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Damn whore

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Is he going to realize his mistake or will she realize how big of a mistake she is making?

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A weeks time had gone by and I continued going to the club every night. Each time I would look into the audience Gerard wasn't there. I just knew I ruined everything but I couldn't keep living a lie, especially when that lie could send him to jail or worse he could lose everything he has. I'd rather love him from far away than have him love me back and fuck his life up.

I left the club that night and Ann took me home.
"Thanks Ann." I said hopping out of the car and looking back to her.
"No problem. See you tomorrow night." With that said I closed the door and went upstairs to my apartment. I removed my coat and walked down the hallway stripping off my whore clothes and flinging them wherever. This apartment is a pigsty but I was still living in it and not attempting to do anything to fix the problem. I approached my dark room and didn't even bother flipping the light switch on before going straight to the bathroom and wiping the gunk off my face. I took the pins out of my hair and threw them in the trash. I took my other two pills and left the bathroom light on. When I walked out there he was sitting on my bed. I was shocked at first so I stood covering my body with my arms shyly.
"What are you doing here?" I said backing away more.
"This." He stood up and came to me before he lifted me up by my waist and held me.
"I love you Chrysanthemum Grey." He crashed his lips into mine but I pulled away as soon as they collided. I wriggled out of his arms and backed up until I hit the wall scared to death.
"No you don't." I said feeling tears fill the rim of my eyes. "Just go Gerard. None of this should have ever happened between us. Leave." I said sliding down the wall to my knees. He stood astounded by my words until he tried coming closer to me.
"No. Get out Gerard." I said holding up my hand for him to stay back.
"Chrys, I love you." He said kneeling in front of me now but when he reached out to touch my cheek I jerked my head away from him so he couldn't see me cry.
"You don't love me." I stood and left my bedroom leaving him in the pitch blackness of my room. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water but instead found a bottle of wine. Just as I was opening it he walked in and sucked in his breath.
"What are you doing?" He sighed approaching me while trying to take the bottle from my hands.
"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing!” I practically yelled at him. "I'm just going to drink then go find someone else to fuck me!" I started chugging down the alcohol. It burned at first but started soothing my pain til I was numb.
“Your not a damn whore and I didn’t fuck you!” He screamed at me while taking the bottle and throwing it in the trash.
“What the fuck Gerard? Get out!” I screamed pushing his chest. “Leave! I don’t want you here!” I continued shoving him before he grabbed my arms and held them over my head while he slammed me into the wall.
“I’m not leaving! Do you hear me? Stop being so stupid and listen!” He screamed in my face as he held my arms above my head. I could smell that scent on his lips I loved. The lingering cigarette smoke and strawberry chapstick. He made me so damn intoxicated I could never think straight yet alone breathe.
“I love you goddamn it! I didn’t fuck you, I made love to you. I don’t give a fuck if it has only been a week and five days. That is all it took for me to fall in love with you. Do you understand? I love you. Just fucking listen.” He said pressing his body against my own, pinning me there. I stared up into his eyes that were filled with sorrow. Just staring into those hazel orbs made me give in so I choked back a sob and said it. I could feel my heart breaking bit by bit and I didn't care. I knew I loved this man but I knew I could never get close to someone again yet here I am in love. Do I really even know what love is or am I lost in lust?

“I love you.” I slammed my lips into his with as much passion I could conjure up. “I love you Gee.” I kissed him again and he dropped my arms and pressed me into the wall more with his body.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t come after you. So sorry.” He said in between heated kisses and kissing my neck while I wrapped my arms around his neck. He brushed his hands over my bare hips and brought his kisses back to my lips.
“I was just so scared.” He said lifting me up in his arms. He sat me on top of the counter as he spread my legs so he could stand in between them.
“A little less than a month and you turn 18, come live with me. No one has to know the truth. Okay? No one, just don’t say anything and we can be together.” He said kissing me again before I could catch my breath. I nodded into his lips never letting him slip away.
“Move in with me?” He asked quickly resting his forehead on my shoulder. I paused for a moment reveling in the feeling of his cold palms stroking the soft burning skin on my thighs. I couldn't believe I was actually doing all this. Maybe my daddy was right about me. I nodded into his neck and kissed it before whispering.
“Yes.” He lifted his head from my shoulder and stared into my eyes and kissed me hard and deep. He grabbed my ass in his hands and lifted me from the counter while he carried me to my bedroom down the short hallway before laying me down following me with his body.
“Make love to me.” I pleaded as I held his face in my frozen, dead palms before he kissed me hard and sat me up slightly to remove my bra. He threw it over his shoulder as I sat up completely and pulled his jacket off and tossed it. He lifted his arms while I pulled his t-shirt over his head. I kissed his chest as I fumbled with his belt before undoing it and pushing his pants down his legs. He slammed his lips back onto mine knocking me back into the pillows. He slithered out of his jeans and briefs before sitting back up and slipping my panties down my legs before settling between them gently and ever so softly.
“I love you.” He breathed into my neck as he slid into me moving at an agonizingly slow pace. “So fucking much.” He slammed into me with full force afterwards. I reached up and stroked his cheek softly as his lips massaged mine roughly.
“Harder Gee, I’m almost there.” I screamed as he pushed in more until I released, feeling my muscles contract around him. It wasn't but seconds afterwards that he released in me before he collapsed on my chest and pampered it with kisses.
“Shit what a night.” He smiled into my lips before kissing them. He stayed on top and inside of me brushing my hair back behind my ears smiling all the while.
“Gee are you sure you want me? I’m thirteen years younger. This could ruin your life.” I said hugging him to me.
“Its going to be fine. Your going to live with me and everyone thinks you’re 22 as far as they know except for Alicia and Mikey.” He kissed me again as he brushed my hair from my head. “Its all going to be alright. I promise.” He pulled out before he rolled off of me and I straddled his hips.
"What if someone realizes my I.D. is a fake? I don't want to lose you." I leaned into his palm as he caressed the side of my face.
"Chrys, I promise you I won't let anything happen or come between us." He stroked my cheek as he looked up into my eyes while I stared down at him.
“Isn’t it a shame we always want what we can’t have?” I whispered as I drew lines down his chest while he flipped us gently.
“Fuck yeah it is. But it only makes everything more exciting.” He said rubbing my thighs as he stared at my chest heaving.
“No disappointment on my part. Yours?” I whispered as he squeezed my breasts gently.
“None.” He kissed me again before rolling over and laying on his back. “Go to sleep.”
“Will you be here when I wake up?” I whispered scared this was all a dream and he would leave.
“I promise I’m not going anywhere.” I kissed his hand before placing it around my waist and sleep calling my name.
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