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You, Me and The Fabulous Killjoys

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Here we go! The new killjoy-meets-reality fic I was on about :) Enjoy xo

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System Destroyer’s POV
“ Party, get your goddamned ass in here right now!” Party was pissing me off big time and this just tops it off.
“Yeah, wha’cha want S, me and Ghoul were just gonna head out to the zone’s for a bit”
I sighed “ Well not until you fucking explain to me why the hell my mask and ray gun have your name painted on them. In acrylic.”
Party was now looking sheepish and I felt a smirk crawl onto my face.
“’msorryit’sjustghoulwasdaringmetodoitandyouknowhowIcan’tresisthispuppydogeyes!” I burst out laughing at his guilt. Man I knew I was tough, I should be after all the shit I’ve seen out here in the zones.
At that moment Ghoul walked through the door, saw me on the floor laughing and Party giving me death glares and raised his eyebrow at the sight.
“Erh..hey sugar, erm Party, d’ya mind telling me why my girlfriend’s on the floor looking like she might die of laughter?” Frank asked curiously.
“My sister, is a fucking bitch and I am going to go dye my hair before I kill her” Party is quite scary when he’s annoyed..especially with me. “Oh, and she knows about the dare you gave me, so good luck!”
“Hay! Look, can you at least wait until we get back to NJ before you kill me? That way no one will know it was you. Cos it is NJ and everything”. I smirked, slightly giddy at the fact that in less than a week I would be back to NJ, back to my best friend Lindsey, and back to normality and pizza and ice cream!
“Whatever. Ghoul, keep her occupied whilst I go check on Kobra..then again, I think his door was locked when I went past and I haven’t seen Accident since last night…okay maybe I won’t go and check on Kobra”. And with that, Party exited my room with all the sass that makes me sure he’s gay..even though he’s clearly crushing on Cherri like a 13 year old schoolgirl, which does make me laugh.
“Oh I will have no problem doing that will I gorgeous”, Ghoul seductively smiled, walking slowly towards me.
I grinned, thinking of the fun times we’d have together back in New Jersey. We were coming up to our 3 month anniversary, not long I know but when you’re living with them literally 24/7 you become close, learn all of their habits and flaws, their interests and good points. But going back to New Jersey means leaving behind most of the friends and allies we’ve made here. You see, it works a bit like the Narnia portal. When we’re needed, we’re called, and transported here. When we’re no longer needed for a while, we’re allowed to return to New Jersey.
“System? Hello System? Earth to System!” I awoke from my trance to find an anxious Ghoul waving his hand in front of my face and snapping his fingers.
“Ghoul darling, no matter how hard you snap your fingers, it’s not likely to bring me back from a trance or flashback. I thought you knew that now?” I smirked.
Ghoul rolled his eyes sarcastically. I smiled, pecked his cheek and made my way to the door.
“I’m gonna go get something to eat, I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning”.
“Okay sugar, take your time, I’m gonna go practice with Jet”.
I made my way out of my room, down the hall towards the kitchen/eating area. On my way I heard the sounds of sobbing coming from Music’s room.
I slowly opened the door to find her curled up in a ball in the middle of her bed. My heart sank. I know how sensitive she is to bad situations, and me not spending much time with her lately mustn’t of helped.
“Hey M, M baby, what’s wrong honey”. I said quietly, wrapping my arms around her cold, broken body.
“G-go a-away System”
“Baby, I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong. You’re my partner and pretty much my best friend, I care about you so I’m gonna stay here until you’re ready to tell me. Okay.”
“I love him so much System. But I-I’m too ugly and fat for him to ever w-want m-me”
“Oh baby, Fabian doesn’t deserve to have you love him, you are so fucking beautiful M, fuck I’d give anything to be as amazing as you. I’m really sorry I haven’t been around as much as usual. I didn’t mean to abandon you baby.”
I felt her tears fall onto my shoulder as I held her tighter. Music was like a sister to me, everyone knew that, they knew I’d risk life and limb to keep her safe. She could be so strong and funny, then someone would comment on her weight and unintentionally break her down.
“System..w-would you go g-get me the first aid kit. P-preferably some bandages. I d-don’t want him, or anyone b-but you to see m-me like this”
“Sure thing baby, wait here and I’ll be back as soon as okay?”
“T-thank you System”
My heart shattered into a thousand tiny pieces to see her like this.

Fun Ghoul’s POV
I walked into the kitchen, expecting to see System sat on the counter death glaring a tin of pup chow that was sat on the make-shift table. Instead I saw a tired looking Party trying to get it open. Man that dude has it rough sometimes. I mean it doesn’t help that he feels he has a duty to protect System but the dude has just found out he has a daughter..but doesn’t know who the fuck she is. God that’s gotta kill.
“Hey Party, want some help with that? You look like shit, no offence.”
“Yeah, cheers man, yup, I feel like shit. I mean who does that? After 5 years of being together decides to tell me I have a kid from a night 15 years ago. Who fucking does that!?” Party slammed his fist against the wall. Obviously it started bleeding.
“Shit shit shit shit!!!!”
“Woah dude, stay right there, I’m gonna go find the bandages and acid.”
I rushed out of the room and almost collided with System. Who happens to be carrying the first aid box!?
“Oh god, System are you okay? Please tell me you’re okay! What happened?!”
“Jesus Ghoul, chill. It wasn’t for me, it was for Music. Wait, why do you need it?”
“Party’s got a bit frustrated because he couldn’t open the tin of pup chow, then he got angry about the whole ‘secret kid’ thing and decided it would be smart to punch a fucking wall.”
“Oh god. I need to go see him. Is it bad?”
“No, it’s nothing really, it’s just gonna be very very sore in the morning. Anyway, you look tired as hell, go sleep. I’ll be okay here, and yes. I remember to yell if there’s anything wrong. I’ll be fine ‘mom’. Now go sleep sugar”
System put the box down and wrapped her arms around my neck, my arms snaked around her waist and pulled her close. I rested my lips gently on hers and smiled.
“Sure thing Ghoul. I love you.”
“I love you too sugar.”
And with that she let go and made her way to her room, turning around once she was at her door to smile at me.
Damn that girl is amazing. I think she’s gonna be the one….

A/N DA Daaaaa!! There we go, chapter 1! I hope it’s okay, this is my first killjoy-type fanfic so I pretty much just write whatever comes into my head. I will introduce different characters in the next few chapters and will try and alternate POV’s.
A/N 2: Oh for anyone who may be confused. I’m using the idea off Narnia, where if they’re needed, some weird shit happens, so yeah xD
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