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The dark nights

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December's life is a tragedy but no one knows that a tree outside her window can make everything better.The weeping willow holds a power that no one can imagen except for December who asks for more...

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"Come on December, what is it that you want?" The willow speaks.
No one can hear it except me and its been like this ever since my dad past away."I think I am going to need an A+ on that test" I say with a mischivious smile."You know what happens at night dont you?" It says its voice low and raspy."Yes I do" I sigh through gritted teeth."Dont get mad, sweetheart, I am just reminding you of what its going to cause you" It says waving its arms around."Well I better leave now, dont want to be late for school" I say grimly as I start walking away from the tree. It gets on my nerves sometimes, always reminding me of what I have to be at night,I hate it.

My name is Decemeber Indiglo and sometimes I want to kill myself.Ever since I was born I felt something calling me, I just didnt know what it was.Then one day my best friend, my everything slowly fell apart with cancer, my father.I miss him so much and sometimes I wish I could bring him back but I know I must leave him wherever he is now.That afternoon I found myself crying next to the weeping willow.I remember staring out onto the lake like a thousand diamonds staring back at me.
The grief and sadness I felt was like a million daggers inside me.It was impossible to breathe with so much anger surrounding me.I was angry at the world, at god for taking away my father.
"Sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, love like youve never been hurt and live like its heaven on earth" were the trees first words directed towards me.I had stopped sobbing and looked around for the person whom had spoked.It was no one but the voice continue and with my rage I made wishes after more wishes until I felt numb.I didnt know the price of it or I didnt remember to becareful for what you wish for but now I do.

"Hey babe" Josh says as I enter homeroom.
I was tired of having the school most popular boy behind me.
I had to remember to tell the willow to put the spell off otherwise I was going to become completely crazy.
"Oh hi hun, how was your weekend?" Heather says as she flips her strawberry blonde hair.Heather was also under a spell, she was only my best friend because I asked the willow for it to be that way.I sigh looking into her crystal clear blue eyes.She was pretty, I should make her ugly. "Same as always, boring and umm more boring"."Well I tell ya hun, You should have come to that party, it was out of this world" She says with a high pitch laughter."Attention class, we have a new student, his name is Shaun halkies" Ms.Requeis says adjusting her glasses.I turn around to look at the new boy.He has almond brown hair and sea green eyes."oooh, whos that?" Heather says flashing her pearly white teeth and waving a hand to him. He smiles and takes a seat behind her.Great, just another idiot falling for the strawberry cake.I watch as he passes by me, he really is geourgeous.I lay my head onto the desk feeling its cold surface as I wait for the stupid bell to ring. I can hear Heather laughing and flirting, geez who wouldnt.I am awoken by my daydreaming when I hear my name."Oh that, thats my friend Decemeber" Heather says as I wasnt important.There must be something wrong with the willow.He looks down at me and smiles.
"Hey December" He says grinning."Mmmm" I groan in response.He starts laughing loudly making me smile.Why am I smiling? But the bell rings too soon for my head to answer my question.
I get up groaning even more, life is too f**d up.

"How was school?" Jason asks as he flips through channels on the tv."Not too good" I say shutting the door behind me.
"Wheres mom?" I ask yawning."Shes in the institution, December how many times do I have to tell you?" He says, his voice upset."Sorry" I mutter.I still cant believe my mom is in some stupid institution, its like shes dead too.My aunt is never home so its like me and Jason are on our own.What happened? My life use to be so great.I use to wake up and smile and feel the wind on my face.Now everything is perfect but its not.

"Willow, I need you to make Josh stop liking me, I am getting tired of his pleading its getting annoying, oh and make sure to check on Heather, I think the spell is like starting to weaken or something" I say as I sit and take glances at my homework."Can you do my homework too, I am too tired" I say laying down and staring up into the blue sky.I hear the tree sigh."The wind is coming, sweetheart, its almost time for you too change" It says its voice tired.I can see the clouds starting to pile up like a bunch of cotton balls on top of eachother.I frown as the sky turns deep black like the nights I cried myself too sleep.I felt myself turning into what I hate it.I felt myself going up feeling a rush a wind going around my body.I felt my eyes becoming deep black pools with no sign of life.My hair turning black so black that I felt my back hurting as my wings started coming.My nails long and sharp.The water in the lake started dancing with rage like the inside of my head like a drummer in a rock concert. "Awww my dark angel" The wind whispers into my ear.I can feel it smiling and I can feel myself getting ready for the night.
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