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Happy Birthday, William Bruce Bailey

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Scarlett Knight was the childhood friend of Guns N' Roses cocky frontman Axl Rose and rythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin. When her father gets transferred she leaves them behind on bad terms. Years late...

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1978, February 06
Lafayette, Indiana

To say that it was cold was an understatement. It was fucking freezing. White specks covered the ground, a thin layer of ice on the roads. I couldn’t go outside for my normal morning run in the white sweater and sweatpants I had on. Staying in the house all day wasn’t my idea of a party. I had things to do and people to see. Most importantly I had a birthday to celebrate.

Many of you Guns N’ Roses fans out there are familiar with this date. February 6th. That’s right. It’s the birthday of GNR’S front man Axl Rose.

Putting on my black combat boots, and grabbing my blue navy pea coat, I walk downstairs. “Ma, I’m going to William’s.” I call out to anyone in the house who even bothered to listen. As I turn the door knob my mother decides to make an appearance walking out of the kitchen. “Hold it right there young lady.” I stop dead in my tracks, annoyance rushing through my veins. “Be back before eleven tonight.” She simply says before walking back into the kitchen.

I don’t see why I had to have a curfew, all of my friends didn’t. I put on my coat, and walk outside readying myself for the coldness against my skin. William’s house was about a ten minute walk from my neighborhood. Usually I didn’t mind the walk, but then again it wasn’t usually as cold as it is now and it would give me a chance to stop by the gift shop to get something for William’s sweet 16th.

As I got closer and closer to the shop I noticed that the owner was closing up. Picking up my pace I ran to the shop. “Ma’am, Ma’am please!” I said trying to catch my breath. The woman who owned the shop was a real witch. She hated all kids, and especially teenagers though around parents she acted like an angel. “The shop is closed, kid. I best not catch you out here again loitering or I will call the cops.” She snarls at me. I was about to say something back but decided against it. Last thing I needed was a criminal record just because the witch was in a bad mood. I watched in defeat as she walked away from me.

I run a hand through my long soft blonde locks trying to think of something I could get William for his birthday on such short notice. Deciding to think about it while I walked to his house I began my journey. Maybe I could get him a dog? Nah, his parents wouldn’t allow that and my mom would chop off my invisible nuts. Maybe concert tickets? That was definitely out of the picture for two reasons. 1) Jeffrey probably already got those and 2) I didn’t know of any of the bands we liked that were coming anywhere near here.

As I continued to think of options I had not noticed that I passed William’s house until I was halfway down the block and William’s mother called my name. “Scarlett, dear what are you doing out here in this weather?” I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around and headed back to William’s house. “Sweetie, come in. William is upstairs in his room.” She says ushering me inside the house. I take off my coat and hang it next to the door before making my way upstairs.

As I get closer to his room I hear commotion. “I don’t know, Jeff. Do you really think she’d go with us?” William’s voice asks. I frown. Who was the she that they were talking about and go where? “Dude, she loves you. She’d go anywhere with you.” Answers Jeffrey. William scoffs. “I knew her longer than you have. I know her and she wouldn’t go to New York if her life depended on it.”
Deciding to make myself known I barge into the room, both boys look my way. William was near the window and Jeffrey was sitting on the bed. I smile walking over to William. “Happy Birthday, William Bailey.” I say walking into his arms. He wraps his arms around my small frame, embracing me in a tight hug. “Thanks, Scar.” He says as he buries his face where my shoulders meet my neck. I breathe in his scent smiling at how good he smelled and how amazing it felt to be in his arms.

Jeffrey clears his throat making him known to William and me. Both of us pull away out of our embrace, we pull away not really wanting to. Honestly, I could spend hours in Williams’s arms. When his parents were fighting he would walk to my house, climb through my window and pull me in his arms. We wouldn’t talk but we would enjoy the company. We did it right until Jeffrey entered our lives. Being another guy William, instead of coming to my house, would go over to Jeffrey’s and play video games until morning. I’ll admit that I missed that kind of company but I knew that a boy needed other friends who weren’t girls.

“I don’t get a hug?” Jeffrey asks snapping me out of my thoughts. I roll my eyes and smile, walking over to the bed and pulling Jeffrey into a one arm hug before pulling away. “So what is the plan today?” I ask pulling the sweater up over my head and tossing it to the other side of the room where William’s clothes laid. Jeffrey tosses me a movie. I look it over. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” I read out loud. William sits on the floor as Jeffrey laughs at my expression. I look over at the two boys. “Is it scary?” I ask. Jeffrey shakes his head. "It's not that scary besides we want to hear you scream." I take the tape out and push it into the player. “Grab the remote would you?” asks Jeffrey. I grab the remote and toss it to Jeffrey before finding my place on the floor next to William."I'm not going to scream." I tell Jeffrey who just rolls his eyes. "Yeah and Im Virgin Mary."

“You can hold my hand if you get too scared.” Said William, a smirk playing on his lips that I wanted so badly to slap off his gorgeous face but kept my hands to myself. As the movie credits began, I cringed at the typical horror movie music playing. I feel fingers trace circles on the top of my hand soothing my nerves.

The movie was okay until Leatherface grabbed a girl and impaled her into a meat hook. I bury my face in Williams shoulder. He chuckles as he puts an arm around me. “It’s over.” He says after a while, I could feel his smirk as he looks down at me. “Are you sure?” I mumble. He looks back up at the TV before back down at me. “I’m sure.” I move away from him and look back at the TV. I wanted to kill Jeffrey for suggesting this movie. The movie goes on and everything was fine until Leatherface digs a chainsaw into a man’s stomach."Holy mother of God!" I yell moving away from William and standing up.

Jeffrey and William find it hilarious so they of course began laughing. "Are you trying to scare the shit out of me?" I ask before stomping out of the room. Stupid fucks, trying to scare me. I walk downstairs to find William's stepfather walking through the door. "Hi, Mr. Bailey." I say to him, he looks me over before walking towards the kitchen bitching about how "all girls dressed like whores these days" and how none of them could be trusted. As he disappears into the kitchen William's sister Amy walks through the door looking pale as a ghost.

"Hey, Amy." I greet her. She looks my way, gives me a small smile before walking around me to head upstairs. Sometimes I'd never tell William this but his family creeped me the fuck out. Something didn't set right with me whenever I was around them. William was okay, but his family was just... no. Something was wrong.

Sharon, William's mother, walks through the door, her other son Stuart behind her. "Scarlett, darling go tell William and Jeffrey to get ready. We are heading to church." she says leading Stuart to the kitchen. I nod heading back upstairs. William and Jeffrey were still watching that horrid movie. "Your mother says its time to go to church." I let them know getting no response from both of them. I walk over to the TV and unplug it. "It's time to go to church." I repeat.

"C'mon Scar! We were getting to the good part." says Jeffrey. I cross my arms glaring at him. He jumps off the bed and walks past me downstairs. I look at William. "My mother promised me we wouldn't have to go to church on my birthday. I guess the bitch lied." He said. I shrug leaning up against the wall. "She's just trying to be a mother, William." I say. William scoffs getting up off the floor. "So much for a Happy Birthday, huh?" he runs a hand through his hair, and sits down on the bed where Jeffrey was a minute earlier. I watch him put on his shoes. "It can still be a happy one." I wasn't going to let him be depressed on his birthday. He meets my gaze. "Come to church with me?" he asks standing up. I walk up to him. "Always." He grins, grabs for his jacket and leads me out of his room and downstairs where his family and Jeffrey were waiting.
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