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I responded to everyone that has left a comment on my previous chapter as of 3:00 AM Eastern Time and I will continue to do so, so keep it coming. I think what I said may have been taken the wrong way by some. If it sounded harsh, I'm really sorry, it wasn't meant to be. Like I've said already, I don't want anyone to think that just because they state their opinion they're being bitchy or rude. Just because we don't agree with eachother doesn't mean that either of us is wrong but I do expect us all to be polite and respect eachother (I haven't had a problem with that yet). Thank you to all of those who were honest with me and I admire all of those who write for having the courage to expose yourselves, that is something I'll admit I'm afraid to do. I'm really sorry(x18237456912857)if I have offended anyone at all!!! I promise I didn't mean it!!!

Stay strong. Don't let anyone bring you down. And always stand up (fucking tall ;]) for what you believe in.

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