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Its out of this world

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What happens when the sunrises? Its out of this world with December. But can she manage with her so call boyfriend Jake and why cant she stop staring at his bestfriend Ryan. Where is she? and wh...

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"Cause I am broken, Ryan thats all" I whisper into the thin air.
"No you aint December here have some" Ryan says passing the pen.
I immediatly snort the coke feeling all my muscles loosen up.
I wake up to the same ol ceiling and I sigh.
What a night I cant help but think.
I dont remember any of it but I know I alwayz end up doing stupid shit.
"Take on me, take me on" My brothers stereo blasts throughout the house.
"Oh hell no" I tell myself.
"Jason shut it!" I yell very loud.
"Jason? who is Jason? Are you cheeating on me?" A complete stranger in my house right now.
"Huh?who are you get out? get out! or I am calling the police" I say backing into the back of my bed.
"Very funny December, so they can find the 48039 grams of everything, yeah you are crazy, you have obviously had to much last night"
He says his grey eyes twinkinling,I watch as he crosses his hands,his skin is porcelain white but creamy.He is really muscular and his teeth are pearly white as he smiles at me.
"Who are you? Where am I" I say starting to get paranoid
What happened?
Suddenly I remember the guy from the dream.
"Wait are you Ryan?" I say trying not to show how confuse I am.
"Damn you really had alot last night,no I am Jake your boyfriend we have been dating for almost a year now and no I am not Ryan, he is downstairs preparing lunch for you, now do you remember?"
I try to process what is happening or why but I fail.
I walk down the stairs slowly and I immediataly regconize Ryan from the dream.
His green mellow eyes and the crazy stare.
His skin is tan and there is mild bags under his eyes.His hair reminds me of the sand, shiny and brown.
"Ummm you can stop staring now December" He says blankly not even looking at me.
He fixes the lines of coke with a razor that has a little rust on it.
I look over at Jake, my so call boyfriend, how am I suppose to kiss him, I dont know these people.
It seems like the whole house has changed except my room.
Wait, my room.
I run upstairs and look out my window.
There is the willow tree but its dead looking and why is it night.
Oh god, whats happening?
I look at my reflection, I am still the dark angel without wings.Where is my brown-blonder hair and beautiful green-blue eyes?
My hair is pitch black with white streaks falling from above like a waterfall thats too sad too continue.
"Babe, why are you acting weird, its freakin me out?"
"I dont know, I am sorry, come on lets go" I sigh and walk quickly downstairs.
"I am finish" Ryan says, his voice is deep and I watch as muscles flex as he tries to pick up the coffee table.
He does around 4 lines and he starts laughing.
"December why are you so wrong?" He tries to say, but his words slurr.
Jake plants a light kiss on my lips and I feel warm, somehow.
I turn back to Ryan and sigh.
"Cause I am broken, Ryan thats all" I whisper into the thin air.
"No you aint December here have some" Ryan says passing the pen.
I immediatly snort the coke feeling all my muscles loosen up.
I wish this could stop and everything could turn back too normal.
I look out the window and the sun is starting to rise.
Everything goes black.
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