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Without You

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Okay i managed to update :'D

Thankfully my phone ran out of battery so nobody can distract me xD


Jude :

Eventually Frank decided to get up and go to school. Although he was dreading it. You could see in his eyes he was dreading it. Seeing Gerard happy without him, glad that he wasn't by his side. To be honest i did feel sorry for him.

"I'll see you at lunch" I smiled at Frank who gave me a small nod. I then walked away and went to my class. Which turned out to be Biology with Ray and Hollie.

"Ah! Your here!" Ray smiled widely.

"Yes, i spent all this morning trying to get Frank out of bed and to go to school, which i thankfully got him to" I smiled halfly and scratched the back of my neck.

"Well on the bright side he isnt sulking" Hollie smiled optimistically.

"I suppose" I muttered.

"Now enough chat time for work" Miss. Bleacher gave us all daggers. We each looked at eachother and then opened our books. Biolog will distract my mind from worrying about Frank for a while.

Bob :

"English is effort!" I moaned

"Wanna skip?" Gerard asked obviously not wanting to go to English either

"Yeah, may aswell no point wasting time in a class that we don't even like" I said

"Really, i am never going to England" Gerard said.

"Huh" I said

"Now come on, i want a smoke" Gerard smiled then walked down behind the back of the school where Billie-Joe Armstrong, Alexandria Valentine, Allie O'Connor and Cassie Taylor were everyday shockingly Tre or Mike was no where to be found.

"Gah, now we have to listen to these guys" I muttered

"Just ignore them like normal people" Gerard said leaning against a wall and taking out a cigarette. All you could hear was Alexandria and Allie laughing hysterically.

"What?" Billie shouted with his arms opened clearly offended by the girls laughing.

"I swear to fuck, he is one of the biggest drama kings at this school" Gerard said exhaling the smoke.

"I'm sure he aint the only one" I laughed.

"I suppose" Gerard avoided complete eye contact. I guess he was debating something in his head, i do that alot myself.

"Which class are you in next?" I asked him making conversation.

"lunch and then Chemistry, you?" Gerard asked flicking away the cigarette butt.

"lunch and then Physics" I said and as soon as i said that the bell rang signaling lunch.

"Thank fuck im hungry" Gerard smiled and began to make his way to the canteen. As usual the canteen was filled with people bunking eachother in lines for food. This is why i bring my own food.

"Biology, failing it big time" Hollie said sitting down at the table.

"So am i" Jude said taking a seat opposite her.

"Yeah but your smarter than me Jude" Hollie argued

"Okay, im too hungry to argue" Jude said opening her sandwhich.

"Hey" Frank muttered softly sitting down beside Jude. Jude dropped her sandwhich down on the table and faced Frank and hugging him which he gladly returned.

"You okay?" Hollie asked looking at him worried. Hollie had been very off today aswell.

"I dont know, only time will tell" Frank muttered.

"Im sure you will be okay" Jude said with a little hope in her voice.

"Silence?" Mikey said more of a question than a statement.

"Yeah" Ray said

"Usually im the awkward one" Mikey muttered.

"Usually im the fucking loved up one" Frank said not meaning it to come out.

"Frank" Hollie and Jude said sympathetically.

"Never mind" Frank said pulling out his earphones and plugging it into his ipod.

"Hollie did you do the Chemistry work?" I asked getting out my Chemistry book.

"I swear i get far too much Science in a day" Hollie said getting out her book and handing it over to me.

"Thanks" I smiled flicking through her book.

"Im starving" Gerard said sitting down beside me with a plate of chicken curry.

"Must be, to eat canteen food" Hollie said

"I forgot my lunch today" Gerard said

"Since when do you forget lunch?" Mikey asked

"Since today" Gerard said taking a forkful of chicken curry.

"Clearly" Jude said with a small smile.

"Fuck this" Frank stood up and then walked away. I looked around everyone. Hollie looked like she could cry, Gerard looked normal and Jude had worry written all over her face.
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