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Crash, crash, BURN!

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9:35 p.m

After I left Brendon, I started searching for Lindsey. I don't know how long I was searching, until I finally found the cheerleaders near the concession stand; but no Lindsey.

"Hey Amy, do you know where Lindsey is?" I asked

"Ahh..." Amy said as she turn to look for help from the other girls


"She went to the bathroom with Kitty a few minutes ago." Hayley chirped

"Okay, can you guys tell I'll be waiting for her in the car." I said

As I left, I saw Amy scowling at Hayley for some reason. Not my problem. Twenty minutes later, Lindsey finally showed up.

"Hey babe, why do you look so flushed?" I asked

"Oh I do? Wellll..I did run here." she panted

"Okay well the guys are going to celebrate at Ryan's house, wanna go?" I asked

"Yes!" she squealed

With that, I started the car and follow the tow of cars out of the parking lot.

~_~_~TIME LAPSE~_~_~

11:05 p.m

We been here for 2 hours and I lost Lindsey in the first 10 minutes Oh well. I quickly walk towards the kitchen for an other drink. I look on the counter and in the cabinets, but all I could finds was people making out and practically fucking on the counters. What does a guy have to do to get a drink around here? I was about to give up until I decide to look in the fridge Bingo, I took out a beer and started drinking it.

I decide it was probably time to look for Lindsey, so I went upstairs to see if she was there. I checked most of the rooms and she wasn't in any of them.Maybe she's with Ryan in his room since they are close friends. I started walking towards his room at the end of the hall and quickly opened the door. Oh my god. Inside was Lindsey, Quinn, Jared and Bert are sitting in a circle giggling like crazy as they pass a joint around.

"Lindsey, what the fuck are doing?" I shouted

"Ha Ha Ha, I'm helping them make plans to save the princess!" she exclaimed

"Come on, we're leaving."

I grabbed her by the arm and led her outside, but she was struggling so much that I had to pick up her. As we were heading towards the car, she was punching, shouting and crying at me to put her down. At least she going to get her wish. I open the backseat door and put her in, at least she didn't put up a fight when I buckled her in. I closed the door and quickly got in the car. Sure I'm not in good condition to drive, but we need to leave.

11:58 p.m

Damn Ryan's parents for living in the middle of nowhere, but at least we made it to civilization. We pull up to the stop sign on the last light until we got to Lindsey's house.

"G-Gerard." Lindsey stuttered

"Yeah babe?"

"I don't feel so good." she moaned


I stepped on the gas; so I'm 75 on 35 zone. Maybe I should slow down? I was press on the breaks, but we weren't slowing down.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck.." I mumbled

"Gerard, pull over pleasee."she begged

The light ahead turned yellow and I'm only 12 feet away. I check to see how fast we are going mmm...55, if I go back 75 I'll probably make it. So I slammed my foot on the pedal and quickly checked in the rear view mirror to look at Lindsey, who was asleep. What the fuck? I thought she need to throw up. I heard a car honking and looked back to the road only to be greeted by a bright light.

12:01 a.m

I quickly swerved to the right before I hit them. The car was getting closer to the rail and I kept hitting the brakes. Fuck! I forgot that didn't work. I tried swerving to the left, but it was to late. Suddenly the car was flipping and I was thrown around like a rag doll inside the car just seeing the trees and ground rotating.


I saw pieces of glass flying through the air, it was so beautiful; so memorizing. I didn't notice them getting closer until I felt a stinging pain, the glass cutting deep into the skin of my face and body. Finally the car stop flipping when it hit a tree and as I tried to get myself up, but I couldn't. I look down just to see the dashboard pinning down my right leg and I moved my right arm, but quickly stopped cause the pain was unbearable. I should of wore my seat belt.

I sighed and closed my eyes trying to lay as still as possible, hoping to lessen the pain. As I lay there I couldn't help but smell gasoline, Maybe something broke nothing to worry about. All of sudden it was getting too warm, I quickly opened my eyes and saw the front of the car on fire.

"Oh shit!"

I turned to see Lindsey still sleeping with some cuts and bruises on her face. How in the hell could she sleep through that?

"Lindsey wake up!" I shouted

"Urgghh..." she moaned

"Wake the fuck up!"

"What!" she screamed

"The car is on fire and my leg is pinned down by the dashboard, help me."

Lindsey quickly got out of a daze and got out of the car. She ran to the passenger side, but stopped when she saw the flames getting closer. So she went to other side and started pulling on the upper chest while I tried helping but I could only do some much. We were paying some much attention on trying to set me free, we didn't see that flames getting closer. I was almost out but...

"Aahhh!!" I screamed

Lindsey look up and shrieked. The right side of my face and some parts of my body were on fire, but with one last tug she was able to get me out. I landed on the floor was a thud and all I remember after that was being rolled repeatedly and seeing Lindsey's horrified face; then darkness.
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