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Love Is A Gamble

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Sorry for the slow update, i have been spending time on When Demolition lovers Meet The Not Okay Killjoys At The Black Parade and also i have been preparing for Rock Challenge :D Im going to England xD


Gerard :

"What do you mean?" Bob asked confused.

"Never mind, it's only my thoughts" I said shaking my head and going out the door.

"Gerard" Bob called

"Yeah?" I asked from the bottom of the stairs

"Your life is really confusing" He said looking at me with his eyes.

"I know it is, but i need to sort out what i want, but i know what i want, the person just does not know that i want them" I said leaving the house before he could reply.

Bob was not a stupid person, he would eventually work out what i mean.

I plugged in my ipod and shuffled all my music, the sound of Metallica filled my ears. Turn The Page. Great song choice.

My mind was severly fucked up and there was only one person that could help me get my mind straight.

He usually is the only one that gives me the best advice and i can always turn to him. I live with the guy for fuck sake.

Apporaching the street that i lived on i turned the corner and i was at my house. Looking at the clock it was 11PM. I opened the door and my mum and Hollie came running out

"THANK FUCK YOUR OKAY!" Hollie shouted pulling me into hug. I hugged her back taking in the warmth.

"Why were you out so late?" My mum asked wrapping her housecoat around her a little more feeling the breeze from the opened door.

"Stuff happened i dont want to talk about" I said closing the front door and going upstairs.

"Gerard?" Mikey asked

"Yeah i'm here, man i need to talk to you" I said walking into his room and closing the door.

"You look like you have been down Depression Street, im not exagerating im being serious" Mikey said concerned. He put down his bass and looked at me. I walked over to his bed and sat down.

"I got a problem" I said

"What is it?" Mikey asked

Hollie :

"Thank goodness he is okay" Mum said locking the front door.

"Yeah, he should know what the streets are like at this time" I said walking upstairs.

"Goodnight Hollie" Mum smiled

"Night" I said walking upstairs with Gerard's coldness still lying on my skin. The boy was fucking ice cold.

"Your mind confuses me" I heard Mikey's voice through his door.

"I know, but i was happy with Frank and then he shows up and takes me" Gerard said. What the fuck could this boy be on about? Did he find Frank?

"It isnt your fault, you and Frank wasn't suppose to last clearly and now your attracted to Bob, you have a brand new crush, your heart is taking a new route" Mikey explained.

What the fuck was going on?

I was there this morning when Frank found out what Gerard had said at the truth or dare game in jude's house but was he actually being srious?

I was positive that those two were going to get married and adopt a baby!

I knew they were perfect for eachother!

Clearly my instincts have proved me wrong.

"But this is Frank he is fragile" Gerard said. You could hear the emotion and pain.

"But he is strong and dont rush it with Bob, because well thats up to his heart as well not just yours. Your heart isn't the onyl heart that has been gambled with love y'know" Mikey said.

My mouth gaped and i ran into my room shocked at the words that i overheard.
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