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Secrets Become Known

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What happens when an unknown killjoy turns up out of the blue with an interesting secret?

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Party Poison’s POV
I awoke to the sound of a screaming match. By the sounds of it, Echo and Peroxide. Echo hates the fact we have Korse’s daughter living with us, she has this weird conspiracy theory that Peroxide is really a BLi/ind spy who’s come to report back to her father to get us all brutally murdered. I do worry about what goes through my little sister’s head.
I sat up and placed my good hand on my bandaged one. The result of how I get rid of and process my anger.
I roll my eyes as I see an unhappy, frustrated Kobra storm into my room.
“Party please can you come and tell our darling sister to shut the fuck up and stop trying to drive Per away”
Kobra calls Peroxide , Per, because he said he likes the sound of it..and because he has a weird addiction to pears.?
“Dude, why the fuck can’t Ghoul do that? She’s his girlfriend.”
“Party we all know Ghoul’s too soft when it comes to System, he’s too scared he’ll say something, she’ll get mad and leave him. She won’t fucking listen to me, Cherri or Jet and I’m pretty sure she’s ready to bite the head off of 11, Art and Cy. You’re the only one she’ll listen to Party. You’re her big big brother.”
“Fine. But if she ends up turning against me, you can tell Ghoul it’s up to him now to keep his girlfriend on a tight leash!”
Kobra laughed. Like actually laughed laughed. Here’s a little fact, the only times I see Kobra laugh or smile, genuinely is when he’s with Art, me or System, or when Ghoul pranks me hilariously. (Note the sarcasm there).
“I’ll be in there in a minute, I’m pretty sure they crew won’t appreciate seeing me in boxers now will they?”
“Cherrimight” Kobra mumbled.
“Sorry K, what was that?”
“I said, Cherri might..”
Holy fuck. Did he really just say that? Does she like me? Of course not, she likes 11. Doesn’t she?...
“Ha ha real funny K, anyway go try calm our demon of a sister down and I’ll be there A.S.A.P”
“Okay..but hurry, I think Per might resort to fists soon”
I quickly found my skinnies, t-shirt and shoes and made my way towards the screaming match.
“Oi! Shut the fuck up now System!” I shouted, not usually known for raising my voice.
System immediately stopped hurling insults at Peroxide and turned to glare at me. I’d just walked through the door to find my sister reaching for her gun in her holster.
“Now, which one of you two killjoys would like to tell me the reason for which I was woken up this morning. To none other than my sister and friend hurling insults at each other?”
“She’s gonna get us killed Party. Ghosted. Done for. Dead. Why can’t you see that? She’s Korse’s fucking daughter, she’s obviously going to be a fucking spy!”
“Oh give it a rest System. How many fucking times do I have to say this. I. Am. Not. A. Fucking. SPY!. Do I have to write it out for you? Or tattoo it onto your skin for you to get the message?!”
“Well this is an interesting way to be introduced to my sort-of-family.”
We all turned towards the doorway where we saw a girl, around the age of 16 or 17 leaning casually by the doorway.
The girl locked eyes with me and grinned.
“Well if it isn’t my long-lost ‘dad’. You did know you had a child didn’t you? Because I mean, mom did send you enough emails and shit back in New Jersey didn’t she? Or did you decide to try and ignore it and carry on playing happy fucking families with this lot?”
“Who the fuck are you?” System spat, obviously not happy at the fact this stranger had appeared, claiming to be her niece.
“The name’s Cyanide Exterminator, and you must be System Destroyer. My auntie. Please to meet you.” Cyanide reached out her hand sincerely to System. Surprisingly, System accepted the token of hello and smiled.
“I did know about you. I knew you existed. But your mother didn’t tell me anything else. I never knew your name, what you looked like, when you were born. All I had was the fact I had a daughter. And I haven’t had that for longer than 3 weeks.” I revealed. Most of the crew, accept Ghoul, Kobra, Jet and System, didn’t know about my unknown kid..

Cyanide Exterminator’s POV

Holy fuck. After 16 years of not knowing my dad. Being a secret kid and all I had finally found him.
“What are you doing here?” my dad asked. He seemed to still be in shock at this whole situation.
“I came to find you. Plus I managed to get myself in some deep shit back in London. Yes, I’m British. I only found out where I actually was a month ago, and I’ve been searching for you ever since..”
I felt my ears tear up but choked them back down. I never allow myself to cry, NEVER in front of people either.
“Oh..well where are you staying Cyanide? I know you hardly know me but I wouldn’t mind at all if you wanted to crash here..”
“Thanks for the offer but I’ve actually been living in a warehouse, a few miles from here actually. But it’d be nice to get to know you guys better. If that’s okay..”
A girl, around 17 or 18 stepped forward.
“Heyy, I’m Peroxide Bride, no I’m not evil, and you seem pretty cool. Maybe I could show you around? Oh shit, let me introduce us all first!
You obviously know System Destroyer and your dad, Party Poison. That guy standing next to P is Kobra Kid, your uncle, the guy staring creepily at System is Fun Ghoul, System’s boyfriend and the guy with the ‘fro is Jet Star. They’re all pretty cool, I’d just warn you to stay away from Ghoul when he’s hyper. Doesn’t usually end well”. She winked at Ghoul.
“Haha no problem, I usually keep to myself anyway, unless I want something. Cos I’m a bitch like that”.
Peroxide them pointed to a group of people crammed onto a worn-out leather couch.
“That over there is 11, Artistic Accident, Cyanide Suicide, Music Catastrophe and Cherri Kid. We may need to call you Cyanide E if you’re staying, Cy doesn’t like to be confused with other people.”
System then stepped forward.
“Hey kid, you didn’t tell us, are you here as a permanent killjoy, or a part time killjoy? Cos everyone here accept for Cyanide Suicide and 11 are part time.”
“I’m a full time killjoy guys. I was given the choice, having an unknown dad in the killjoy force as well was a bonus.”
“Awh Party, I think you guys need bonding time. Just make sure she doesn’t turn out like you. We don’t need another one who likes taking to punching walls out of anger do we.” She smirked in dad’s direction.
“Sounds like you two have a pretty awesome relationship”. I interrupted their brother-sister moment to receive sarcastic death glares from my dad.
“Relax dad, I was joking. Anyway, uh is anyone here like partners? Like fighting partners or dating partners?” I asked unsurely.
“Yeah. Music is System’s fighting partner, Ghoul and System are in a relationship, Artistic and Kobra are in a relationship and are fighting partners, Cyanide Suicide is Jet’s fighting partner, Peroxide likes to team up with me occasionally, but otherwise she works alone, Cherri and 11 usually fight together and I’m unpartnered. In both ways.”
My dad seems a bit down about the last bit. More than I’d expect from the leader of the killjoys. I also noticed him looking longingly at Cherri..Hmm I’ll have to confront him or System about it later..
“Oh cool. Maybe you could help me train dad? I mean, if that’s cool with you?..”
His face lit up when I said this.
“Sure, yeah, that’d be cool.”
“Great, now uh sorry to sound pushy but if I’m staying here, where am I gonna sleep? Sorry I’m just fucking shattered as hell after walking for so long and fighting off the occasional drac.”
“Oh yeah, Per, d’ya wanna bunk with Cyanide? It’s either that, or you bunk with System, which I would NOT recommend doing. Since Ghoul is fucking loud at night!”
Ghoul raised a cheeky eyebrow at this.
“Oh so you’ve been listening to me and your sister make love them Party? Damn I never had you down as that kind of guy”.
Me and the rest of the guys laughed at this, System and Kobra especially.
Peroxide grabbed my arm and whispered to me.
“How bout I show you were our room is? I have a feeling you may not wanna hear the suggestive remarks that will be coming out of Ghoul’s and System’s mouths around now.”
I laughed then nodded. Following Peroxide I found myself in a room covered in drawings and posters and photographs. I smiled.
“I’m gonna leave you to sleep okay? If you need anything, just shout. Night kiddo.”
“Night P”
Smiling to myself as I lay myself down on my new bed I allowed myself to let my thoughts wander. Maybe thing’s will stay good for a while….

A/N There we go guys! I thought about some of the reviews about amount of dialogue and worked on it! Xo Hope you liked it xo
Sian xo
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