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KOTOR: Beyond Light and Dark

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FemRevan is tough, violent, rational, and a morally complex character whose alignment can at times be questionable. A retelling of KOTOR in Revan's first person with Female Revan, Bastila and Juhan...

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DISCLAIMER: Gorge Lucas owns Star Wars and BioWare own KOTOR along with the awesome cast of characters.

Author's Note:
~If you notice a glaring flaw (grammar, continuity, style, etc), don't be afraid to give constructive criticism~
(This will help me grow as a writer, and write stuff you enjoy even more!)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...



Knights of the Old Republic

Beyond Light and Dark


I felt everything around me shake, and heard pained screams in the background. Slowly I opened my eyes, blinking a few times, before noticing the emergency sirens were blaring. A middle aged Republic soldier ran inside the room, yelling.

"I'm Trask, I'm with the Republic. Hurry up soldier! The Endar Spire has been boarded by the Sith. We have to find Bastila!"

At that moment I couldn't recall much, other than my soldier training. I sprang out of bed, quickly pulling my long dark brown hair into a tightly braided ponytail.

"Who is Bastila?"

"She is the commanding officer of this ship ... well not an officer really. Anyway we don't have much time as it is. Let's go!"

I grabbed a few medpacs, along with my sword, then followed the impatient man through a long hallway. As we made our way through the damaged ship, I avoided stepping on torn sparking wires.

"Do you know where I can get myself some decent female armor ... I can hear blaster fire, and these clothes are hardly deflective."

Trask paused for a moment.

"There is a footlocker in the left hallway, but hurry up!"

I ran ahead, leaving Trask trailing behind me. Turning the corner, I saw three Sith soldiers standing with blasters ready near a few slaughtered Republic soldiers. Feeling an intense rage build up within me, I charged at the Sith with my sword. The first Sith instantly collapsed as I slid the sword right through his throat. Next I jumped back, pulling my sword free then going for the remaining Sith. Blaster fire hit me hard as I attacked the next soldier. With my remaining strength I stabbed him through I weak part of his armor. Trask shot the final Sith before that Sith had time to finish me. I quickly used a medpac, then flipped open a nearby footlocker. Inside I found a nice female armor jumpsuit.

"Trask, go on ahead of me, I'll catch up!"

"Alright, but hurry!"

I slipped on the suit, next grabbed a blaster from the hands of a Sith corpse. Quickly, I made my way through the center hallway, until I found Trask waiting for me near a locked door.

"There are too many Sith up ahead! We have to find a way to disable them. Any ideas?"


I stated, whilst walking to a nearby computer.

"Got any spikes?"


Trask handed me the few spikes he had. After a few seconds I managed to overload the circuits inside the room ahead. The live video feed showed high voltage electricity pulsate through the room, electrocuting all the Sith inside. After a few brief pained screams all of the Sith crumbled to the floor with smoke steaming from their armor.

"Okay it should be safe now, let's go, Trask!"

Inside the room, I looked over the corpses, seeing if there was anything useful. I found a few medpacs, credits, and parts on the Sith corpses, while Trask looked around.

"Hey I think you might like this. Here!"

Trask threw me a brand new vibroblade. Dropping the comparatively pathetic short sword, I caught the vibroblade by the hilt with my left hand.

"Thanks. This will be useful."

He gave a curt nod, before continuing toward the control room. The moment Trask unlocked the door, Blasters fired at us. Without hesitation, I begin firing my blaster at the Sith ahead, whilst charging with my new vibroblade. Two Sith fell almost instantly. The next one managed to parry me whilst Trask shot at him. I used another medpac, before looking at Trask.

"The pilots are dead. We are going to crash..."

"Looks like our only choice is to find the escape pods."

I nodded, then sprinted through the second set of doors. Seeing a Dark Jedi gave me pause. Someone like that; there is no way that I could face him and survive ... unless miraculously the ceiling collapsed on him. Before I could foolishly charge at him, Trask beat me to it, locking the door behind him.

"Soldier, hurry! Make it to the escape pods, I'll hold him off!"


I yelled before charging through the hallway. The moment a Sith soldier entered my peripheral vision I fired a few blaster rounds, then slid the vibroblade through his armor. I was in a frenzy of rage as I ran toward the escape pods.

Inside the room, I saw a Republic soldier waiting near a final escape pod. He turned to me, a relieved smile on his face.

"I'm glad someone else made it. Although I'm afraid that we are the only survivors."

"Wait ... what about Bastila?"

"She isn't onboard, so she must have already taken one of the escape pods. Taris is right below us, so Bastila is somewhere on that planet. We'll have to find her. By the way, my name is Carth."

"I'm Lena. Anyway, why is this Bastila so important?"

"You must have hit your head. She has the power of Battle Meditation, and can turn the tide of battle in our favor. It's a very rare ability. Bastila is important to the Republic, and our mission is to secure her. Heck, Taris is a Sith ruled world. We'll have to be careful. They would kill a Jedi on sight."

"Alright. I have more questions, but we don't have time."

Carth opened the latch to the pod.

"Ladies first."

I gave him a patronizing look before jumping into the pod.
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