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8- First Kiss

by XxPerfectTomorrowxX

She was the best taste I’d ever get stuck in my mouth.

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(Hayley’s POV)

The room was too crowded for my taste and an overwhelmingly unpleasant odor invaded my nose. Someone was wearing extremely strong perfume.

“Hi!” Someone stepped directly in front of me, blocking my path. “So, we met before.” The man said, smiling. “I’m Spencer.” He extended his hand.

Amy was practically drooling over his presence.

“I’m Hayley.” I placed my hand against his, lightly holding on as he shook our hands. The motion broke me out of a trance that I wasn’t even aware I was in.

“Brendon’s waiting for you.” Spencer said, gesturing towards the bar. I let my hand fall back to my side as Spencer and Amy shook hands, introducing each other.

Amy elbowed me lightly, “I’m just going to mingle. Go ahead and go talk to him.”

I didn’t even have to bother responding. She was already wrapped in a conversation with Spencer.

As I approached the bar it was easy to spot Brendon. He was the only one sitting alone. He was just as gorgeous as his personality suggested. It had just been complete luck that I got the chance to get to know someone so beautiful, inside and out.

As he looked up our eyes caught, locking in to a stare that I didn’t feel I could ever end. He stood up but it was too late.

I was turning away.

I couldn’t do this.

It was all just getting too real and I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t handle looking at him, knowing that he knew me in the way he did. It was hard to cope with.

All I knew was running and so that’s what I would do.

I would run.

“Hayley, wait!” Brendon’s voice followed me all the way to the door of the club and by that time we’d gained more than enough attention. I was starting to feel like I was in some strange soap opera that everyone was watching, though the objective was to not be watched for once. With Brendon that would be hard, another thought I hadn’t really fully grasped.

“I can’t.” I responded, turning with my back to the door. “I can’t do this Brendon. There are so many people and… I feel so watched.” Suddenly I felt as if I might as well be naked. A few men in the crowd whistled, while girls gave me dirty looks.

Brendon took my arm and without another word pushed his way through the heavily trafficked doorway. As the cold air hit my face I felt so much better, as if it were a healthy dose of medicine that I’d been deprived of for far too long.

“I- I parked over there.” I hesitated a moment before raising my free arm and pointing. My truck towered above most of the vehicles, seeing as how they were smaller cars.

“Keys?” Brendon held out his hand.

“I can drive.” I didn’t let many people drive my truck. I didn’t like handing over the control, ever. I was a control freak, among other things.

Brendon laughed, “I know you can. I can too.”

We stopped behind my truck and I dug in the pocket of my hoodie for my keys, well aware of the feel of Brendon’s hand gently gripping my arm. “You can let go, I won’t run away.” I commented, finally grabbing hold of my keys.

Brendon snorted, “Right.”

“I’m not that bad.” I immediately felt the need to defend myself, mainly because I was wrong.

“You’re like a frightened bunny.” Brendon sighed heavily and let go finally, “I don’t think you realize how long I’ve waited for this.” I found myself missing his touch.

“Bunnies may seem timid but they are intense plotters.” I shot back, thinking of cute bunny ears. It eased my mind a little. “And you can’t have waited all that long… I’m sure girls embarrass themselves in front of you all the time.”

Brendon rolled his eyes and turned to completely face me. I saw a million things in his eyes, from a million different conversations we’d held. It was like all of him was finally coming together, right in front of my eyes. Did he see the same thing in me? “Hi, my name is Brendon.” He held out his hand, and for just a moment I saw what looked like fear flash through those beautiful eyes.

I awkwardly extended my hand as well, letting his warmth encase my smaller hand. “Hi Brendon, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Hayley.”

Brendon smiled widely and gave me a small bow. “Well Hayley, how about some food? I’m quite hungry.”

“As long as it is not Italian, I’m really not in the mood for a lady and the tramp moment.” I couldn’t believe the words made it past my lips. Was I already joking? As I glanced at Brendon I realized it really was that easy because he was someone I knew, someone I really knew. His voice wasn’t all I knew, I really knew him and he knew me. I was absolutely sure that nothing could surprise him about me at this point.

Brendon laughed loudly, “Well hello there Hayley, thank you for making an appearance.”

My cheeks heated but I didn’t want to run anymore.

I wanted to stay.


(Brendon’s POV)

“Ruining this banquet for the mildly inspiring and- … can I stop now?” I breathed out deeply; face nearly purple from lack of air.

Hayley laughed, nodding slowly. “I suppose.”

I’d just spent the last twenty minutes singing loudly, while Hayley attempted to fix the radio. “Well damn, it seems it’s actually broken this time.”

“Can you tell me just how it helped having me sing through that?” I was enjoying the air quite a lot honestly, going without it wasn’t recommended.

Hayley’s face went red as she attempted to stop her laughter, “I didn’t say you couldn’t breathe! That was your choice… Plus, how could you singing ever not help a situation?”

Finally I gave up on breathing regularly and laughed along with her, while questioning my health if such activities left me out of breath. “Did we ever decide on what we were going to eat?” I finally asked.

“Well, let’s celebrate how amazing you were live tonight. Especially since I’ve never seen a concert of yours; it was truly, truly amazing.” She smiled, not looking at me. I took the time to examine her face and the way that it lit up when she smiled. “So, how about your favorite?”

I couldn’t help it as I leaned forward, brushing my lips against her ear, “Does that mean I get you?” Oh god, how cheesy did that really sound? I held my breath, waiting for her reaction.

Hayley’s skin formed goose bumps and I continued on, tracing them over the skin on her arm. “Please?” I wanted her so badly. Everything we’d talked about, and everything we’d helped each other through… Would it all end on this badly timed horny moment, in which I yearned for her so fucking badly?

In a quick and surprising turn of events Hayley turned, pressing her soft lips upon mine. We caught on to each other’s movements quite quickly and soon enough we were working out our own motions, careful not to interrupt the other.

Hayley giggled as we pulled away for a moment, just long enough for me to take her shirt off. “You taste good.” She informed me, lightly kissing me once again before pulling away to take my shirt off. As she did so I struggled with unbuttoning my pants, wanting them off as quickly as possible.

In between awkwardly pulling my pants off while in a seated position I managed to steal kisses from Hayley’s wonderfully spearmint scented lips. Unfortunately this wasn’t my first attempt at sex in a car so I was a bit experienced; making me wish it was my first time. Nothing seemed as important as this; I wanted Hayley to be my one and only.

I watched as Hayley’s cheeks gained a small amount of color and her underwear slid down her legs. She quickly kicked them off before glancing at me, stopping in place.

She was my best friend. Did I want to do this?

Friendships evolve, right? It wasn’t a bad thing. It couldn’t be a bad thing. Hayley was my best friend but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted more the entire time.

I wanted her.

This was my chance. I wasn’t nearly stupid enough to stop myself from getting what I really wanted.

“Come here.” I mumbled, licking my lips as I thought of all the things I could do with Hayley in my life. She was more than this. She would always mean more than this to me.

I positioned Hayley over my lap and kissed her one last time, making it as drawn out as I possibly could.

The radio kicked on; the alarm on my phone went off. “Happy birthday Hayley.”

She was the best taste I’d ever get stuck in my mouth.


(That was about as undetailed as I could get, while still pointing out the fact that they just had sex.)
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