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Chapter 12-13: OotP 3: Tragic Events

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someone goes back in time to change to the timeline in Luna Loovegood's body. Luna keeps her promise to Draco

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Chapter 12: OotP 7: Tragic Events

(young Luna's thoughts)

{old Luna's tonghts}

[Selena, Luna's mom's thoughts]


"Stupefy!" yelled Draco as Luna rolled off of the top bunk in the nick of time. The sword materialized in her hand as she took stock of her situation. The sheet had slid off of her, but right now, mobility was more important to her than modesty. Draco was on the other side of the bed. Vincent was at the foot of the bed and Gregory was on the same side of the bed as her with a lustful leer on his face. As Luna absorbed a couple of more stunners with her sword, she kicked Goyle in the gonads so hard that his head hit the ceiling. When he came back down, he crumpled like a rag doll, unable to bear weight on shattered pelvic bones. Luna reached under her pillow for her wand and pulled out her mother's.

[Even better!] thought Selena.

Luna caught Crabbe with a roundhouse kick to the Adam's apple. She then blocked another curse from Draco as Crabbe began strangling, unable to breath through his collapsed throat. This got Luna in position to stun Malfoy and she did so.

By now, the entire dorm was awake.

"Nothing to see here. Sorry if our scene disturbed your sleep," said Luna as she waved her wand and her dominatrix outfit appeared on her. As she levitated Draco off to the playroom, she called back behind her: "Could someone get the other two to the infirmary before they die?"

The next day, Harry was just started potions class when Snape asked: "Where are the rest of the Slytherins?"

"Crabbe and Goyle are in the infirmary," said Daphne Greengrass.

"I see," said Snape as he stared intently into her eyes.

Harry realized that he must have been using legilimency on her.

"And Where is Mr. Malfoy?" asked Snape.

"He's still in the Slytherin dungeon, sir." Replied Daphne.

"Yes, well, tell him that if he misses my class again, points will be deducted," said Snape.

After class, Harry went to the infirmary to see what really happened to Crabbe and Goyle. When he got there, they were both lying on cots, heavily bandaged. Harry used some legilimency to peek in their minds and see how they had gotten in this condition. When he saw what they had done, he exploded with rage!

~Retexo Severitas!~ hissed Harry as he pointed his wand at the boys.

Instantly, the two boys flew up into the air and hit the ceiling with a splat! Then, they fell back to floor with another splat! Madam Pomfrey rushed out of her office to see what was going on but, by then, Harry was gone. He was running towards the Slytherin dungeon with murderous thoughts directed at Draco Malfoy!

When he got there, he found that he was unable to get in. He tried everything! Bribes, threats, pleas, nothing would get him in. When the door opened to let out Emily Le Strange, a fourth year student, Harry seized the opportunity and raced into the Slytherin common room. Draco wasn't in there and the students who were in there were too surprised to react, all except Luna.

"Harry? Harry no! Come back!" pleaded Luna has Harry raced into the first door on the right in his search for Draco.

The Slytherin playroom was the kind of sick perverted room Harry would expect the Slytherins to have. It was filled with torture and restraining devices. Draco Malfoy was there, naked, strapped down, bent over a bench. Santorum was running down his legs and a ball gag was in his mouth. Harry walked up

behind him and read the message on his back. It was a rash in Draco's own handwriting that said:

I'm feeling submissive today. Don't remove my gag until sundown. After you do, my safe word is "I love Harry Potter".

To say that Draco Malfoy was having a bad day would be to be putting it mildly. Everybody who held any kind of grudge against him had taken advantage of the opportunity to bugger, peg or torture him. Then, he realized that his worst nightmare had come true. Harry bloody Potter had come to Bugger him!

Harry leaned in and whispered in Malfoy's ear: "You are one sick fuck! It you ever touch my wife again I will kill you!"

Harry started to walk away until he noticed that every Slytherin in the room, including Luna, were pointing their wands at him.

"You shouldn't have come in here, Harry," said Luna. "No outsider is ever supposed to know the secrets of Slytherin House. You have two choices. Either take an unbreakable wizard's oath here and now that you will never reveal what you've learned here or I will obliviate you!"

"I'll take the oath," replied Harry.

After he had done so, Luna led him out of the Slytherin dungeon by the hand as the rest of the Slytherins glared at him. After they had made it into the hall, Harry pulled her into a kiss. As their lips parted, Harry said:

"I was so worried about you!"

"I didn't think you cared," said Luna.

"I do love you Luna," said Harry. "I want to remain your husband."

"Oh Harry!" said Luna as she pulled him into another kiss.

At sundown, Pansy Parkinson was getting tired of Draco's submissive scene. She took the gag out her master's mouth.

"Thank Merlin! Now let me go Pansy," demanded Draco.

"Uh-uh, you're not going to trick me," said Pansy. "I still remember how hard you beat me the last time I disobeyed you. I can't let you go until you give me the safe word."

"Red! Now let me go, slave!" demanded Draco.

"That's not it," replied Pansy. "You're not going to trick me into releasing you before you've said the safe word on your back."


"Dracee-poo, I'm tired of this game," said Pansy as she picked up a magically powered electric cattle prod. "This always works when you want me to give the safe word."

"Pansy, for the love of Merlin, please don't!" gasped Draco.

In spite of the loudness of Malfoy's screams, Pansy was unable to get him to say the safe word, no matter how deeply she inserted it or high she turned up the intensity. After several hours, Pansy gave up and went to bed.

Exactly twenty-four hours after Draco had assaulted Luna, she came to visit him.

"I told you I would do this if you ever came after me again, but you didn't listen," said Luna.

"You've proved your point," choked a very horse Draco. "Want do you want?"

"You will take an unbreakable wizard's oath that you will not try to harm me in any way, ever again," replied Luna.

"Anything, just let this torture end," whispered Draco.

A couple of weeks later, during breakfast, the owls brought a letter for Luna.

"Those gits!" exclaimed Luna.

"What's wrong?" asked Amanda.

"The Ministry shut down the Quibbler!" explained Luna. "They even confiscated the printing press!"

"Why would they do such a thing?" asked Stan.

"'cause dad reprinted the interview with Harry again after they told him not to," said Luna.

"What is he going to do about it?" said Stan.

"There's not much he can do without a press," said Luna. "If only- Wait a minute! There's an old press at Ravenclaw Tower! I wonder if Harry would let me use it?"

"I would think that Harry would give you anything you asked," said Amanda. "Since you two made up, you haven't slept in your bed once."

"Be right back!" said Luna as she got up from the table and walked over to the Gryffindor table. She came up behind Harry and put her arms around his neck.

"I'd like to see him try and inspect McGonagall," said Ron. "He won't know what hit him."

"Harry honey, do you think that I could use the old printing press in Ravenclaw Tower?" interrupted Luna.

"What do you need it for?" ask Harry.

"The ministry shut down the Quibbler and confiscated our printing press," explained Luna. "I thought we could get the house elves to print it up for us on that old press we have."

"I don't know about that," said Harry. "You'd have to ask Lady Ravenclaw's permission. I mean, she has just as much right to decide these things as I do."

"But, I'm Lady Ravenclaw," said a bewildered Luna.

"Exactly!" said Harry.

"Oh you!" said Luna as she slapped his chest then kissed his cheek.

(I can't believe he thinks of me as an equal,) thought young Luna.

[Looks like you picked a good husband after all] thought Luna's Mother.

"Hang on, what's this about house elves?" asked Hermione. "Harry, you don't own house elves, do you?"

"I can see the head! Moo!" said Luna

"Quiet you." Said Harry to Luna. "Yes Hermione, I do own house elves. But I was planning to set them free next summer."

"Why wait until then?" asked Hermione.

"There are a lot of them. I'm having uniforms made for them so that they will have something decent to wear," explained Harry.

"Thank you for coming," began Professor Scrimgeour. "I see we have some new faces. Welcome to the Junior Aurors. As many of you are no doubt aware, I have recently been appointed the very first Hogwarts High Inquisitor. As a part of the Ministry's effort to reform Hogwarts, you will all be given some inquisitorial powers. Specifically, you will all, even those of you who are not prefects, have the power to give or deduct house points and assign detentions. I will rely on each of you to be my eyes and ears as we root out all potential Death Eaters at the school. Together, we will put a stop to the return of he-who-must-not-be-named hoax once and for all!"

One morning Professor McGonagall came into the 5th year boys' room.

"Wake up Mister Weasley"

"Just five more minutes," protested Ron. "OW!"

"Now Mister Weasley!" said McGonagall in her more stern voice. "I expect you to be dressed and down in the common room in five minutes. The same applies to both of you Mr. and Mrs. Potter."

"We'll be right down," said Luna through the curtains.

Luna had to shadow walk back to the Slytherin dorm in order to get clothes to wear. When she, Harry and Ron went down to the Gryffindor Common room, Fred, George, Ginny and Hermione were waiting for them.

"I'm afraid I have some tragic news for you," said McGonagall. "Mister Arthur Weasley's body was found in the Ministry this morning. Your father is dead."

Authors note: Many of you are probably thinking that owning a dominatrix costume is out of character for Luna. It is for both Old Luna and her mom. Young Luna/Composite Luna has, however, been in Slytherin for more than three years. She, like all the Slytherin girls, does indeed own a dominatrix costume. It is very revealing and kinky looking. But, since it is Luna's dominatrix costume, it is quite different from the usual look these kinds of garments have. Feel free to speculate as to its' appearance in you reviews.

Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling

Chapter 13: OotP 8: Winter



"I'm afraid I have some tragic news for you," said McGonagall. "Mister Arthur Weasley's body was found in the Ministry this morning. Your father is dead."

"I TOLD YOU NOT BOTHER GUARDING THAT STUPID PROPHESY!" yelled Luna. (You have used two spellings for the same word - prophesy and prophecy - both are correct, just choose one.)

"Don't use that tone with me young lady!" said McGonagall.

"Hang on! Are you saying that my dad died protecting that stupid prophesy?" asked Ron.

"Yes, he was bitten by Voldemort's snake while guarding it in the Department of Mysteries, said Luna.

"And just how do you know all this Mrs. Potter?" asked McGonagall.

"I'm a seer remember," replied Luna.

{And it doesn't hurt that I remember him being bitten last time} thought old Luna.

"The point is that your father died for no reason, protecting a prophecy that Voldie can probably deduce if he puts his mind to it," said Luna. "They had your father guarding it after I specifically told her and Dumbledore not to!"

"Is this true?" asked Fred.

"Yes but-"

"Luna told you not to guard that prophesy and you and Dumbledore had my father guard it anyway?" asked George.

"The Order is not in the habit of letting fourteen-year-olds dictate policy," said McGonagall.

"She's a seer, you idiot!" yelled Ginny.

"I can see that you are distraught Miss Weasley," said McGonagall.


"Never but-"


Seeing that the Weasleys were in no condition to be reasoned with, McGonagall turned on her heel and walked out of Gryffindor tower. Once she was gone, the Weasleys collapsed in a fit of tears.

The Weasleys, along with Harry and Hermione were sent home early for the holidays. The funeral was a sad affair as they usually are. But when the family discussed the circumstances of Arthur's death, they found themselves divided. Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny blamed Dumbledore for their father's death. The rest of the family held Dumbledore blameless. Harry and Hermione spent a couple of weeks trying to comfort their grieving friends until it was almost Christmas. While Hermione went to spend Christmas with her parents, Harry decided to spend the holiday with Luna and her father.

__________________________Scene Break__________________________

With a whoosh, Harry flooed into the Lovegood's home. Luna was waiting for him in a white robe with white fur trim. Mister Lovegood was standing beside her, dressed similarly and was wearing a fake, long white beard. Together they resembled Grandfather Frost and the Snow Queen, the duo that is Russia's version of Santa Claus. As soon as he came to a stop, Luna pounced on him and planted a kiss on his lips. The kiss lingered and lingered, but when Luna started using her tongue, Mister Lovegood cleared his throat.

"There'll be time enough for that later," said Mr. Lovegood. "If you two don't watch yourselves, you'll end up with a case of the nargles. So, Luna tells me that you're now Lord Potter Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff."

"Call me Harry."

"What's that other ring?" asked Mr. Lovegood.

"Oh, that's the Black family ring. My godfather loaned it to me for the trial and I haven't had a chance to return it yet," explained Harry.

"Shall we sit down for lunch?" asked Luna. "The lasagna is ready."

When they had finished lunch, Mr. Lovegood and Harry retired to the parlor while Luna worked on the Christmas dinner.

"So, Luna tells me that you're on the Quiddich team, Harry?"

"Yes sir."

"What position do you play?"

"Seeker, sir"

"I was a seeker myself on the Ravenclaw team when I was in school," said Mr. Lovegood. "I was awful! Are you any good?"

"I've been on the team since first year," explained Harry. "So I've had time to get pretty good. Still, I'm not as good as Victor Krum, but-"

An uncomfortable silence settled on the room as Harry brooded on the death of Krum. Finally, Mr. Lovegood broke the silence by changing the subject.

"When did you first realize that you had feelings for my daughter?"

"Well, we've been friends since we were eight," began Harry. "But I first realized that I was in love with her on the third day of our marriage."

"You didn't love her before you married her!" exploded Mr. Lovegood.

"No, we only got married so that we could do magic over the summer," confessed Harry. "We fell in love after the fact."

After dinner and conversation, Mr. Lovegood started preparing the couch for sleep.

"Um, daddy, what are you doing?" asked Luna.

"Preparing the couch for Harry to sleep on," replied Mr. Lovegood.

"Harry and I are married now. We're sleeping in our room," explained Luna.

"Not in my house you're not!"

"Then we shall retire to our own abode. Come husband!" said Luna as she held out her hand for Harry.

"Wait! I-I'm sorry Luna. It's hard to adjust to my fourteen-year old daughter being married. You can both sleep in your room."

The next morning they woke up and went down stairs to open their presents. Harry gave Luna a butterbeer cap necklace that had the Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff Ladyship rings incorporated into it. Luna gave Harry a bottle of massage oil and promise to use it on him. Mr. Lovegood gave Harry a book: Stalking the wild Snorkack. To Luna he gave a set of earrings from which hung miniature shrunken heads. They both got a jumper from Mrs. Weasley. Ron gave Harry a calendar with pictures of all the leading professional Quiddich teams. Hermione gave him a day planer. Amanda gave Luna a sexy lace teddy. Stan gave Luna a book: Kama Sutra for Witches.

After breakfast with Luna's father, she and Harry flooed over to 12 Grimmauld Place, where Sirius Black lived.

___________________________Scene Break________________________

Waiting for them there were Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, his girlfriend, Caitlyn Tyler, Remus Lupin and his new lady friend, Rahne Sinclair.

"Welcome home Harry!" said Sirius.

"It's good to see you again Luna," said Caitlyn as she pull her into a hug.

"Harry, Luna, I'd like for you to meet my friend, Rahne Sinclair," said Lupin. "She's a werewolf like me."

"Oooo! Luna! Tha's a pretty scary name fer peo'le like us," said Rahne.

"Well, the only person whose wild side I'm interested in bringing out is Harry's," said Luna.

"Luna!" gasped Harry with embarrassment.

"Well let's get lunch on the table. Remus and I worked too hard on it for it to go to waste," said Sirius.

During Lunch Harry was able to catch up on what was happening in Sirius', Caitlyn's and Remus' lives. Sirius and Caitlyn had been together for many years but she had refused every time Sirius had proposed to her. After lunch they exchanged presents.

Then, Harry pulled Remus aside to offer him a job.

_________________________Scene Break_____________________________

Lord Potter Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff,

The leases on the proxies have expired and as per your request, the ones that you requested have not been renewed. They are now back under your control for you or your agent to use as you see fit.



Accounts Manager

Diagon Alley Branch

Gringott's Wizarding Bank

___________________________Scene Break___________________________

Now that they were back in school, Luna and Harry were adjusting to the new routine. One morning after the mail arrived, Amanda opened her copy of the Daily Prophet and got a surprise.

"Luna, look at this," said Amanda. "They reprinted that interview Harry gave your father in the Prophet! Does this mean that the Quibbler can now stop being an underground paper?"

"No, it means that now that Harry controls a majority of the Prophet's stock, they'll be having a more friendly editorial line to us," explained Luna as she glanced over at Professor Scrimgeour. He was reading his copy of the prophet and turning a deep shade of purple as he began shaking with rage.

Several days later, Harry got an owl from Sirius that said that Remus Lupin had disappeared. The next morning, no one received a copy of the Daily Prophet. Harry owled Sirius to investigate and when he got a reply, Harry was informed that the Ministry had shut the Prophet down.

A week later the Prophet was back in business and back to its old anti-Harry and anti-Dumbledore editorial policy. Harry received a letter from Sirius:

Dear Harry,

Remus has been released. The Ministry had been holding him all along. Your proxies have been taken away from him and awarded to Lucius Malfoy by the Ministry. Caitlyn and I are trying to look in to what we can do about this.



"Those bloody gits!" exclaimed Ron as Harry finished reading aloud.

________________________Scene Break_____________________________

Harry, Ron and Hermione were doing their Transfiguration homework when Professor Scrimgeour walked into the common room. He cast a Sonorous spell on himself and announced:


Once everyone had com down to see what was going on, Professor Scrimgeour began:

"I've called you all together because I have noticed that some of you have not yet joined the Junior Aurors," began Scrimgeour. "This is a time of great uncertainty. The former Death Eaters are trying to fool you into thinking that you-know-who is back. Sadly, some of the people who believe these lies are members of our own house. These lies have even made it into the Daily Prophet. Thankfully, the Ministry has taken steps to remedy this situation."

"Are you saying that Harry and Professor Lupin are liars?" demanded Ron.

"I'm not implying any such thing," replied Scrimgeour. "I'm merely suggesting that Mr. Potter may be the victim of an elaborate hoax."

"It's not a hoax!" roared Ron. "And if you are too stupid to believe someone who has faced Lord V-voldemort and lived to tell the tale, THEN YOU CAN TAKE YOU JUNIOR AURORS AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!"

With that, Ron tore off his Junior Auror badge and threw it at Professor Scrimgeour's feet.

"WEASLEY! You will report to my office tonight for detention!" said Scrimgeour. "Now then, rumors have reached my ears about a subversive organization known as D.A. Does any one know anything about this?"

"I heard it stands for Death Eaters Anonymous," said Cormac McClaggen.

"Wouldn't that be D.E.A?" asked Hermione.

"Quite right, Miss Granger," said Scrimgeour. "I think it more likely that D.A. stands for Dumbledore's Army. Has the headmaster attempted to recruit any of you into an illegal club or organization?"

No one came forward.

After Scrimgeour left, Ron turned to Hermione and said: "Why didn't you quit the J.A.'s with me?"

"I don't think that quitting is the answer, Ron," said Hermione. "I believe that we could be more successful if we work to bring change from within the system."

"Well, Scrimgeour's little talk has given me an idea," said Harry as he stepped forward to the center of the room with wand drawn and shouted. "Occulo Conscientia!"

This was a spell Harry had learned from the Hufflepuff library. Once it was cast, no one present would be able to reveal the secrets that Harry was about to share.

"This is the ring of Gryffindor!" said Harry as he held his hand aloft. "And I am Lord Gryffindor! As the leading Gryffindor, I invite you all to join my Defense Association. Lord Voldemort is back. To fight him, we need an army. The D.A. is that army. Join with us and save the world!"

"Why should we help you subvert the Ministry?" asked Cormac McClaggen.

"Because the Ministry is subverting us," replied Harry. "They have no respect for our basic rights. Freedom of the Press was taken away from the Quibbler and the Prophet. My property rights as owner of the Prophet were taken away and given to Lucius Malfoy, a Death Eater! This is not democratic government by and of the people! This is despotism! If we don't band together to protect ourselves, Fudge will fiddle while the Wizarding world burns in Death Eater fire! Now who's with me?"

That night, the D.A. made many new recruits.

_____________________Scene break_______________________________

Harry and Luna approached the Entrance to Ravenclaw Tower. Harry held up his ring hand to the painting and announced:

"We are Lord and Lady Ravenclaw. Announce us!"

"Yes, my Lord," said the librarian in the painting and swung open and announced them. "Lord and Lady Ravenclaw!"

As they strode into the Ravenclaw common room Harry and Luna saw that Terry Boot had done his job and assembled the Ravenclaws.

"Good evening," began Harry. "Occulo Conscientia! Now that secrecy is taken care of, let us begin. Fact, Lord Voldemort has returned. Fact, the Ministry is in denial and doing nothing to prepare. Fact, I am therefore forming an army of my own to defend the Wizarding world. Who amongst you would like to join us?"

"Why should we follow you?" asked Marietta Edgecomb.

"Because, as members of our Defense Association, you would have access to training and knowledge that are unavailable at Hogwarts including the Ravenclaw Library," said Luna.

A murmur rose through the crowd. All of them had heard of the legendary lost Library of Ravenclaw. It was reputed to be larger than the renowned Library of Alexandria.

"What proof do you have that you have excess to the Ravenclaw Library?" asked Cho Chang.

"Here is but a sample," said Luna as she pulled a rare Occlumency book out of her robes that she had gotten from the Ravenclaw vault and set it on the table.

A crowd gathered around to examine the tome. By the end of the evening, they had many new recruits to the D.A.

________________________Scene Break_________________________

When Harry and Luna approached the entrance to the Hufflepuff wing the Fat Friar was waiting for them.

"Right this way m'Lord and m'Lady," said the Friar as he directed them in.

When they entered the Hufflepuff common room they were all there. As one, they bowed to Harry and Luna.

"Welcome Lord and Lady Hufflepuff," said Susan Bones.

"Thank you," said Harry. "I've called you all together to ask you to stand with me against Voldemort."

"Hufflepuff House stands with its Lord and Lady," said Susan.

"Isn't someone going to ask me why they should join us?" asked Harry.

"We're Hufflepuffs. Loyalty is what we do," explained Susan.

"But if our loyalty should turn out to be misplaced-" said Zacharias Smith as he glared at Luna, "you will find that we do not tolerate betrayal well. Whenever a Hufflepuff has turned to the dark side, it has always been due to a betrayal."

Harry had been surprised to find that every single Hufflepuff had joined the D.A. As they left, Harry turned to Luna and said:

"Well that was easier than expected. Now how can we change our approach so that we can appeal to the Slytherins?"

"Oh! That reminds me," said Luna as she put her arm around Harry. "Have I ever shown you my dominatrix costume?"

______________________Scene Break______________________________

After Harry showered and got dressed, he hobbled off to breakfast. As soon as he sat down, Luna sashayed over to him.

"Last night did wonders for D.A. recruitment in Slytherin," said Luna.

"Well, when you offered to show me your dominatrix costume, I had no idea that you were going to tie me up and let every Slytherin girl in the D.A. ride me," complained Harry.

"Didn't you enjoy it?" asked Luna.

"Of course I enjoyed it. That's not the point," said Harry.

"Well all the girls are wondering when they'll get another shot at you and the boys are wanting to know when I will reciprocate," said Luna.

"You wouldn't!" gasped Harry.

"Well, not if you object," replied Luna. "I guess I'll have to get someone else to be the party slut. Maybe Daphne, she's well sought after."

_______________________Scene Break____________________________

"So what did you want to talk about?" asked Hermione. "Hey! That door wasn't there a minute ago!"

"After you," said Luna as she held the door for Hermione.

When Hermione stepped into the room, she gasped! Inside the room was an exact copy of the Slytherin Playroom, but she didn't know that. There were racks of bondage and fetish gear on the walls. There were a variety of racks, crosses, benches and even a four-poster bed. All of them had manacles attached to them.

"What is this place?" asked Hermione.

"It's call the room of requirement," explained Luna. "It can be anything you need it to be. I thought it might be a good place for the newer members of the D.A. to practice in. But currently I have it configured as a place for you to fulfill your promise."

With that, she waved her wand and her school robes vanished. In their place, Luna wore a dominatrix costume. She had royal blue platform pumps that made her tall enough to look Hermione in the eye. On her legs, Luna wore fishnet stockings that were made of tiny iridescent blue titanium rings that were woven together like chain mail. These stockings were held up by silver chains with larger links. The other ends of these chains were attached to a corset that matched her shoes. The leather was so shiny that Hermione could see her reflection in it. The corset started just above the hairline of her mound. Her lack of knickers left no doubt in Hermione's mind as to whether or not Luna was a natural blonde. The corset had a one-inch gap that ran up the entire front held together by laces that were tied tight enough to exaggerate her already hourglass shaped figure. The top of the corset squashed her cleavage upward. Hermione could just make out the tops her areolas and guessed that one good sneeze and Luna would pop out of the top of the corset. Luna's head was covered by a chain mail headdress that was a mixture of the silver and blue links. From her ears hung sapphire earrings that matched her Ravenclaw ring.

"After we taught you how to absorb knowledge from books, you promised me anything I wanted in return. I now plan to collect on that debt," said Luna as she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread.

"Kneel! Here!" commanded Luna as she pointed to the spot between her feet.

Hesitantly Hermione crept forward and knelt as she had been told to.

"Give me your hands!" commanded Luna.

When Hermione put her hands in Luna's, Luna rested the back of her hands on her knees, then slowly pulled them up her legs so that the tips of Hermione's fingers brushed along her legs creating faint jingling sounds on the rings of her chain mail stockings. Slowly Luna pulled the hands up her thigh, higher and higher. Hermione was trembling now. Whether it was in fear or anticipation neither Luna nor Hermione knew.

It was very foolish to promise me anything I wanted," said Luna. "I can ask anything of you I want. And I plan to.

With that, Luna activated the portkey.
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