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Happy New Year

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Sequel to The Old Walls Crumble. To know Jenny, you need to read that story first. The continuing saga of Severus Snape, his family, aquaintances and students. Mostly in humorous, drabble form, wit...

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I've had some feed back that you'd like to see more of this couple. I would love to receive feedback on ideas for future chapters.

"Happy New Year, My Lovely Manchester Lass," whispered Severus, softly kissing Jenny, as she lay in his arms.

"Happy New Year, love; I'm sorry we can't celebrate more," she whispered back.

"We'll make up for it on Valentines Day," he promised.

"It's just nice to have him sleep, finally." Jenny yawned and snuggled closer to her husband, ready to sleep.

Severus pulled her close and closed his own eyes, drifting off to a blissful slumber.

He'd barely closed his eyes, when he was jerked awake by the wails of his newborn son.

Jenny pulled herself out of bed and pulled on her dressing gown, "You can't be hungry yet, little man. Have you still got a runny tummy?" She bent over the cradle beside the bed, and pulled back the blanket. "Oh Darrius, what a pong; come on, lets change your nappy."

She lifted him up and carried him over to the dresser that had been transformed into a changing table. She took off the disposable nappy and cleaned the tiny bottom of her son.

"Bugger," she exclaimed, "Severus, can you come here and watch him? I left the nappies out in the car."

"I can Accio the bag from the window," offered Severus.

"No, the neighbours are still outside. I'll run out and get them."

"I could go," he said, reluctantly getting out of bed.

"You're starkers, Severus. You'll scare the kiddies outside with your hairy, skinny legs. Come and mind him while I go."

Severus came up to the table and stood beside them. "How long did they say he'd need the supplement? He's had diarrhoea since he started on it."

"Just till my milk settles in properly or until he goes on formula entirely, if I don't have enough milk. Maybe they can adjust the formula a bit. Back in a minute." Jenny trotted out the door and headed down the hall.

He sighed and leaned over his son, "You stink, sir; did you know? Your mummy had to pass up a lovely New Year's Eve with me, just so you can have her delicious breast milk. And that, Master Snape, used to be my private territory. I think I'm making a vast sacrifice on my part. I know how lovely they are to latch on to; just don't tell mummy I shared that with you. I don't think she'd like me to discuss it with you, you know what I mean; comparing notes and so on."

Severus heard a squelching sound. He looked down to see another quantity of fragrant output from his child, assaulting his delicate olfactory senses.

"Jenny, he's doing it again," he yelled, hearing her open the door.

"Oh, Severus, put a cork in it. Just keep his feet out of it; I'll be back in a minute," she snapped back as she went out to the car.

"I'll remind you of this one day, young man. Just when you least expect it, I'll drag it out and present it in mixed company." He sighed, "No magic around the baby, they said. Well seen they do not have to smell this."

He took Darrius' tiny feet in one hand and held them up away from the mess, as he started to wipe him clean. He looked up, to see his son holding something in his fist.

"What's this, then?"

He pulled the object from the baby's fist and held it up between two fingers. "So, that's where it went. I couldn't find the cork from the champagne bottle, after I opened it. Mummy could only have a sip or two, due to your particular menu. Thank you anyway, Darrius. I can save the rest for tomorrow, now."

Jenny walked back into the bedroom and gasped. "Severus Snape, don't you dare! It was only a figure of speech; don't you dare put that cork anywhere near our baby's bottom."
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