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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

For a country that’s fairly gloomy, the sun was being quite generous today. The neighborhood still looked deserted, maybe for them eleven is far too early to be up and about. Wearing a woolen jumper and black track pants tucked into my boots, they didn’t seem to do the trick of keeping the wind cutting into my skin. Our front yard that came with our house was bare; a single tree erected to the far left, its leaves crumpled and monotone. “I guess I’m going to have to find something to do until Jess returns”, I explained to myself. Pulling out my green IPod, I walked over to the lonely tree and sat underneath its fading branches. One earphone went into one ear and with the final earphone in, the world around was blocked. I let the music flowing through my ears transform me to another place, a place where people were more likely to be awake by eleven.

“Great, the sun sets early here too”. I don’t know how long I sat there for, or if the dead civilization has finally awoken, but I didn’t except the sun to fade away this early. “That pizza sounds good right now”. Winding my white earphones around my IPod, I looked up and found myself staring into a sea of blue eyes. I saw this as an opportunity to keep my butt glued to the cold grass. Taking a look at what was before me, I realized it was a guy- A guy who is standing directly in front of my only source of vitamin D!

I quickly turned away not wanting to draw attention to myself. For crying out loud I could’ve at least tried dressing better! “Hey, you must be new in the neighborhood” All I could do was nod, causing strays of my hair to come undone. “You’ll get used to it, I’m Louie”. This guy- Louie to be precise was enchanting. He was tall and boosted confidence. His hair was styled to look messy which suited him just fine. But when it came to his dress sense, it really resembled a pirate. I mean come on! Red jeans and a white and navy stripped shirt? Thought so. “Umm, I’m Lulu” I managed to form my name. “Well Lulu, if you happen to run with me, I can show you the ropes” he said with a wink flying my way. Really, was this guy serious? He thinks that I’m going to run off with some stranger I just met because he turned on his womanly charms? My mama raised me better than that! “Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass” That pizza Jess mentioned was sounding better by the minute. I slipped my IPod into my pocket and got up, walking towards the steps. I made it up to the front door without the urge to look back, but I knew he was still standing there, properly amused by my butt. I reached out and twisted the handle expecting it to turn as I moved my body forward. Instead I was met with refusal, my head slamming into the wooden door. I heard Louie snicker. Was this guy ever going to give up? I searched my pockets for the key. Nothing. I started to panic, frantically running my hands over any opening I had in my clothes, still nothing. “No problem Lulu, that’s what back doors are for” I told myself. As soon as that thought came to mind it disappeared, remembering this house didn’t come with a back door. “What house doesn’t come with a back door?” “What?” Maybe I said that a little too loud.
“I’m kind of locked out of my own home” He started to laugh but stopped midway when he caught my stare. “Ah, well Romeo has come to your help my dear maiden” he announced with an annoyingly cute bow. Louie walked up the steps, straight past me to the window on the right. Why didn’t I think of that? He began to tug at it but to no avail. After a few minutes of huffing and puffing, I lost all hope in humanity. With a sudden thud, the window was open, emitting a gush of wind into the house. “This shit is easy peasy pumpkin peasy pumpkin pie, motherfucker”. “Excuse me?” I retorted back. “Ahh, what I’m meant to say is here you go my lady” I began to climb inside the window, as fast as I can. A few seconds later and a large thud, I was inside. “Thank you for busting my window”. I smiled at him. “No need to thank me but you can repay me by….” Without hearing what he had to say next I slammed the window shut. “He’s a little cocky for someone that good looking” I confined to the walls. I turned back to see him, but he was already on the road, hands in pockets.

“Honey, I’m home” I was startled by Jess voice echoing through the corridor. “Great line you’re using there” I laughed as I greeted her. “So?” “So what?” “You know, the interview” “Oh, that yeah well; they read my portfolio and asked me questions and told me to leave”. “WHAT!” I screamed. “They said to leave and come back on Monday to start!” Her smile said it all. I hugged her tightly. “Ok this girl needs to breathe” “I’m so proud of you Jess, on your first go and bam, taking over England” Out of the corner of my eye I saw HIM, walking with a bunch of guys. “Quick shut the door!” “What?” I dived to shut the door. I dragged Jess to the window. “You see that guy in the read jeans?” “Yeah…” He’s after me” “Huh” “And now he’s brought his gang after me cause I refused to join his people” “You’re not making sense” I tried to explain to her as best as I could. “Ok Lulu, you’re over exaggerating here”. Louie and his gang paused outside our home, looking directly at where we were huddled. I quickly bopped down. “Ohhh, the tanned one looks smoking” I caught her arm and pushed her down to my eye level. “We can’t associate with people like that”

After a couple of minutes of silence, Jess got up. “It’s ok solider, there gone”. I let out a deep breath. “I wish they stayed a little longer until I got Mr. Hotties number”. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Come, there’s still pizza left, unless I make it to the kitchen before you”.
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