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Is this goodbye or farewell? Wait, what?

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"I'll miss you coffee whore!" cried Frank as he was dragged out of the room.

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Chapter Four; Is this goodbye?

The two employees looked up and gulped at the same time. The three people that had knocked them out not too long ago stood at the door, with their AK-47 at hand.

"Ah you're awake," said Hannah.

Mikey felt his la la land quickly shut off. This was reality. Reality was in front of him. With some AK-47. He never thought he was gonna end this way. He was too young to die. He had a entire life ahead of him. He has a brother, a mother, a father, a pet bunny, he can't leave them behind!

"Listen Blondie," growled Frank. "I don't know who you work for, but you better start explain what the hell is going on." If looks could kill, let's just say the gunned trio would be doomed.

"Oh, we'll explain," Hannah fiddled with her large gun and set it down next to her. "Right after you tells us everything," she glared at Mikey and Frank, the glare sending Mikey chills down his back.

"What do you want us to explain? We didn't do anything!" said Frank.

"Then why were you at the crime scene?" asked Jesse.

"What crime scene?!" asked Frank.

"The place we found you at!" raged Hannah.

"Starbucks?!" Both Mikey and Frank exclaimed.

"Yeah!" said Hannah.

"We work there," Mikey replied nervously.

"Yeah, is that a problem?" asked Frank with the same attitude voice he used on Mikey earlier.
[Mr. Iero, Mr. Way debates]

"Oh we won't have a problem.... Get him." Hannah commanded her male comrades.

Ricky and Jesse walked over to Frank and picked him up, still attached to his chair.

"Hey where are you taking me?! Let me go! Mikey!" Frank shouted as he struggled against the
ropes and tight grip of the men.

"Frank!" Mikey practically shrieked in fear.

Oh shit. Oh shit. They're taking Frank away. Him and his damn mouth...
"Stay with me man! STAY WITH ME!" Frank cried.

"I will get you back Frank! I promise!" Mikey replied.

"Never let go bro. Never let go," Frank sobbed.

"I promise I won't Frank. Well, we aren't really holding hands.... but I promise I won't let go!" Mikey replied.

"Take good care of Pansy!" shouted Frank.

"I will!" promised Mikey.

"I'll miss you coffee whore!" cried Frank as he was dragged out of the room.

"I'll miss you too-Hey!" exclaimed Mikey.

[/Being tied up makes you say strange things.

"Well, now that the sappy farewell scene is over," Hannah wiped off her hands and cracked her knuckles. "Start singing little canary. We have some business to do."
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