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What is it today?

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Frank and his best friend take it in turns to choose something to do everyday in a school where they know all the answers and have too much time and energy. Today? Today they find boyfriends!

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A/N: Yep. Writing another one. By the way check out my other stories?
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Frank stared out the bus window. He was off to another day of boredom, where the answers were too easy and he got in trouble because his high energy mixed with not enough work often caused problems with the teachers. Like the time he decided it would be a good idea to try mixing a few extra chemicals into his experiment in school. How was he to know it would start a fire?
He remembered how angry the teacher was, and how he had become more and more angry because Frank’s best friend, Jack (who was a girl) was pulling gruesome faces behind the teacher’s back, making Frank laugh.
They were pulling up to her stop now. Frank looked out the window, expecting her to be standing waiting like usual, but was surprised. His best friend had managed to get herself up on top of her father’s post van, and was sitting in her skirt with her legs dangling off the edge of the roof, spread wide, keeping her modesty by leaning down and placing her elbows between her legs, her head on her hands. She deftly sat up, still keeping covered, and slid off the roof of the van, her skirt fluttering upwards, nearly exposing her underwear but not quite. She was always the same, never able to sit still or have modesty. She was hilarious, and Frank loved her randomness.
She boarded the bus, then catwalked her way up the aisle, causing Frank to giggle uncontrollably. Her tiny skirt, which was rolled way up her thighs and way past regulation, swished, causing the boys to stare in hope of a glimpse of her butt, but she was used to wearing it short and It didn’t go up.
“Hey Franktard!” She said cheerily, dropping herself unceremoniously beside him and dumping her apple-shaped school bag on the floor. The bus started moving again.
“Hey Jack. How did you get on top of the van?” he asked. This would be interesting. Jack was almost as small as him. Almost, but not quite.
“I climbed onto the bonnet, then I walked up the window screen at the front. I left a few footprints and broke a wiper, but dad won’t mind, they’ll pay for it at work! Then I sat and waited!” She said, like a proud child. She too was high in brains and energy. The two got the highest grades and always got in trouble together.
“Oh. I had a less interesting bus ride. Some girls hit on me. Then I declined them and listened to music for twenty minutes.”
“Poor you, I’d hate to be on the bus for a half hour on my own.” Jack said sympathetically. She picked at the red lace garter on her upper thigh. She was really asking for trouble today.
Their uniform consisted of gray pants or skirts, a red blouse or shirt and a black jumper. They were to wear black socks and shoes, but today Jack had on her garter, over the knee white socks and red gingham canvas runners. Her blonde hair was tied in two ponytails off the sides of her head, tied with cherry bobbles.
“Old Fitch will have your guts for garters today” Frank said to her.
“He doesn’t need them, he can borrow my one” she replied absentmindedly, now rooting through her bag for something.
“Aha!” She cried triumphantly, pulling out a piece of paper.
“What is it?” Frank said eagerly but also wearily. Every morning Jack and Frank took it in turns to choose something to do to entertain them for the day. Yesterday’s had been to wind up the teachers as much as possible without getting punishment. It didn’t work and Jack got detention, which she skipped.
“So, it really is genius today!” She said. Frank rolled his eyes. She loved to gloat and make him wait. He grabbed the piece of paper from his bestie and read in ridiculously childish hand writing ‘Find boyfriends’. Frank laughed.
“We did this last year, it ended in crying girls all around!” He said cheerily.
“I know, I know, but it’s nearly summer and we wont see these people for a whole three months again, so lets? Please!?” She begged, her bright blue eyes wide with hope. Frank chuckled. She had a way of getting what she wanted, and besides, he wouldn’t mind a boyfriend to cuddle while watching movies.
“Fine. If we’re both successful we can double date too!” He chirped at her, and they settled back into their seats to plan their day.
Half an hour later they found themselves sitting in maths class, boyfriend-catching plans in place. They were doing co-ordinate geometry, something they both knew like the back’s of their hands, so they chose to talk instead.
“Mr. Finn was really unfair about your garter.”
“Jealousy,” Jack replied dismissively. They had both spent the first fifteen minutes of their school day being lectured on uniform and rules. Frank giggled at the memory of their overweight, balding principle informing Jack if she didn’t respect herself, no boy would. She had laughed, and taken the garter off. It was one she had made at home, and it had clips at the back like on a bra (she had used an old bra), so now it was currently hooked around her neck rather cutely.
“And there was really no need for him to get so uptight about my jeans,” Frank said cheerily.
“Again, jealousy. He’s just upset because he knows he wouldn’t be able to pull the look off! Do you think I look like a slut with my skirt this short?” She asked chirpily, but her wide eyes portrayed a little worry.
“No! You look cute! If I weren’t gay and we weren’t besties, you’d be top of my list,” he said, winking in a jokey manner. Jack had been told to unroll her skirt, to which she replied “Um, I can’t, I got bored and sewed it.” It was interesting how quickly Mr. Finn went from red to purple and back again.
“I dunno if I should be flattered or worried!” Jack giggled. Frank laughed too, except not quietly, a full force really loud high pitched laugh (A/N:If you’ve never searched Frank’s laugh on youtube, do it now!). The teacher stopped talking and turned around.
“Frank Iero, care to share with the class what is so funny you must interrupt my class?” she fumed. This of course set Frank off laughing more, until the tears were streaming down his face along with his eyeliner. And then Jack started, because the thought of the teacher knowing their conversation mixed with the image of Frank’s eyeliner streaked face which was red, so it looked like blood) was too much. Now Jack had a cute laugh, but right now she was full on snorting with laughter, which is unattractive. She didn’t expect her boyfriend to come from this class anyways.
“Frank and Jack! I’ve had enough! You always interrupt my lessons. To the principle’s office now!” She bellowed at them. The pair got up and packed their things, still giggling quietly, under the stares of their classmates and teacher. By the time they left the classroom, Jack was in hysterical fits again and Frank, who was hiccupping, looked like a vampire.
“Come on, lets go see Mr. Finn again!” Jack said when she calmed down enough to speak.
When they got to the office and told the secretary they were to see Mr. Finn, she told them he was with another student and to wait.
“Hey Jack?”
“Yeah?” Jack replied.
“Umm... what are we to tell Mr. Finn?” Frank said, and they were off again, ignoring the looks from the secretary. Suddenly the green door in front of them opened to show a tall kind of wirey boy with dark curtains of hair and hazel eyes. He looked the two giggling teens over, smiled and said to Frank, “I think you got something on your face man.” Then walked down the corridor, unfolding a map of the school on the way.
Frank was mortified, delighted and lovestruck all at the same time.
“Yeah?” hiccup.
“He’s the one!” Jack’s big eyes widened, only to shut again from fright when their principle interrupted loudly.
“You two again! You’re explanation better be good.”
They went into the office together.
“Why are you here?” Mr. Finn said, pulling at his too-tight tie.
Frank looked at Jack. Jack looked back.
“Frank, I think you have this.”
“Er, right, well... Umm we got kicked out of maths.”
“I’ve gathered,” Mr. Finn said sarcastically, rolling his eyes, “Why? What did you do?”
“We were, um disturbing the class.”
“Mm hm. How?”
“Over what? I hope you weren’t disrespecting classmates or teachers!” Mr. Finn said angrily.
“No way sir! Never! We were, um, laughing over, um...”
“We were laughing because Frank likes the new boy!” Jack blurted, eyes wide. Frank blushed as cherry red as Jack’s bobbles. Why did she choose that as an excuse?
Mr. Finn gave her, and then Frank, a disapproving look.
“You should take this serious Miss Daniels.” He said her name with more dissaprovement. Jack’s parents had been a little too dependent on alcohol when she was born. Maybe that’s why she was so crazy.
“I am!” She squeeked indignantly.
“Right. I think you two need to spend lunch time outside my office today. You can spend the last ten minutes of this class in the cafeteria, and then straight to class two, or this will go on your permanent record, am I clear?” He said.
“Yes sir!” They chanted, doing their usual salute and leaving. They didn’t catch the eye-roll or fond smile Mr. Finn gave them. He found them amusing in his boring days.
When the now laughing again pair got to the cafeteria, they saw the dark haired boy sitting on his own, his head bent over something.
“Frank, I know what we’re doing for these ten minutes! Plan still fresh in your head?”
“Yes. No. I don’t know. Jack, I’m going to be sick. What if he doesn’t like me?!” Frank yelped. Jack rolled her eyes.
“Since when do you care drama queen? By the way, you still have bloody eyes.” This did nothing for Frank, who yelped again, catching the boy’s attention. He looked around and smirked when he saw the two.
“Come on,” Jack said decisively, “We’re making a new friend.”
A/N: That took ridiculously long to write. Mainly because I had a bit of a... panic attack... in my maths exam and I had to leave the room, and so that kind of put a downer on me and I haven’t felt like writing. But it’s okay now, I am free! Three whole months of summer! :D
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