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Izzabella - A Guns 'N' Roses version

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Basically - Izzy is Cinderella. Duff is in a pink dress & Axl is hot headed. Contains A LOT of Swearing.

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Chapter One

Izzy sulked in the corner of the room as he watched his Father lead his soon to be Step-Mother around their house. His scowl never left his face as watched the fake blonde woman simper and pretend to hang on to every word. Izzy wondered where his Father found this woman. With her fake tits and fake hair - Izzy was sure that if he held a candle up to this woman - she'd melt into a puddle of fakeness.

Behind them, stood two young girls, who looked to be about Izzy's age. Izzy had immediatly hated the look of them. One of them had the most awful black hair that hung messily around her make-up plastered face. The other one - well Izzy wasn't sure if that actually was a young girl or a man in drag. Either way - neither of them were exactly what you'd call good looking. Did he really have to share a house with these...these...whatever they were?

"Oh darling. This house is wonderful - isn't it girls?" The hideous blonde woman called to her two daughters. Izzy smirked as he watched the two girls fall over themselves. What idiots. He wondered how high the tallest tower was. Perhaps no one would miss them?

"Oh, Crystal." Oh, so that was the woman's name. "Have you met my Son? He's around here somewhere." Izzy backed further into the dark shadows. He wasn't going to be introduced to that foul looking woman. Nor was he going to be forced to engage in a conversation with those bimbos.

"Jeff! Jeff! Come out and meet your new family!" Izzy rolled his eyes. His Father knew not to call him that any more. He'd named himself Izzy after his Mother's death. Izzy decided not to answer him until his Father called his new name. "Oh I forgot. Izzy! Get out here!" Izzy smirked at his name - but did not appear. He looked at the questioning glances that the old blonde woman gave her daughters and his Father.

"Izzy? I thought your Son's name was Jeff?"

"Oh. He's going through this phrase. Everyone calls him Izzy. He'll grow out of it." Izzy! I'm not playing games. Do you want your guitar to be taken away?"

"I'm right here" Izzy said, slinking out of the shadows. There was no way in Hell that his Father would take his beloved guitar away from him. Izzy blinked as the bright light hit his dark eyes. He saw Crystal's eyes widen as she looked at him. Probably shocked at the long hair.

"What did you want Dad?"

"Ah. Yes. Well - this is Crystal. Your new Step-Mother." Izzy raised an eyebrow. No shit Sherlock. "And, these lovely ladies-" Izzy bit back his laugh as his Father gestured to the two girls behind their Mother. "-these are Tata and Winter. Your new Step-sisters."

Izzy had to bite back the cruel laugh that threatened to burst through his lips. He kept his mouth shut and just nodded to show his understanding. He noticed that Tata and Winter kept a curious glare on him. Crystal however, seemed to have a look of pure loathing on her features.

"Pleasure to meet you Ma'am." Izzy struggled to say, without laughing. Crystal just looked down at him in pure disgust. Izzy sighed. He guessed his new Mother wasn't that all best pleased with him. Oh well, what's the worst she could do?
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