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As the group of boys swaggered towards the middle of the field behind the school, Dan took his time. 

A voice inside Dan's head repeated a question over and over.

"Why am I here? Why can't I just run away from them and go back to my real friends?"

He could never go back to his old friends. They were the reason Dan was beaten, just because he was their friend. Josh, his best friend received and still receives an awful beating from the cold-hearted beasts called 'bullies'. Emilie and Tay were the other half of the friendship group. Emilie became quiet and Dan hasn't seen her for months. As Dan thought about Tay his heart sank to the bottom of his stomach, poor Tay committed suicide because of his new friends. A tear sprung to his eye. 

"Stop it, why are you crying." Dan whispered to himself. 

He loves and misses his best friends. 
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