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Completly been neglecting this story >.<

Need to update m ore on it, which i will thats a promise to yew xD

I am aware that this is small in a rush so i am :3


to Cookie_monster OMFG I AM GOING TO GRIMSBY FOR ROCK CHALLENGE XD my flight is to Leeds first :P

Hollie :

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Gerard likes Bob! I should have known! The instant bond, the fact that Gerard wasn't as close to Frank as he was. The fact that he kept going off with Bob. What do i do? I cant just pretend that i dont know, that is nothing like me! I will feel strange. If i told them that i found out. They would know i was listening in on their conversation. Quickly i get changed and run down stairs trying to avoid complete cntact with gerard. I didn't talk to Mikey anyway so he was okay.

"Morning!" Gerard smiled still in his pyjamas.

"Morning, mum and dad leave already?" I asked getting Frosties out of the cupboard.

"Yep, left about 10 minutes ago" Gerard said drinking his coffee. I gave a small smile and laugh trying to work this out in my head. How could he have suddently liked Bob? he was head over heels for Frank!

"Your oddly quiet" Gerard said looking at me leaning against the counter

"Still tired i guess" I quickly lied

"Your lying" Gerard said almost closing his eyes

"Am not!" I said puring the milk over my frosties

"Alright then, what ever it is you can tell me and i know your lying im your fucking twin i know when you lie" Gerard said poiting the finger at me. Who was I kidding? He knew me like the back of his fucking hand.

"Since when do i not tell you stuff?" I said taking a spoonfull of Frosties

"I suppose" Gerard said still a little suspicious.

"Now hurry up we have to go to school" I said finishing the frosties and trying to act normal. Without another word being spoken me, Gerard and Mikey left the house. Mikey was whispering to Gerard.

"No! I'm not going to do that!" I heard Gerard

"Hmm what was that?" I asked looking around since i was walking infront of them.

"Mikey wants me to take Frank back" Gerard said

"He can't make your decisions and i know that whatever happens you will choose the right thing to do and who ever you end up with will love you dearly. I'm sure of it" I smiled

"Thanks for the confidence boost" Gerard smiled hugging me.

"Welcome and anyway i'm your fucking twin what do you expect of me?" I joked laughing.

Jude :

"SO YOUR GOING TO SULK?" I shouted at frank. The anger was flowing out of me now.

"No, i just cant face him" Frank muttered from the pillow. Linda called me round became she couldn't get through to Frank and knew that i would be the only one able to get him out of the fucking bed.

"Ignore him" I said folding my arms

"How can i?" He looked up at me, his eyes were wet and his cheeks were puffy

"Because you have the strength to" I said looking at him seriously in the eye and he knew i was right.
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