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Chapter 10-11: OotP part 2: Trial

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someone goes back in time to change to the timeline in Luna Loovegood's body. Harry's lawsuit against Fudge.

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Chapter 10: OotP 5: Trial


"Kill the spare."

"Viktor, Nooo!"

Harry Potter awoke in a cold sweat.

"Another nightmare, Harry-kins?" asked Luna.

"The same one," sobbed Harry.

"Rest, my love, the trial starts tomorrow," said Luna. She held his head to her breast as he cried himself to sleep.

"The case of Harry Potter vs. Cornelius Fudge; the Right Honourable Delores Umbridge, acting Chief Mugwump presiding. All rise," said Percy Weasley.

Today was the first day of the lawsuit trial. Harry was suing Fudge because the Dementors had given the kiss to his cousin, Dudley. Luna had told him of how in the other time line, Harry had driven off the Dementors and been put on trial for the use of underage magic for his trouble. This time, because he wasn't there, there had been no one to stop the Dementors from giving Dudley the kiss. With the money at Harry's disposal, he had been able to hire enough investigators to track down all the witnesses his barrister would need to lay out the case. The first day, they brought the following to testify: Mrs. Figg, the squib that had witnessed the attack, Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Auror who was first on the scene, and Marjorie Monahan, the Obliviator who made the Dursleys forget they had ever had a son.

In addition to Umbridge, the other two Mugwumps were Amelia Bones and acting Mugwump, Rufus Scrimgeour.

Amongst the many assembled Lords and Ladies of the Wizengamot were: Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black, and Levanus Lovegood, who was using his Lordship credentials for the first time since the Death Eater trials fifteen years before in order to get better coverage for the Quibbler. He didn't suspect that Harry was married to his daughter.

Luna was not present. Her muggle studies class had given her an idea. She had heard about how the Irish Republican Army was making peace overtures to Britain so she was trying to recruit former IRA members into her own private army for the second battle of Hogwarts. True, that battle was more than two years away. But requiting and training an army took time.

After the day's portion of the trial had ended, as they were leaving, Sirius pulled Harry aside to talk.

"Prongette," greeted Sirius.

"Padfoot," acknowledged Harry. "Has Dumbledore sent you to talk me out of the marriage or the lawsuit?"

"No. I just wanted to congratulate you and see how you are," said Sirius. "I understand why you did it. I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes. So would your parents. Just, don't be such a stranger. You don't need to hide from me. In fact, if you'd like to borrow my family ring, you could have five votes on the verdict."

"Thanks, Sirius. You're the best!" Gushed Harry.

"Did I just hear you say that you are married? Who's the lucky girl?" asked Mr. Lovegood.

(Oh, great Merlin! She still hasn't told him!) Thought Harry.

"I'm not yet ready to reveal her identity to the public," explained Harry. "But I promise that she will give you an exclusive interview, soon."

"Jolly good! You know, we're in the tenth printing of that interview you gave me. I've never seen such a response!" said Mr. Lovegood.

"Well, I'm glad that we were able to help each other get the truth out there," replied Harry.

The next day, Harry's barrister, Franklin Nelson, called Cornelius Fudge to the stand.

"Your Honors, I request the right to treat this witness as a hostile witness," said Mr. Nelson.

"Request deny-" began Umbridge before Madame Bones nudged her and whispered something in her ear. The three Mugwumps began whispering amongst themselves for a while until Umbridge said: "Oh very well, request granted. But you will confine yourself to the facts of this suit and not deviate to other areas."

After the Veritaserum was administered to Fudge, Mr. Nelson began his questioning.

"Please state your name for the record," began Nelson.

"Cornelius Fudge."

"Are all of the Dementors under Ministry control?"


"Do you have to power to order the Dementors to attack someone?"


"Did you order such an attack on Harry Potter's Cousin?"


"Did you order the Dementors to attack anyone else?"


"After you, who is the next highest ranked person who has the power to order a Dementor attack?"

"Delores Umbridge."

"No further questions for this witness," said Nelson. "At this time I would like to call Right Honorable acting Mugwump Delores Umbridge."

"Absolutely not!" screamed Umbridge.

"Delores, we have nothing to hide. Go ahead and testify," said Fudge.

"But it's an insult to the dignity of my office!" retorted Umbridge.

"I insist," commanded Fudge.

"Request the right to treat this witness as a hostile witness," said Mr. Nelson.

"Go ahead," said Fudge.

After the Veritaserum was administered to Umbridge, Mr. Nelson began his questioning.

"Did you order the Dementors to attack Harry Potter's cousin?"


"Did you order the Dementors to attack someone else?"


A collective gasp spread throughout the courtroom.

"Whom did you send the Dementors to attack?"

"H-harry P-potter."

Another gasp spread throughout the courtroom.

"Aurors, take Miss Umbridge into custody." Commanded Fudge.

After closing arguments, the Wizengamot was told to deliberate and return a verdict in the morning.

"Good morning," said Luna as she kissed her husband awake.

"'Morning yourself," said Harry as the kiss ended.

"I think that I will go with you to hear the verdict," said Luna as she brushed his cheek with her hand and ran her hand down his bare chest and down and down.

"Mmmmm! Luna, honey, we can't. We'll be late."

Harry and Luna came running into the courtroom in the nick of time!

"All those in favor of the Plaintiff?" asked Madam Bones.

After Percy Weasley had counted all of the raised hands, counting Harry's five times, Madam Bones asked:

"All those in favor of the Defendant?"

It was obvious that more hands were raised for the Defendant.

"Court finds in favor of the Defendant," said Madam Bones.

As they were leaving the courtroom, Mr. Lovegood strode up to Harry and Luna and began yelling.

"Where in the hell have you been all summer? You are so grounded that next summer you won't even see the outside of our house! Well?"

"I got married," said Luna, holding up her rings and pulling Harry into a sideways hug.

Levanus Lovegood went pale and his eyes bulged!

"Don't worry baby. As long as you two haven't consummated, we can get a quick annulment and everything will be fine," stammered Mr. Lovegood.

Suddenly, Luna's manner, facial expressions and vocal tone abruptly changed.

"Two hormonal teenagers, all alone for an entire summer, how can you think they haven't consummated," said Luna.

[I'll say! You only held out for ten days] thought Luna's Mother. [Not that I blame you. I had forgotten how good love felt at fourteen.]

{I never knew what it was like,) thought old Luna. (I was much older before my first relationship.}

thought the sword,

"Levanus, trust me when I say that this is necessary and I would never allow harm to come to our daughter," said Luna.

"Selena, I trust your judgment," said Mr. Lovegood. "I hope you know what you are doing."

After Court, Mr. Lovegood went with Harry and Luna to shop for their school supplies. It took longer than usual because Harry and Luna had to absorb the knowledge from every book in both Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley.

The next day, Harry and Luna got up early to catch the Hogwarts Express to school. When they got there, Luna's Father and Sirius were there to see them off. Suddenly Luna spotted a couple of familiar faces through the crowd.

"Amanda! Stan!" squealed Luna and she ran and embraced them both in a group hug. She kissed each of her best friends before Stan said:

"So, how's married Life treating you?"

"It's wonderful!" gushed Luna. "If you thought the books were cool, wait until see what we're going to teach the D.A. this year!"

After Harry greeted Ron and Hermione, he watched them go off to the Prefects' car. Harry found Neville alone in a cabin that he was willing to share with Ginny, Harry, Luna, Stan and Amanda. This left no room for Ron and Hermione. They would have to stay in the Prefects' car.

The ride to Hogwarts was uneventful, other than the excitement of Harry and Luna's marital status. They were, however surprised to see Professor Grublyplank instead of Hagrid waiting for the first years.

After the feast, Harry and Luna were called into Professor Dumbledore's office. When they got there, Professors McGonagall and Snape were also present.

"Please be seated," said Dumbledore. "Lemon Sherbet?"

"No thanks."

"Okay young lady," said Dumbledore. "I think that this has gone on far enough!"

He slipped the sorting hat onto Luna's head.

"Hat! Who's in there?" demanded Dumbledore.

"Let's see," began the sorting hat. "Luna Potter, Luna Lovegood, Selena Lovegood and Salazar Slytherin."

Chapter 11: OotP 6: Revealed!


(Looks like there's no point in hiding any longer,) thought the sword.

Luna gazed around the room at the shocked expressions on everyone's faces. Harry had gotten to his feet and started backing away with an expression on his face that looked as if she'd just announced that she was leaving him for Lord Voldemort.

"Harry please try to understand," pleaded Luna. "It's not as bad as it sounds."

By now, Harry had backed all the way to the door. He turned and ran down the stairs, then, shadow walked away.

"Harry, wait!" sobbed Luna.

"I'll go check on the boy," said McGonagall as she followed Harry out the door. "You two handle her."

"Well, well, it looks like you belong in my house after all," drawled Snape.

"Not for long," said Dumbledore. "You realize, of course, that we will have to perform an exorcism."

"You can't!" stated Luna. "We've been together for six years! We've grown together. If you remove the influence of the others, I'll have the mind of an eight year old in the body of a fourteen year old! I won't even remember the three years at Hogwarts that I have behind me. Besides, how would I, with the mind of an eight year old react to the advances of my husband?"

"Unless I'm very much mistaken, your marriage to Harry is over," replied Dumbledore.

"Typical Potter arrogance, marrying an under age girl and thinking he can get away with it," drawled Snape.

"How did the others get inside of you?" asked Dumbledore.

"The war against Voldemort didn't go well," began Luna. "In an effort to change the timeline, I sent my spirit back in time to inhabit the body of my younger self. When I arrived, my mother had just died while attempting to summon a long dead spirit. When I touched my mother, I accidentally absorbed both hers and Slytherin's spirits."

"Is that all there is to your story?" asked Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.

Luna felt his send a subtle legilimency probe. In response, she shielded her mind with occlumency. Dumbledore increased the pressure but couldn't break through into her mind, so he increased his efforts again. Then, Snape joined in. Luna kept both of them out of her mind until she felt that they were exerting themselves to the utmost, then, she let them in.

Old Luna drew them into a memory that she kept hidden from the others, the aftermath of the Third Battle of Hogwarts.

The Hogwarts castle was a smoldering ruin. All around her were the bodies of the students, teachers and Death Eaters. Here were the few pieces of Ginny that the werewolves had not eaten. Here was the soulless husk of Minerva McGonagall after the Dementors kissed her. Here was Mad-eye Moody. His remaining eye had been gouged out. He was blindly groping around for his lost magical eye. Here were the charred remains of Draco Malfoy. He was so badly burned that his face was barely recognizable. It went on, body after body until both Dumbledore and Snape screamed in anguish as they fled Luna's mind.

"It may already be too late to repair the damage you've done," said Luna. "But if you do anything else to interfere with my daughter's marriage, I will slip youthening and sex change potions into your food, give you a make-over, bind you, gag you, and let the Slytherin boys have their way with you. Do I make my self -"

Luna made a hole in the desktop with her fingers.

"- absolutely -"

Luna pulled on the hole splitting the wood along the grain.

"- perfectly -"

She continued to pull apart the desk.

"- crystal -"

By now, Luna had split the desk in two.

"- clear?"

Luna released the two halves of the desk and they fell away from each other spilling what was left on the desk all over the floor.

"And another thing," said Luna. "Don't waste your time guarding the prophecy. It is not worth the cost in lives."

With that, Luna strode out of the room, her head held high, partway down the stairs, then shadow walked away.

When Luna stepped out of a shadow in the Chamber of Secrets, she found Harry Potter was there, sulking, alone.

"I thought I might find you here," said Luna.

"Hello, Salazar," said Harry through gritted teeth.

"Harry, try to understand," pleaded Luna. "I was afraid of how you might react if you knew. Remember how you and Ginny treated me when I first got sorted into Slytherin? You acted as if I had done something wrong. You two hardly spoke to me until we formed the D.A."

"You had done something wrong!" yelled Harry. "You lied to me! All those years you pretended you couldn't read Slytherin's library and now it turns out that you wrote it! I can't believe I let you talk me into studying the dark arts! Ron and Hermione tried to tell me it was wrong, but you convinced us that we need to know dark magic in order to know how to counter it!"

"Do you want a divorce?" asked Luna, sobbing.

"No I don't want a divorce!" yelled Harry. "I want to be able to trust you again. I want the girl I fell in love with, back. I look into your eyes and I don't know whom I'm talking to. Are you Luna? Her mum? Slytherin? Who are you?"

Luna held out her hand and called forth the sword of icy fire. She thrust it into the floor like it was King Arthur's sword in the stone, then, stepped away from it.

"Most of the time, you're speaking to that part of me that I call: Old Luna," began Luna. "Occasionally, I say something silly. That comes from the part of me I call Young Luna. Only rarely does my mother speak through me. The sword never does."

"You mean: Slytherin?" accused Harry.

"It's true that, at one time, he was Salazar Slytherin," replied Luna. "But now he is just that sword, over there. When the sword is inside of me he can talk to me and share my experiences, but I don't share memories with him, as I do, the others. Right now, he is out side of me and I can't hear him at all.

"So you share memories with your other personalities?" asked Harry.

"To refer to them as personalities is something of a misnomer," replied Luna. "It may have been true at one time that they were separate entities, but by now, we have six years of shared experiences as a composite mind. Young Luna was only eight when the others arrived. She's spent almost half her life as a part of the composite that is me. With each new thing that we experience, we are woven closer and closer together. Still, we can hide certain memories from each other, providing it's not something that we have all experienced. For example, my mother was able to conceal her memories of making love to our father until you and I became intimate. And old Luna has some horrific memories of things from the future that she hopes the rest of us never have to experience.

So, now that I've cleared up who I am, where do we go from here?"

"I need some time to think about this, to figure out what to do," said Harry. "Until I've decided what I'm going to do about this, leave me alone. We're in different houses and years, so we don't need to see each other if we don't have to."

With that, Harry stepped into a shadow and went back to his room in the Gryffindor tower.

Luna cried herself to sleep on the cold stone floor of the Chamber of Secrets.

"Good morning and welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts. I am Professor Scrimgeour. I apologize for not attending the welcoming feast, but this was a last minute appointment as your original Defense teacher is suddenly facing charges for abuse of power. It seems, that your previous Defense instructors have been pretty hit and miss. Lockhart was a complete fraud, Lupin was a dark creature who should have been put down years ago, and Moody is a deranged paranoid that I had already had to force into retirement from the Auror Division of the Ministry."

"But Lupin was the best teacher we ever had!" interjected Stan.

"What is your name?" demanded Professor Scrimgeour.

"Stan Benford, sir."

"Well, Mr. Benford, you will not interrupt me again," said Scrimgeour. "This class is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship and I am the dictator. Now open your text books to page five and start reading chapter one."

"Excuse me, Professor, but are we going to be doing any actual magic in this class?" asked Luna.

"Five points from Slytherin miss-?" asked Scrimgeour.

"Mrs. Potter, sir," corrected Luna.

A general murmur arose throughout the class.

"SILENCE!" yelled Scrimgeour as he slammed his wand down on the desk.

"All she did, is tell you her name!" said Ginny.

"That will be five points from Gryffindor, and five more points from the next person who mentions that delusional boy who thinks he-who-must-not-be-named is back!" growled Scrimgeour.

"Do you mean Voldemort?" asked Stan. "But he is back. The Quibbler said so."


That evening, after dinner, Stan went back to the classroom to report for his detention. When he got there, Harry Potter and the Weasley twins were already there. As more students filed in, it became apparent that Professor Scrimgeour had given detention to at least one student from each year. Finally, Scrimgeour came in carrying a stack of files.

"Alright, you lot, sit at your desks and face forward until I finish reading your permanent records," said Scrimgeour.

As he sat at his desk reading over their files the hours passed by. When he finished the last file, he slammed it down on the desk and said:

"ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE SHITS, YOU LISTEN AND LISTEN GOOD! You may think that you-know-who is back and he might even be. But the Ministry wants to avoid a panic so that we have time to prepare for the worst. Until we have definitive proof that he's back, we need to keep this quiet and your fear mongering is not helping!

Now, Weasleys and Potter, you are suspended from Quiddich for the rest of the month. Benford, you will not be allowed any free time in the potions lab for a month. Greene, your greenhouse privileges are revoked for a month. Featherston, Blair and Martin, your library privileges are revoked for a month. If any of you act up in class again, there will more harsh penalties imposed. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"I didn't hear you!"


The next night, the D.A. met in the Chamber of Secrets.

"Thank you for coming," began Harry. "Everyone, over the summer, Luna discovered a way of absorbing knowledge from a book just by touching it. Here is a diagram of a dodecahedron. In order to do the spell, you need be able to visualize one clearly in you mind while tracing an octagonal pattern with your wand and saying the incantation, Gnosis. I've brought a stack of books, so everyone grab a book and try out the spell."

Most people had to make several attempts before they got it right. When Hermione had achieved success, she ran up to Harry and enveloped him in a bone-crushing hug before kissing him firmly on the lips.

"Oh Harry thank you so much!" gushed Hermione. "For such a wonderful gift I'd be willing to be your love-slave!"

"Hey!" said Ron.

"Actually, it was Luna's discovery," admitted a blushing Harry.

Hermione pounced on Luna and hugged her.

"Thank you Luna! If you ever need anything, ANYTHING, it's yours for the asking," gushed Hermione.

"I'll keep that in mind," replied Luna.

After everyone had absorbed the knowledge from every book, Harry called everyone back together.

"After tonight, I recommend that everyone absorb all the knowledge from every book in the library," said Harry.

"This brings up another point. Now that Voldemort's back, we need to make this more than a study group. We need to become an army. To this end, I think that we should split up into four groups and train by houses. This will make it easier for us to fit the D.A. into our schedules. To lead these groups, I'm appointing myself, Luna, Susan and Zacharias. Also later in the year, I will be forming us into squads. The A squad will be our best fighters. The B squad will the second best fighters. The other squads will all have specialized purposes, like research.

Several weeks later, Harry got an invitation to attend a special meeting in the Defense classroom. When he got there he found that everyone he had served detention with was there. Also present were Ron, Hermione and all of the other prefects from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Also, the Quiddich captains from those three houses were also invited.

"Thank you for coming," began Scrimgeour. "I have been empowered by the Ministry to form a youth auxiliary to combat threats and disloyalty. Sedition can come in many forms: a word, a deed, even a thought. If you choose to join the Jr. Aurors, you would be charged with rooting out such threats. You'll be giving your self a boost if you ever choose a career in the Ministry, you'll be paid a galleon per week and you'll get to wear a special badge that identifies you as a member of the Junior Aurors.

"Well, if the Ministry wants to throw its money around, who am I to argue," said Ron.

By the end of the evening, Ron and Hermione had joined the Jr. Aurors, but Harry, Stan and the Weasley twins had not.

One evening, Luna, Amanda and Stan were doing their potions homework in the Slytherin common room when Draco Malfoy walked up to them.

"Some of us have formed a Deputy Death Eaters club," whispered Draco. "What do you say, Lovegood, are you in?"

"First of all, I would never lower my self to kissing the hem of a half-blood bigot's robe," said Luna as she raised her middle finger at him to show off her Ravenclaw ring.

"And secondly, the name's not Lovegood, it's Potter," said Luna as she raised her ring finger to show off the Potter ring. She then wiggled her raised fingers in a variation of an obscene gesture.

"You'll be sorry for this," whispered Draco.

That night, after everyone else had gone to sleep, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle slipped out of their beds and snuck over to Luna's bunk. Soundlessly, Malfoy cast a stunner at her then levitated her out of the bed. The sheet slid off of her as she floated out of the bed revealing her nakedness to the boys. When they got her into the Slytherin playroom, Crabbe put suspension manacles on her wrists and ankles and attached them to four chains that were hanging from the ceiling while Goyle put a ball gag in her mouth. When this was accomplished, Malfoy simultaneously cast an enervation charm and dropped her. She came down so hard that any other girl would have torn ligaments and muscles. As it was, she kicked herself in the face, raising a visible bruise on her face. As she struggled to break loose of the chains, she realized that in spite of her great strength, she didn't have the leverage to break free. All her struggles did was swing her back and forth. Draco had tried to rape her many times. But this time it looked like he might succeed.

Luna awoke with a start. She'd had another of her prophetic dreams. When she opened her eyes she realized that Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle were lurking around her bed. Malfoy had his wand pointed at her.

"Stupefy!" yelled Draco.
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