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I'm A Freak... Or Something of That Nature

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"Cameron, Colton, this is George Ryan Ross the third. He'll be working with you from now on."

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Ok so the reason I haven't been writing as much as I would like to is because (before I go any farther I want you guys to know I have tons of stories and one shots I want to post) I'm getting really self concious about my work. I'm not as good as I used to be and it frustrates me. I'm trying to get back to how I used to, you know updating every week.

Anyways here's a new story. By the way this was inspired by Obsessive-Fangirl's story 'Spies Will Be Spies'. I hope you guys like it.

I'm not a normal girl. Yes I have normal friends, normal conversations, but I'm not normal myself; I've never been normal. The reason you may ask? Well I come from a long line of killers, but what makes me different from the rest of my family is, not that I know any of my family: not only am I an assasin in training, but I'm also a half-vampire. Supposedly my mother was human and my father was vampire so of course I didn't get all of the powers I was suppose to, but I did get some like telekenisis, speed, and invisibility which is really good for spying on people. I've never met either of my parents; my mother died shortly after I was born and my father left. All I have now is my friends.

"Dammit Colton I've been doging these things for hours!" I screamed at my advisor as I did a roll to dodge the oncoming bullets. He was in charge of my training and also to make sure I don't harm myself or anyone else. I work for a company for... well you could say 'paranormally gifted spies' or so Brendon calls it.

"I know, but you're not done yet. You still have ten more rounds." He said with his arms crossed. I groaned and rolled my eyes in agony.

"Hey!" I heard a voice from down the corridor scream. "I've got some important news!" The bullets ceased and I stood back up only to be greeted by a hug from my friend Brendon who also works at the agency.

"Hi! I'm Brendon! What's your name?" A boy about 7, 3 years older than me, asked. He was holding a red ball that I assumed he had just been bouncing.

"Cameron." I whispered wiping some of my tears away.

"Why are you so sad?" He took a seat next to me on the brick wall and put the ball in his lap.

"None of the other kids will play with me 'cause they said I'm weird and 'cause I'm a baby." I said with my head down. At only 4 years old I was the youngest kid at the agency.

"I don't think you're weird." He said smiling.

"Really?" My head lifted a little to look up at him.

"Yeah why would they say you're weird?" He asked. I opened my mouth and a small pair of fangs retracted from my canine teeth. "That's so cool! What else can you do?"

"You think that's cool? Well then follow me!" I screamed as I got up and ran into the building with him trailing behind. "Ok watch this." I concentrated as hard as I could to move the chair on the other side of the room. He watched in amazement as it slowly started moving.

"That's really cool." He said, eyes wide. He looked mesmorized and I couldn't help but laugh at him. "So you're like a vampire, right?"

"I guess."

"Make it quick, Cameron's in the middle of training." Colton snapped.

"Ok well we have a new agent coming today. Follow me." He said as he began walking out of the room and down the hallway. In the other room stood a tall, lanky looking boy with long chestnut hair that hid his honey eyes. For some reason I knew I wasn't going to like him. "Cameron, Colton this is George Ryan Ross the third. He'll be working with you from now on."

"Hello George." Colton held out a hand for George to shake.

"Ryan." The boy muttered, taking his hand.

"What was that?" Colton asked. They both dropped their hands to their sides.

"I like being called Ryan not George."

"Well Ryan," Brendon started noticing the look of disgust on my face. I drifted off as I stared at both of them. "welcome to the agency. You and Cameron will be working on a mission together next wednesday."

"What?!" I screamed, being snapped from my thoughts. "I am not working with him! He's unexperienced! I can't have someone dragging me down!"

"Well then, it looks like you have a lot to teach him." Colton grinned as Ryan and him walked out of the room.

"Fuck you!" I screamed after him. I let out a large sigh before I realized something. "And where exactly do you expect him to stay? Everyone else already has a roommate execpt for me..." Brendon's smile grew wider. "No. You are not stick this kid with me! Brendon! No! I'n being serious!" He just kept smiling and damn was I getting frustrated. I threw a chair that was across the room at him.

"Hey! You're not aloud to use your powers remember." He smirk and left the room. I had lost it at that point. I ran down the hallway, through double doors, down another two hallways and into my room. I began screaming and throwing things everywhere. My fangs had come out and my eyes were probably a deep red. After 5 minutes I was broken from my fit by a tiny whimper. I stopped everything and cursed under my breath before turning around to see Ryan cowering in the doorway. I took a deep breath and walked out of the room and into the dining room only to see Ryan again. How on earth was he here that fast? I stared at him for a second before sitting down across from him.

"Listen," I slowly began "don't tell anyone about earlier. We're not suppose to use our powers if we're unattended."

"I won't. You're hungry aren't you?" He asked, I looked up from the table to stare at him.

"How did you know?"

Kind of a cliffhanger I guess. Anyways R&R please. I honestly don't think this is good, but I kind of wanted to see what you guys think.
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