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Pick up the phone, Fucker.

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September 24, 2012

12:03 am

Paramedic's POV

"Marty come on there's been an accident off 441 and the car's on fire" John shouted.

I sighed and quickly walked towards the ambulance. God, some people should be more careful. We got there in about thirty minutes and saw the firefighters put out the fire. At least it wasn't a big fire.

"Marty, I'll get the stretcher, go to the car and see if we need another ambulance." John said

"Okay." I got out of the ambulance and walked towards the car.

"Hey Marty." a firefighter greeted

"Hey George, what do we got?" I asked

"A male and female about 17 years old. The female didn't suffer much, but the male did so I'll check on him first if I was you." he said

I walk over were the young male was laying and gasped from the sight. From his right brow traveling to the upper part of his neck, he suffered from 2nd degree burns and while his whole face suffers from deep laceration cuts. Hopefully he has his I.D. on him cause I don't think anyone will be able to recognize him.

"Hey Marty is everything poor kid. Umm...I talked with his companion and she told me she was asleep during the accident, but a the driver told me what happened." John said

"Did she tell you his name?" I asked

"Ahh...yea his name is...Gerard Way, hey isn't that son of Donald Way?" he asked


"Wow, who of guess well at least he has the money to fix his face." he said

"Uh-huh, well lets put him on the stretcher and head to the hospital. Is he's companion in-"

"Already done." John smirked

We load him in the ambulance with his companion already inside and head towards the hospital.



Mikey's POV

"Ray no fair! You played this game too many times, just let me win for once." I pleaded as I saw my character die by Ray's laser beam

"Sorry dude, no can do." he smirked

"Urghh...Fuck you Ray, fuck you." I groaned

"Thanks but no thanks, you know I don't swing that way." he said

I blushed "Dude, you I didn't mean I-"


"Mikey, dear, can you get that, my hands are tied up right now." my mom shouted from upstairs

"Oh my god do you want me to bring a knife to cut you loose!" I shouted

"Mikes, she not being serious about being tied up, just pick up the phone." Ray huffed

I quickly got up and answered the phone.

"Way residence." I said

"Are the parents of Gerard Way there?" a voiced asked

" mom is busy right now, but I can take a message."

"Are you a family relative and over the age of 18?" they asked

"Yeah." I lied

"I am sorry to inform you that Gerard Way has been in accident and is hospitalized at Hackensack Medical Center*." they said

"What!? Is he okay?" I shouted and that gained Ray's attention

"I'm sorry, but I don't know if I can be able to release that information to you over the phone, sir. So you and your family have to come down to the medical center to get more information." they said as they hanged up

I stood there holding the phone, while taking in the information, How did this happen? He's usually careful when he comes home from parties. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Dude, are you okay? Who was on the phone?" Ray asked


"Mikey,bambino, who was on the phone?" my mom asked when she was coming down the stairs

"S-someone called to tell us that..G-gerard is in the hospital." I choked out

"What!?" Ray and my mom exclaimed

"H-he's at the Hackensack Medical Center*"

"Come on boys, get in the car." my mom said as she ran for her keys

"What about Dad?" I asked

"Lo chiameremo all'ospedale!" (We'll call him at the hospital!) she shouted

~_~_~_~TIME LAPSE~_~_~_~

"Excuse me, what room is Gerard Way in?" my mom asked

"Jared Hay? He's doing a surgery on a patient right now." the nurse said

"No Gerard Way, G-E-R-A-R-D W-A-Y."

"Yeesh, I know how to that spelled with a G?" she asked

After minutes of arguing with the nurse about how you spell Gerard, we finally got the room number. As soon as we got to the room and a doctor was exiting the room.

"Excuse me, doctor is he okay?" my mom asked

"Are you family?" he asked

"Yes." I answered

"He's my son and I demand to know whats wrong with him!" my mom shouted

"Mom clam down let the doctor talk." I said

"Well, Mr. Way came in with 2nd degree burns and deep lacerations on his face and some parts on his upper body, as well as a broken arm and leg." the doctor said

"So his face is all disfigured then?" I asked

"Yes, if it wasn't for his companion and his ID, we wouldn't be able to contact you." he responded

"W-will he ever look the same again?" my mom asked

"Only with plastic surgery will we be able to reconstructed his face with the help of a recent picture." he said

"Okay, can we go in to see him?" I asked

"You may, but he won't be able to respond because he entered a self-induced coma."


Hackensack Medial Center is a real medical center in New Jersey!

Title Credit: Bury Me In Black by My Chemical Romance


~GhØst and Pansy XØ
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