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Hard To Swallow

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No You Me At Six tag, so I put it in MCR. Dan and Josh fanfic.

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Dan was excited, really excited. Him and his new friends were setting off fireworks tonight around the back of the school. It was something he had never done before, he was always a good child, good grades and report cards. Well, up until now.

As class started he took his seat up the back next to the school bully. 


Dan turned around and saw some bleached blonde, fake tanned girls.


They exchanged looks and eventually one spoke up.

"Hey, are you, um, single?"

Why would he ever go out with someone like that? All Dan wanted was a girl with good music taste and good a sense of humour, not some blonde bimbo. He shrugged it off and stared down the front of the class. A shaggy- haired boy entered and laughter erupted. 

"Emo, go tan your writs."

"You aren't wanted here."

Chants started and Dan felt sudden guilt. Even when the teacher appeared sly comments were made towards the poor boy. The sudden buzz of the bell sent everyone running out the door and down the corridor. 


A voice echoed from behind. Dan turned around to find the source of the sound, only to spot Josh. Josh Franceschi, his best friend. When they were seven they promised they would be best friends forever but that was just some stupid phase. 


Sadly, it wasn't Josh shouting on him, it was one of the 'populars' as they are called. Dan nodded, showing he was listening.

"C'mon! We got them and we are about to set them off!" 
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