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Story Auditions!!!

by xxMCRmyRecruitxx 5 Reviews

In need of characters for new killjoy-meets-reality fanfic :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/05/17 - Updated: 2012/05/17 - 125 words


  • Story Auditions!!!

    (#) xxFamousLastWordsxx 2012-05-17 09:40:54 AM

    Part : gerard's Crush :)

    Real name : Nicola Falls

    Killjoy Name : music Catastrophe

    Killjoy Colour : dark purple

    Looks :

    Blue eyes, long black hair with short layers and a chunky side fringe that covers right eye and has rainbow tips.
    She has pale skin,
    a lip piercing.
    Curvy figure.

    Personality :

    Hyper, sarcastic, trustworthy, quiet, speaks her mind. Pessimistic. Always herself. Never changes herself for anyone. Good persuader. Perverted. Imaginative.

    Talents :

    Artistic, plays guitar.

    Likes :

    Coffee, comic books, Guitar hero, Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Metallica, Guns N' Roses. Antiques.

    Dislikes :

    People lying to her, spreading rumours, spiders, dark, tea and Snicker Bars and Black Veil Brides.

    Backstory :

    Was in an abuse family. Ran away and then when she returned home to collect her lucky necklace (her grandmother gave it to her, its silver, heart shaped locket with a picture of her dad that got killed in a car crash 2 days before she was born) and found her mum, step dad and younger sister and brother gone (they were kidnapped by BLI) and her house destroyed but she found the locket and kept it with her. So she became a killjoy to poissibly find her mum and youn ger sister and brother (thye are 7 year old twins named Hailey and Ryan) She gets abused by her Step dad and does not give a fuck if he dies or not.

    Anything else :

    She self harms when noone is around as she feels like no matter what happens nothing goes right for her. Everything goes upside down (her father called her ugly, fat and she ended up starving herself, so she barely eats anything)

    Hope this is okay :'D

    Happy writing :3
  • Story Auditions!!!

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-05-17 09:45:30 AM

    Part: Gee/Party poisons crush

    Name: Lucy May

    Killjoy name: Cherri Kid

    Body- Skinny with slight curvs, natually pale but slightly tanned, 5'1.


    Gun/bandana: Purple ray gun with black stars over it her bandana the same style as her gun mostly worn round her neck but in combat or in a storm she uses it as a discuise.

    Short Backstoty: Lived in england until she was 6 she then moved to califorinia. Not long after her 12th birthday her pearents split up she went to live with her mom and her moms new boyfriend who hated lucy and lucy hated him. When BL/ind took over her mom was shot infront of her and her moms boyfriend taken to become a drac. Lucy meerly escaped into the zones where she met the fab 4.

    Likes: Stars, the colour purple, singing realy badly to annoy other people, fire.

    Dislikes: Spiders, lifts, BL/ind, Dracs, ass holes.

    Anything else: Kinnda obsessed with fire, dosnt like to talk about her past to anyone.

    Hoped you liked it =)

    ~Lu lu xoxo
  • Story Auditions!!!

    (#) TOLOVEISTODESTROY 2012-05-17 10:06:59 AM

    Part : Korse's daughter maybe?

    Real name : Megan (prefers megmeg)

    Killjoy Name : Peroxide Bride

    Looks :
    Long cherry red dreadlocks
    Big blue eyes.
    Pale skin with a yellowy undertone
    Tall and skinny.
    A few freckles on her nose

    Personality : Quiet at first but opens up quite easily. She doesn't smile much and always looks like she's plotting or inventing something in her head. She's determined and always gets what she wants. Highly intelligent.

    Clothes: black charlie simpson t-shirt, simple, purple hooded jacket with a black leather waistcoat thing over the top. Stitched on the leather is the symbol of peroxide linked with a fingerless leather gloves, Black ripped skinny jeans and purple doc martins, always carries a black backpack. She also has snake bites.

    Talents : dancing, she always has her pointe shoes with her in her backpack. Is also really good at inventing weapons and the like.

    Likes: dancing, music, food, and the heat of the desert.

    Dislikes : BL/ind, her father, her twin and has a crazy, irrational phobia of forks so she uses chopsticks instead :)

    Backstory :when BL/ind started to take over and her father was employed she started to rebel against him. She was practically placed under house arrest as her attitude excelled. As a punishment her father made her help with creating the rayguns and vehicles but dismissed the thought of her using them to escape and become a killjoy.

    Anything else: she has a totally identical twin sister who stayed in battery city. They hate each other with burning passions. Also she fights mainly with martial arts but has two wickedly sharp blades hidden in metal cuffs up her sleeves.

    Just realised I don't know if Korse's daughter is a killjoy :s if she isn't then you can change my part to a normal killjoy with the backstory being generally the same but with a family of residents of battery city :)
    Hope you like xx
  • Story Auditions!!!

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-05-17 10:33:33 AM

    Part: Korse's daughter or Gee's crush please?:)

    Real Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham

    Killjoy Name: Artistic Accident

    Looks: Shoulder-length dark brown hair with a full-fringe completely straight. Blue eyes. Pale skin. Long nails that people always think are fake, painted pink, neon yellow, red, white and purple (from thumb to little finger). Size 6 feet. Small for age.

    Likes: Chocolate milk, pie, making people smile, laughing, singing, playing piano, dancing, Orphan, reading, writing, The Hunger Games, pink.

    Dislikes: Discrimination, bitches, horror movies (except Orphan), melted cheese, fizzy drinks, pizza, crying.

    Personality: Shy around new people but will open up more around friends. Will talk to her Mom but scared of her Dad. Likes making people smile or laugh. Crybaby. Sarcastic. Easily offended.

    Anything Else: Scared of the dark, speaks Spanish as well as English.

    :) Love Hozzie
  • Story Auditions!!!

    (#) TOLOVEISTODESTROY 2012-05-17 11:34:40 AM

    Can I do another killjoy... A male one?

    Name: Fabian Reed

    Killjoy name: known as '11'

    Asian features due to chinese ancestors,
    Shaggy, black hair tipped with all the colours of the rainbow that he wears over his eyes or in spikes around his head.
    6 foot, muscular with narrow hips and long legs.

    Clothes: Red tartan skinny jeans with chains hanging from the belt loops and Black converse. A plain white vest top and a black parade jacket with red piping. When his hair isn't gelled up he wears a long black beanie and always has his aviator goggles on or pushed up.

    Confident, laid-back and easy going. Bats for both teams so he's a constant flirt, a bit of a player and seems extremely alluring to both genders. He could turn a homophobe gay if he wanted to (he's done it before). Also sarcastic and witty (think a mix of jace, simon and magnus from the mortal instruments if you have read them :))

    Back ground: A geordie from england but moved to america when his book was published and was extremely successful. His parents and younger brothers were killed in the bombings but he managed to escape and partnered with Peroxide Bride (if it fits in the story).

    Talents: skilled with his swords, some backs and he considers his dirty sense off humour a talent too.

    Likes: singing, music, jokes and glitter.

    Dislikes: bullies, powder pup and circles

    Thanks :)

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