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A Little Piece Of Heaven

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Basically, a Shadster fic.

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Matts P.O.V

Another day, another tour. Dont get me wrong, I love this band and I love making so many people happy.. It gets hard a lot though. The gruelling schedule, the ever increasing pressure to bring out good music.. It got to you sometimes. Plus, separation from your family killed. Most of the time it was worth it though, seeing so many happy people that are there waiting to see you play was such a rush.. I just leaned back in the front passenger seat and sighed, rubbing my eyes a little. I was shattered and the tour hadn't even started yet. "I dont even wanna play tonight..."I sighed and looked down at my feet. Zacky peeked in at me and sighed. "Hey Syn? Stop the bus up here okay?"he asked with a frown on his features. I looked back at him and raised an eyebrow. "What for exactly?"I asked, getting paranoid he knew something was up with me.. Most people would think if I didnt wanna play that something was seriously wrong. "Just.. Theres a food place up here"he shrugged and leaned back again in his seat. I knew him better then that and it seemed he knew me too.. He knew there was something wrong.. I didnt even know what was wrong with me!Brian,Or Syn as he was known by us now, just looked at me concerned and nodded. "Okay, sure"he nodded, smiling at me.. That smile always cheered me up. "We dont have to stop yknow.. We can just get take out"I murmured. "Yes, we do"he spoke firmly and just pulled up. Wow.. Hed never been like that before, actually put his foot down. Usually it was just 'Whatever you want Matt". Maybe there was something wrong with me?

[Syn's POV]

There was something wrong with him.. Ive known Matt for years. He couldnt hide from me. Not that anyone knew, but he was actually above Zacky... And me and Zacky were pretty much closer then anyone so it was weird to think of somebody closer to me than him. I knew that something was up. Silly idiot. I looked at him when he said not to stop. "We have to.."I told him sternly and I just drove silently and parked the bus up infront of a diner that looked like it'd seen better days. I hopped out first and just slammed the door behind me. Honestly, I wasnt the most fun person right now either. Break ups didnt do well with me at all. I just walked ahead and sighed, hearing Matts footsteps follow in behind me. "Booth. Now"I sighed.

Matt's POV

I watched him storm ahead and looked down all guilty. I really should be trying to help him instead of moping around being homesick. I heard the harsh tone as I followed him in and nodded, walking to the back of this beat up old diner.. It was SO classy... Note my sarcasm? I liked it though, Id rather a shit hole to a posh place where all you saw was stuck up people. "What's wrong?"I asked a little quieter then I'd normally talk. If he'd brought me back all the way here, obviously he didnt want people knowing his business. "Obvious is it not?"he barked a little. I winced and nodded. "Sorry..."he added with a sigh and shrugged. "I guess its the tour, lack of Jimmy, Break up.. It sucks a hell of a lot"he whispered and got us a pot of coffee between us. "Get your ass over here. Now?"I smiled to him and practically dragged him over beside me, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "One, think of all the people that come out that wanna see you and Zachary get up on eachother.. You cant disappoint can you? Everyone needs gay porn at a rock show!"I chuckled and nodded. "I understand that.. But.. Hed beat you with his sticks if he found out you were upset.. He's giving the angels hell up there. So smile that amazing smile that makes girls all over the world cream their pants!"I added with a grin. "Finally, she didnt deserve you in the slightest... Nobody deserves you. Cuz nobody is as perfect as you.. Get it?"I smiled and poured him some coffee. "Now, get that down you and cheer up.. its gonna be a good tour"I promised and got up. "I'll be back"I smiled and left for the mens room.

[Syn's POV]

I whined as I was practically pulled limb from limb just for a cuddle. I leaned some of my weight on him and whined, putting my hat over my face. I was hiding a grin honestly.. He was adorable to me when I'm upset. "Stop being nice you complete asshole"I pouted and took the hat away to smile in his direction. "Thank you though.. Youre a good friend"I told him and just watched him leave. I leaned my head back and sighed. Yeah.. It was gonna be a good tour.. I felt like it was gonna be for a few different reasons though.. Only time would tell.

And thats le first CH!
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