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Lost in New Orleans

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As the team pull out of the airport, Hotchner gets sick of Reid and Morgan's endless bickering, and sends them to make their own way. He trusts them fully, but is that the right choice?

Category: Criminal Minds - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Published: 2012-06-07 - Updated: 2012-06-07 - 273 words

"Okay, so, $100 says I'm going to solve it first." Derek and Spencer were still arguing, like children as they came through the airport, the rest of the team rolling their eyes at their immaturity.
"Make it $150." Spencer grinned, walking backwards into a bulky man, in black leather, who had just walked out of the mens' restroom. He apologised quickly and walked ahead a few feet, then stopped, waiting for Morgan.
"Someone's confident." Derek smirked at the long haired, awkward young man before him. He had known him for almost two years, and he was the only member of the team he could really trust.
Maybe it was because he couldn't relate to it, but he could understand it from all the things he knew, all the books he's read. Maybe it was because he knew for a fact that Reid would never give him any of the, "It'll all be okay." bullshit. Or maybe it was because he knew he was smart, and maybe a small part of him hoped that he could get all the answers to all his problems from the kid with all the brains.
"Well, of course I'm confident, I know exactly how it works and exactly how it's going to end, I just need another two victims to identify them, detect the pattern, profile him, locate him, arrest him, and that's it, I've practically won already. Want to hand over the money now, to save you the trouble?" Reid said, not pausing once, his head inclined innocently, his expression as blank as Hotchner's on poker night.

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