there was only one, no, two alarming things on his mind;

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