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Chapter Six: Serving Devin

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Patrick makes Devin waffles and runs an embarrasing erand for her

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Patrick slept fitfully that night, knowing that Devin was on the couch all alone, needing to be comforted. When he awoke, she sat on the couch, her blankets cast aside, gazing absently out the window. He watched her from the doorway for a while, then approached her.
"Devin?" he asked.
She looked up and smiled.
"Hi, Patrick."
"How are you feeling?"
"Physically or emotionally?"
Devin took a deep breath.
"Well, my side hurts pretty bad, but I'll live. And as for emotions...I don't know. I'm scared. Kevon will try to find me...I need to get my stuff...I mean, look at me! I'm still in my bra!"
She laughed brightly and Patrick blushed, realizing it as well.
"I'll go get one of mine." He mumbled and turned away quickly.
He rooted through his drawers, searching for something remotely feminine. He pulled out a blue ringer tee that he hadn't worn since high school and decided it would have to do. He went back into the living room and handed her the shirt, determinedly not looking at her. She pulled the shirt over her head and laughed.
"Is that the first time you've ever seen a bra, Patty?"
"Your bra, yeah." He mumbled, sitting down next to her.
There was an awkward silence.
"I'll make breakfast. How's pancakes?" Patrick announced, standing up.
Devin bit her lip.
"Kevon always made me pancakes." She whispered, and began to cry silently.
Patrick sat back down and put his arm around her.
"Well, then let's start a new tradition. I'll make you waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. No other guy can every do that now, ok?" he whispered into her hair.
Her tears faded away and she nodded. Patrick stood up again and walked into the kitchen, setting out ingredients and mixing them.
"Patrick?" a voice came from the doorway. He looked up to see Devin standing nervously and self-consciously.
"Um...I need...feminine products. I have no money or anything." She said, her voice barely audible.
Patrick blushed and looked away.
"I'll go get you some after breakfast." He mumbled.
They sat down at the tiny kitchen table and ate.
"Patrick, you're a good cook." Smiled Devin between bites.
"Thanks. My mom taught me this recipe. I never make it though."
"So it can be our thing, then?" Devin asked with a grin.
"Our thing, yeah." Patrick smiled, liking the sound of that.
Devin cleared the dirty dishes and sat back down.
"I'll go now." Patrick mumbled.
He stood up and stepped out the door, grabbing his wallet off the counter as he went. Before closing the door, he turned to face Devin.
"Keep the doors and windows locked. I'll run down to the corner store, I'll be 15 minutes tops."
She nodded and went into the living room. Patrick closed the door and headed down to the 7-11. He stepped inside and scanned the small store quickly for the 'feminine' aisle. Two young women standing by a magazine rack stared at him, whispering. He was used to it by now, and he bravely marched down the 'feminine' aisle. He scanned the shelf, feeling his cheeks flaming. He grabbed a package and hurried over to the counter. The young clerk glanced at him and smiled an embarrassed little smile. When she saw the package, she bit back a giggle and scanned it. It didn't work, so she tried twice more.
"PRICE CHECK ON ALWAYS MAXI!" she called to the back room.
Patrick lowered his head and tried not to look at the women who were now giggling insanely.
"$6.99" a voice called back.
Patrick paid and rushed out of the store as fast as he could, clutching the bag.

Patrick opened the front door, still blushing. He went into the living room and passed Devin the bag.
"Thanks." She mumbled.
They stood in an awkward silence for a moment.
"This never gets mentioned again." Patrick said, breaking the silence.
"No, NEVER, not at all." Devin agreed quickly.

Andy opened Patrick's back door and stepped inside.
"Hey Pat, hey Dev." He called.
He walked into the living room, where the two friends sat watching MTV.
"Hey, Andy." Answered Patrick.
He sat down next to Devin and put his arm around her.
"How are you?"
"I'm ok. You guys need to help me get my stuff out." She answered, snuggling into Andy's chest. Patrick watched with jealousy.
"We'll do that tomorrow." Andy answered.
The three watched the screen, and the "Sugar, we're goin' down" video came one. They all watched, smiling.
"It makes me laugh whenever I see one of our videos." Patrick grinned as a miniature him came on screen, singing.
"It's so weird that you guys are famous." Devin said.
"I'll say." Andy agreed.
Patrick watched Andy and Devin. He knew they were friends, nothing more. But I sure wish I could be more, he thought, as he watched the miniature Joe strum his guitar wildly.
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