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Can I sit here?

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Frank and Jack make another appearance in the principles office, Gerard and Frank play 20 Q's and Gerard sits with Jack and Frank at lunch basically.

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A/N: I can’t wait to write this... enjoy whatever happens! ^^

“Nonononononono- Umm, hi!” Frank squeeked. He had been saying no to Jack, but she had succeeded in pulling him with her to where the new boy sat. Frank cleared his throat.
“I mean, hi! I’m Frank, Frank Iero. You’re cute.” He said, looking the boy up and down appreciatively. The boy chuckled, sending shivers up Frank’s spine.
“Gerard Way. I don’t bat for your team though.” He said, not in a mean way.
“Pity. I’d have thought though...”
“What?” Gerard Way said, eyes wide and startled.
“No, it’s nothing really, but I thought because of your hair....” Frank said. He laughed as Gerard’s hand flew to his head and his eyes grew bigger.
“Just kidding! This is Jack by the way.”
“Not cool man! Hi, erm, Jack. Is that your real name?” Gerard said.
“Yep. Jack Daniels. Pleased to be of your acquaintance. I think your hair makes you look like a vampire.” Gerard laughed.
“I get that a lot. You still have something on your face by the way Frank. Why were you two in the office? I saw you leaving this morning when I first arrived.” He said. Frank laughed, rubbing at his face. He felt comfortable and confident now, even though Gerard was ‘straight’. Frank believed every boy had curiosity in them.
“Umm this morning was uniform offenses, and just there was laughing loudly in class. The teachers are sick of us two, but it’s okay because Mr. Finn secretly loves us. Well, I think he does. What about you, where are you from? What brings you to Belleville High?”
“I, uh, got sick of my old school and my mom got sick of my complaining. Now we’re both happy. My brother isn’t, though, he still goes to my old school,” Gerard said.
“Oh, I see. Well, we’re sick of this place but it’s too much fun annoying the teachers to leave,” Frank grinned, “And anyways Jack’s mom wont let her. What class d’you have next?”
“Me too! Jack has Sports class though.”
“Mmm...” Jack said distractedly, then “Do you think the teacher will mind if I wear my pink corset?”
“Most definitely.”
Just then the bell rang.
“Guess I’m visiting the principle again. Enjoy art,” Jack yelled, heading off.
“She seems... interesting.” Gerard said, not unkindly.
“Oh yeah. Her mother drank while she was pregnant, but Jack’s sweet and really clever. She just gets distracted. So, lets go art?”
“Sure. I love art.”
In the art class room Gerard and Frank shared a table. They were doing still life drawings of apples.
“So... still not gay?” Frank said. Gerard smirked, rolling his eyes at his new friend.
“No, I’m afraid not,” He laughs. Frank sighs.
“Pity. I would so totally ravage you if you were. I might anyways. You should sleep with your windows and doors locked.” Frank was enjoying making Gerard blush. And, he really wasn’t lying either.
“You don’t know where I live.” Gerard points out. Frank giggles.
“I’ll find out. Trust me!”
Gerard rolled his eyes again, shaking his hair in front of his red face. He was blushing furiously at Frank’s words. Right now Frank was having too much fun. He was an extrovert, and he was over his earlier panic attack.
“So what else do you like? Other than girls- ew- and art?” Frank asked Gerard.
“I, um, sing a bit.”
“Awesome! I play guitar! She’s called Pansy. Is that weird?”
“Umm I don’t think so? Then again, my brother’s named all four of his straighteners. There’s Jenny, the pink leopard print one, and Lucy, the white one, and you can’t forget Diamond, the black one with a gem thing on it, and last but not least his favourite one, Louise. I kid you not. Louise is red with zebra stripes.”
“...Mine are unnamed yet.” Frank said, then started laughing uncontrollably. He was asking for trouble today!
Gerard smirked.
“So, really, what’s the deal with Jack? She seems so... out of it.”
“She’s just weird like me. We kind of don’t have many other friends. Well, she has none. I have one retard, Ray Toro. He has a huge afro and it eats all his brain cells, so don’t expect to have a decent conversation with him if you ever meet him.”
“Noted. Why don’t you have more friends?”
“Umm, I am the Queen of Gay and all that is weird. Jack is the Queen of weird and all that is unconventional. And today, we are both on a quest for boyfriends. Want to end my quest?” Frank says smiling widely.
Gerard laughs.
“I’m telling you, I’m straight! So, I dunno about you but you should maybe do some work, the teacher’s on her way over and you’ve already been to the principle’s twice.” Gerard said, his eyes crinkled from laughter, but he wasn’t being unkind.
“Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it. Hmm... I’m not that good at art. But maybe I should do work... Nup! I don’t want to!” Frank said, giggling like a naughty child. He then picked up a green pencil, drew a circle, added a brown stalk with a green leaf, coloured it in and sat back in his chair.
“Done. Lets play twenty questions.”
Gerard laughed, picking up a pencil and starting to draw.
“You ask first while I do this. What do you want to know?”
Frank grinned evilly. This was going to be fun.
“Let’s start with something easy. Most embarrassing moment?”
“That’s easy? Umm... I faintly remember walking into a pole in front of my entire year at my old school. Nineteen left.”
“A pole? Ha ha. Sorry for laughing, but a pole? Okay, question two; favourite band?”
“Misfits. No doubt.”
“Omygod, same! Three; have you ever done something ridiculous?”
“Umm, yep. I jumped out my brother’s bedroom window and broke my foot.”
“Youch! Four; what’s your sex noise?” Frank said mischievously. Gerard rolled his eyes.
“For me to know and you to find out.”
“I plan to baby. Five; What do you want to do when you leave school?”
“Umm be in a band. Or comic books. Whichever.”
“Oh right... You have to draw for me sometime. Question six; if you could be any type of biscuit, what would you be?”
“A Quirkie- special on the inside,” Gerard said, and laughed.
“That’s a good one,” Frank said, his eyes narrowing thoughtfully, “So... Seven; blondes or dark?”
“Both. But I kind of prefer dark.” Gerard said.
“Well lucky for you I am both! Eight... Guilty pleasure?”
“Dirty, dirty boy!” Frank whispered, his eyes amused. Gerard groaned.
“I meant like action figures! You’re shameless!”
“I know... Nine; favourite thing about me?” Frank said. This was flirting at it’s most obvious, but he WANTED Gerard. And he planned on getting him. His lips said straight, but his eyes said other wise.
“Really?” he said laughing. “Okay, okay... your eyes. They’re pretty cool.”
“Why thank you!”
“I especially like when they look as if they’re dripping blood.”
“Shuddup! Okay, question ten; What’s your addiction?”
“Coffee, hands down!”
“Amen to that! I totally agree!”
Just then the teacher chose to come down to their desk.
“Frank, what is this? Principles office, NOW!” She said, taking the drawing in her withered hands.
“Guess we’ll finish this conversation next class! Or lunch or whatever... Bye Gerard!” Frank said cheerily, packing his stuff.
“Bye Frank,” Gerard said smiling. He had just met this kid half an hour ago, but he already found him hilarious. Maybe this school wouldn’t be so bad after all.
Outside the principles office, Frank met a very annoyed Jack.
“Hey there Jackie girl. Why the long face?”
“My corset and leggings are “unappropriate attire for Sports class,” and such. I think they’re fine! It was really unfair!” She said crossly. Jack usually didn’t get cross; only their be-afro’ed Sport teacher could bring out the pissy side of her (A/N: Be-afro’ed is like be-spectacled. Only, it’s my word. You may use it. Just, remember me when you do ;D ).
“I think so too! Well I got sent for not doing work in art. I was playing twenty Q with Gerard. He likes my eyes!” Frank said happily.
“So things are going good?” Jack said, curious. Her eyes were wide open again, layered with mascara so she looked shocked.
“He still claims straightness, but I know he can’t be. He wears eyeliner for god’s sake! How’s your search going?”
“Pretty good. Alex complimented my corset. I believe it was something like “That corset makes your tits look huge.” Pervert,” She said crossly. “On the upside, Damian said I looked cute and the teacher was being unfair.”
“Not so bad, not so bad at all! And don’t mind Alex, he is a pervert. You would not believe what he asked me to do behind the store shed on the pitch-“ Frank was cut off by the office door opening.
“What will I do with you guys?” Mr. Finn sighed.
“I think you should give up on us!” Jack chirped, eyes still wide open. She must have had a couple of cups of coffee. Mr. Finn sighed again.
“Sometimes I consider it Jack... How does this sound, you two stay out of trouble for the rest of today and your punishment for today so far is detention after school. I don’t want to see hide nor hair of either of you, or we’ll have to split you up! Am I clear now?” He said defeatedly.
“Crystal!” Jack chirped, and smiled. Her eyes were really wide. She looked like a mannequin. It was rather frightening to see.
“Right. Go to the cafeteria, the lunch bell is going to ring any minute. And Jack? Please put on your uniform.”
“Yes sir! Onwards!” Jack said loudly, and set off down the corridor at a run. She was really strange today.
Mr. Finn rolled his eyes and slammed his door after himself.
By the time Jack got changed and up to the cafeteria the bell had rang and students were starting to flood the place. Frank had a mug of coffee on the table in front of him.
“I’m so tired today,” he said, his head resting on one hand, his eyelids half closed.
“I’ve had six cups of coffee this morning so I’m really quite awake,” Jack said to him. She was looking more and more like one of those creepy ventriloquist dolls.
“You worry me sometimes, you know that Jackie?” Frank said, rolling his eyes.
“IF I WANTED TO BE CALLED JACKIE I WOULD ASK YOU!” was her loud reply. Frank knew she was messing and laughed at her craziness. All the staring eyes were confused. What was so funny that the resident gay and odd ball freak girl were suddenly crying with laughter?
Suddenly their attention was averted to the cafeteria doors, which opened loudly to reveal Gerard at them. People started whispering about him as his eyes roamed the crowds, finally settling on Frank, and lighting up, which made Frank squeel.
“Jack, he’s coming over here!” He said to his best friend, who had zoned out.
“Huh? Oh right, I’d better make him welcome. HI GEE GEE!” She yelled at him. He blushed which, in Frank’s opinion, was the cutest thing ever. Gerard finally reached the table.
“Em Hi Jack. Hey Frank, “he said, then smiled, “ Mind if I sit here?”
“No! Sit down, how was art?” Frank asked. They spent lunch getting to know each other, finding out they had similar interests and dislikes.
At the end of lunch Frank and Gerard had swapped numbers and they were going with Jack to a movie at the weekend.
Frank thought everything was going to plan.
A/N: Well, this sucks, but any criticism or stuff would be appreciated. Also, my twin Jack is on here now, Jacks_Demons, so keep an eye out for her (yes I stole her name for this. She knows and has decided not to press charges.)
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